emanuelle pirro

A very early gr.a m3, and some famous faces behind it. I recognize a young Marc Hessel, Van De Poele next to him, Altfred Heger, & Emanuelle Pirro. 

You can tell this is a very early car by the mirrors, these are borrowed from the previous gr.a project w/ the e24 6 series, also the fog-lights still being in place, I’d say this photo was taken in 1987. I believe this is also the same car used in the BMW promo photos with it and the std. road car in red.


Beemax is on fire right now. I’ve been waiting for a good 1:24 scale M3 for years. I honestly thought it would be tamiya since they already had the licensing for the r/c DTM M3s.

I’m guessing they will sell it as Emanuell Pirro’s 1991 Macau guia race winner, seeing that Beemax is from Macau.