So I’ve been thinking about that discussion about missing bodies and not being able to mourn and how even at the best we’ve seen, ghouls end up leaving it so a family has no idea what happened to a loved one, and also about Amon Koutarou, seeker of Justice turned half-ghoul, and then I remembered the first time we met Amon…

Guys, what if this is how Amon has been sustaining himself these past years?

Wouldn’t that be a crazy call back…

I mean, all things considered, no one is dying for his food, no one is going missing, never to have their fate discovered, and even if the body is missing, people have a chance to lay it to rest?

(I mean logistics of the number of buried vs cremated dead in Japan aside and the fact that embalming fluid used in some methods of preparing a corpse for burial probably renders bodies inedible…)

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if you interact with me a lot can you start tagging posts about me (replies, mentions, etc) as prinbalm instead of just embalm because my url is good but like just going into the #embalm tag is… .admittedly sometimes more than i wanna look at despite my fascination with mortuary sciences

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This sign is on my boss’s desk. I work in a got dang funeral home. What does he love that he does often?? The only things he does often around here are put dead bodies in the van, embalm corpses and carry coffins around