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Andy’s FanFic Log 21/03/2017

I’ve been a bit out of it this week, so it was a bit of a mission to get up to a consistent number for this log. And I’ve also been replaying some Ace Attorney games (5 & 6 - 6 being my fave), so that’s taken some time off of reading. But I somehow managed it!

Fic count: 23
Fandoms this Log: Voltron, Nancy Drew, Ace Attorney, Yuri!!! on Ice

※ I end up reading a lot of random shit. Until I’m a bit more comfortable I might censor a few things out, but there will be explicit fics, darker themes, crazy plots, and insane ships amongst all the sugar and fluff I find around the place. So the really important thing is to carefully read the warnings that I occasionally give & that are on the fic itself, and back away if it’s not for you.

Other posts in this little series can be found under the read fanfiction tag on my page~

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Ahhhhhhhhh Yusuke is the cutest in the universe \(*T▽T*)/ His little side story was about Ema going on a date with him for his birthday (which was like coincidentally 4 days ago) on the 31st of March. They went on a little cute date together and then Ema gave Yusuke a charm (it says “traffic safety”) and a cute little cookie shaped like a car for getting his driver’s licence. It obviously means a lot to Yusuke since he keeps a charm for himself and gave it to Ema in order to pass her own exams (in the novel). So he hugs her and tells her it makes him really happy and they hold hands and look forward to next year.

Gooosh I wish these two were canon. Just seeing interactions, as short is it is, makes me all giddy but sad. Sorry for the crappy quality pics. I kinda rushed in taking pictures since I was about to leave before I took them lol.

My skin yearns for your touch. Like a fire asking for oxygen to burn, I need your fingertips brushing over my body to stay alight. 

Kiss me. There are words trapped between my lips that only you should get to hear.

Push me against a wall. Let your lips rest on mine and kiss me like you are trying to steal my last breath. I’m longing for your kind of love. It’s my favourite one.

I want to explore your skin, whisper secrets as I appreciate every inch of you.

Let me fulfil your desires. The thought of your voice alone turns me upside down.

It’s okay that my heart isn’t perfect. It’s okay that it has scars all over and some pieces are even missing. After all, it doesn’t mean that I cannot love you. It only means that my love for you is seeping through my whole body, from the top of my head to the tip of my toe.
I do not just love you with my whole heart. I love you with my whole being.

Claim me as yours.
We can dance together
and my nails will paint masterpieces on your skin.

Stars are trapped within me and I cannot wait to share the taste of this galaxy with you again.

My favourite professor just thanked me for speaking up in class about asexuality last week - saying that I was “very brave” (since I shared that I identify with it etc.). He also thanked me for bringing up the lack of representation of asexuality and that because of me he’s now very interested in the topic and even wants to write a paper about it.

Don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s pretty awesome.


Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you that my dream has already come true because I arrived yesterday to Miami and I traveled 2000 miles just to see Taylor, as you know she is like our angel and she encourages us everyday to live our lifes and be happy, so that is what she inspired me, to make my dreams come true and since she isn’t coming to South America yet, I knew I had to see her, so that’s why I tryed so hard to come, and after 10 months, here I am, I would absolutely love to meet Taylor and I would love if you guys could help me, because if I met her (I’d die) but also I could have the chance to talk to her about South America and if I do that, I could help or try to make millions of South American swifties happy, (because as you can see we are so proud of our countries and even if she says hi we’d all go mad!) and as we are the best fandom, because we are a family I know that I can and I will meet her. I am traveling with my dad(who’s feeling 22 and my brother who can’t keep calm)..I love you all so much. Thank you guys. Thank you @taylorswift, you are the best and my inspiration every single day.  @treepaine @karliekloss could you help me make my dream come even more real? Lots of Love, thank youuuu.