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Imagine Remus meeting your parents for the first time. As he wanted to introduce he’d want to say ‘Pleasure to meet you. I am Remus!’.
Because he was so nervous he ended up saying “I am pleasure” and refused to talk the rest of the evening.You’d probably just smile and try to comfort him, but as you knew he wasn’t about to feel better you just canceled dinner and tryed it again the next day.

10 Of Your Most Embarrassing Questions About Kissing, Answered

It’s safe to say that those who have never been kissed have a lot of questions they want answered. Actually, even if you have had your first kiss already, you probably still have some things you’re wondering about. Asking friends these questions can be a little embarrassing, and so that’s what we’re here for – to give you all the kissing advice you need! Well, other stuff too, but you know. Here are 10 of your most embarrassing questions about kissing, answered.