emani minerals

spending all my time researching organic and natural eye makeup products because makeup is a passion of mine, but I can’t wear it without my eyes getting so sore and infected from harsh products such as liquid eyeliner and heavy mascaras. If anyone has used Emani or Physician’s formula mascaras (or similar products) please let me know! ?

farrahtales  asked:

Could anyone recommend a full face primer, similar in quality to Urban Decay's? They sold to L'Oreal since I bought my last tube, and I'm running out! *cries*

Too Faced Primed and Poreless is lovely and also comes in built-in bronzer and sensitive skin versions.

ELF’s mineral primer is great, and comes in tints to combat redness and uneven skin tones (check the description).

Emani Minerals has a cool one too.