İçimde fırtınalar kopar dışım hiç öyle değil.
—  Emar

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Thinking back , I don't recall many Black men on here with a huge following dismantling misogynoir. Along with colorism, reblogging think dark skin girls is not the same as fat dark skin black women. Aside from king--emare who I adore.

They don’t, not from what I can see. And you’re absolutely right again sis, reblogging dark skin black women for aesthetic purposes does not mean a thing. Have not seen many brothas on here openly hold their brethren accountable for their misogynoir, colorism and other forms of discrimination towards black women. It’s heartbreaking considering I see black women on here 24/7 defending black men down to the sole of their shoes.

Vote them out!!!! Look at all of your congressmen and look at their voting policies. Who remained silent during our movement? Look at those who refused to change gun laws even after Orlando! All of those who backed policemen when video evidence shows they were wrong. All of this matters!! Please please please reblog this! @bumrushthepantry @masalababe @badlucklaura13 @king-emare @ahawtlesbian @clarknokent @dinoshade @elyseeeeew @floatingxjelly @hueyfreemanonlyspeaksthetruth @reverseracism @juelzsantanabandana @lyonnnss @menifee901 @puffsaddy @victorpopejr @usthefew @welpshesaid

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Star Sign: Gemini

Height: 5′2

Time right now: 8:04 pm

Last thing I googled: “ve’ne’emar ve’haya adonai”

Favorite music artist(s): simon and garfunkle, the weavers, amanda palmer, mcr, panic!, fall out boy, against me!, erin mckeown, the pretty reckless, creature feature

Last TV show I watched: call the midwife

What am I wearing right now: t-shirt with dates printed on it like the cards libraries put in the back of the book so you know when to return it and no pants

When Did I create my blog: like. 2011. but i remade it to be less suicidey in like, 2014.

What kind of stuff do I post: i got no fucking clue. hmm, trans shit, gay shit, disability shit, mental health shit, fandom shit, autism shit, existentialist shit, history shit, current issues shit, poetry shit

Do I have any other blog: yeah, i have a few urls saved. also, i have a poetry blog (@mywordsofsadnessandfury) and i mod on @szpdgooglesearches

Do I get asks regularly: ahhhh i wish but no. i do periodically get sexy asks (tagged #Sexy Anon™) but almost never

Why did I chose my url: i’m a pretentious fuck who loves latin and also beauty and death

My Favorite color(s): black and silver

Average hours of sleep: i have insomnia. i don’t do “sleep” or whatever.

Favorite character(s): luna lovegood (hp), hermione granger (hp), pidge (voltron), miss fisher (miss fisher’s murder mysteries), everyone in Beauty Queens (by Libba Bray), grantor and enjolras (preferably together but hey) (les mis), sherlock, wednesday addams, cecil palmer (wtnv), lovelace (wold 359), furious (mad max: fury road), jessica jones, harley quinn

Dream Job(s): hermit, wealthy shut-in suspected witch, writer/poet, IDFK

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