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And here is the box art for the new Bluray/DVD Season 1 box, slated for a march 15 release!

Comes with all 25 episodes, the visual novels, the “Attack on Titan Zero” prototype by Isayama, a booklet containing a colored version of ch 13 and 14 (I think) and a new “All color special booklet”.

aj anthology “every day is judgement”

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raws/cleaning/typesetting: @officialbarokvanzieks

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Today’s episode was kind of bland since it was a recap but we got to know a few more things about Ema, which is nice

  • she has an appetite as evidenced by that she ordered two chilli dogs; assuming she actually did eat them but given that she was using a civilian guise, she likely did
  • the other characters regard her as a treasure hunter (the pigeon and the frog)
  • given that were fees were expensive, she is almost certainly purely motivated by greed and money 
  • she will happily play up her beauty and vanity - I suspect this is part of a larger persona she uses online and in real life
  • she is a fidgety sitter; she is constantly shifting her legs and she seems to prefer sitting with one leg crossed over the other
  • she still doesn’t know what the incident was 10 years ago. Given that we know she is a very talented hacker, that might mean this incident was kept very hush hush

Throughout the series–especially the Investigations spin-offs and the AA6 DLC–Edgeworth has been shown to be rather oblivious, even irritated by relationships (or at least, m/f relationships), oblivious to women’s romantic feelings for him, even when they’re blatantly hitting on him, and it takes someone on Oldbag’s level of determination, or a couple getting married for him to notice something romantic is going on.

In that same game, he’s shown to not remember Mike Meekins or Winston Payne, and is often out of touch with office gossip.

Now, Phoenix canonly gossips with Maya about relationships, Athena can see into the heart, and is a romantic, and Apollo has a history with Ema, so it’s not surprising for them to comment on Ema and Nahyuta’s complicated prosecutor-detective relationship.

But Edgeworth? It would take UST visible from space for Edgeworth to notice anything was going on.

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Not trying to offend anyone, but how come whenever a K-idol goes to a show in America it's mostly white people performing and stuff? The EMA's and AMA's mostly have white performers. I'm not trying to be rude, but I really hope they will add some more POC to the setlist..

It’s not offensive because these award shows be acting like Black people didn’t drop hits this year and it’s like they’re sleeping on Black artists and it’s annoying af!

Shoichi/Ema/Akira Headcanons

because I am weak for my ot3 and want content for them

  • All through adolescence, Akira did not have a crush on anyone and through most of his adulthood too, he was hesitant to emotionally comprise himself but now look at him: he has a girlfriend and a boyfriend
  • Ema is the reason they became a triad, it was her idea to resolve romantic tension this way. Shoichi and Akira developed romantic feelings for each other a little after they realised they both like Ema
  • Shoichi and Ema like to gang up on Akira and embarrass him bc he’s a blushy bf and its cute af
  • Shoichi is the dorky boyfriend who makes sure both his partners are eating and he makes lunches for them and leave cute notes
  • Ema considers herself big sister to both Yusaku and Aoi now
  • Ema is the biggest t-shirt stealer out of the three of them; same for mugs and other small necessities. She has whole-heartedly embraced the “what is mine is ours” philosophy
  • Akira is hesitant to kiss Shoichi some days bc he smells a little too much like hot dog water
  • Akira is also the bed hog out of the three of them and Ema is the cuddliest sleeper and Shoichi can’t get a wink between them
  • Shoichi is the boyfriend who puts a blanket on his partners when they fall asleep whilst working or whatever
  • it is damn near impossible to get Shoichi in a fancy ass restaurant and hard to get Ema out of one, Akira has discovered
  • Ema works out a lot and her bfs are constantly thanking higher powers for dem muscles
  • Ema has yet to give up on the idea of a work out date, Shoichi is meh on it but Akira is like the biggest nerd™ and believe solely in eating healthy as a way of maintaining health
  • Akira murders both his partners at monopoly and Ema cheats like all hell breaking loose
  • Shoichi is the biggest sap out of all of them but Akira remembers dates and anniversaries better but Ema is like that one chick from that vine where her bf is like “babe, happy one year” and she replies “I’m 25″

Ahhhhhhhhh Yusuke is the cutest in the universe \(*T▽T*)/ His little side story was about Ema going on a date with him for his birthday (which was like coincidentally 4 days ago) on the 31st of March. They went on a little cute date together and then Ema gave Yusuke a charm (it says “traffic safety”) and a cute little cookie shaped like a car for getting his driver’s licence. It obviously means a lot to Yusuke since he keeps a charm for himself and gave it to Ema in order to pass her own exams (in the novel). So he hugs her and tells her it makes him really happy and they hold hands and look forward to next year.

Gooosh I wish these two were canon. Just seeing interactions, as short is it is, makes me all giddy but sad. Sorry for the crappy quality pics. I kinda rushed in taking pictures since I was about to leave before I took them lol.