embalming the masses

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Rose Funeral - Embalming The Masses

Another band that’s been targeted by metal critics, labeled a “Breakdown band”… which apparently is a bad thing? Hey, the vocals Rose Funeral’s old vocalist put out is so good for Deathcore. Their breakdowns are fucking powerful, they have intense lyrics and I can’t help growl “GORE IS WHAT WE KILLED THEM FOR” every time 2:23 rolls around. By the way that whole break down including the quads is a fun as hell pattern to play on drums, so if you play try that shit out. Actually just try to the whole song, it’s great haha!
Anyway, The Gates Of Punishment doesn’t compare to this old stuff in my book, that’s mainly due to the loss of their vocalist. Also Dusty (their drummer) going to Make Me Fucking Famous, which just means he’s a pussy. He was so perfect in Serpents and in this band. Oh well! All their music is good to me regardless.

Long story short? Fuck you if you don’t like breakdowns, they’re good okay? God damn…