emanuel dreher

Sketch-a-Day // Day 6

Dreher had a knack for the all-knowing smirk.  He would sit in places where he could observe the other soldiers and yell his opinions out to them.  He would always look like he knew something about how the soldier’s mother was cheating on her husband, or how some other man had knocked up their sister.

Feck, forgot to upload this last night.  So at some point in the future I want to try to add more of Art Spiegelman’s lineart style into my own.  Test subject is Dreher again, I’m just making love to this character and have been on a bad RAN fix.  Don’t worry though, next sketch is FAAV, I promise.

Sketch-a-Day // Day 1

“Don’t … don’t you worry about a damned thing, Adrien… I can fix this, I promise.”

Unlike the 30-day + 1 challenge that I did, this is sketch a day and Imma try to keep this up for a year to see how I improve XD.  Todays subject was Bad Compadres (Dreher/Monaghan) in the Zombie apocolypse AU.  Unforuntately, the two get split and when they reunite after the battle, its far too late for Monaghan, who has been bitten many times, and he turns.

Bawws for Dreher.