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anonymous asked:

Am I the only one who had a sort of 'harsher in hindsight' moment when Akira mentioned how his spirit would have been crushed if Aoi were kidnapped? Made his reaction to her coma seem a lot more harsher (and understandable) in hindsight. I almost don't want to think of what might have happened if Playmaker had lost that duel with Revolver. :/

*Same anon as before - just wanted to add that it also makes his overprotective ness towards his sister make a lot more sense.

Originally posted by somecreaturesdontdie

I had a similar moment, even a little further back.

In episodes 1-6 the general consensus was that, even if he did care for Aoi, Akira was going to be a morally corrupt character otherwise, possibly even the one spearheading SOL’s shady behavior. This was supported by his offputting way of approching Go in episode 3

And in that same episode, Rook, Knight and Bishiop discuss shutting Link Vrains down in order to do some maintenance, to make it safer for speed duels. And what does Akira say?

Bishop: The recent incident has put Link Vrains in chaos. 

Rook: Should we shut it down temporarily for maintenance? 

Knight: People are being reckless, and some have gotten hurt. 

Akira: Can I propose something? […] Shutting down Link Vrains is bad policy. If it’s shut down, the profit loss will be massive. 

This here is probably the most malicious thing Akira’s said to date. His bosses propose shutting down Link Vrains temporarily because people are getting hurt, and Akira’s response is to keep it open for the sake of profit. 

But we know now that the Chess Piece Bosses value and promote workers who are predictable. They never wanted to shut Link Vrains down; they wanted Akira to be the one to insist they keep it open. So that if anything happened, the blood would be on his hands. 

This isn’t to excuse what Akria said, human life should always be what’s most important. But we can bring this back around to episode 18. We find out that the Zaizen siblings were thrust into homelessness after their relatives stole their inheritance. To not only survive, but to eventually secure Aoi’s comfort and happiness, Akira worked as a hacker for the mob, breaking into what appears to be people’s bank accounts. 

I would argue this entire experience fostered an us-or-them mindset in Akira. If he had to choose between those people’s finances being stolen and money for Aoi, he’d choose money for Aoi. If he had to choose between the safety of reckless Link Vrains users and SOL’s wellbeing, he’d choose SOL. Because he loves Aoi, and needs his job with SOL to provide for her; those other people are strangers. 

What makes Akira interesting is that he’s not only willing to go after his enemies, he’s willing to step all over innocent people if it means protecting his allies. 

And I use the broad term “allies” because we know he’s eventually going to get them, but right now, his only real ally is his sister. Yes, he names Ema as one, but she’s liable to double-cross him. It’s all Aoi. Which it’s why, as you said, this past episode explained every ounce of his overprotectiveness. Yes, his attempts at empathizing with Playmaker (and by extension, Shoichi) were ill conceived at best, but I have no doubt that Akira would fall apart if any irreversible harm came to Aoi. 

And when I say “fall apart”, I mean that. For Akira, everything begins and ends with Aoi. The crux of his character is that if you were to remove Aoi from his life, there wouldn’t be much left of Akira. 

And this isn’t normal, even for the most protective and engaged of YGO brothers. If you took away Mokuba, Kaiba still had KaibaCorp. If you took away Reira, Reiji had the Leo Corporation and his crusade against Leo. Aside from Ruri, the other side of Shun’s vendetta against Academia was the genocide itself. Rua wanted to prove himself, and that was a goal that existed regardless his sister. Even Shoichi would still be engaged in helping Yusaku, if his brother was no longer a factor. 

But without Aoi, Akira, quite literally, has nothing. The only reason why he ever went to work for SOL was to provide for Aoi—and given his presence in the mother computer, getting fired would be the best case scenario for him now. His only “ally” is more than willing to double-cross him. He has no friends; the only other character in his age group (Shoichi) is seething mad at him. He has no goal that isn’t somehow linked to his sister. Even his deck strategy is based around their relationship (”the hell hound who guards the angel”). 

So with that in mind, it makes perfect sense that he would throw innocent people under the bus for her sake (whether it be in a direct or roundabout way). It makes sense that he flipped when she was in a coma, why he was more than willing to imprison and torture Playmaker based on some very faulty logic. It makes sense that the very thought of Aoi being kidnapped is enough to inspire sympathy for Playmaker (something that doesn’t seem to happen often for Akira). 

Which is why, in the end, I think both him and Aoi need to learn how to extract themselves from one another. And really, I think Aoi’s already on her way with the very existence of Blue Angel; but Akira hasn’t stared this process at all. 

Akira needs Aoi more than she needs him.