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Which do you think is the better berserker scene in Discworld canon, Sam Vimes howling "THAT!!! IS!! NOT!!! MY!!!! COW!!!!" in Thud! or Dorfl's methodical rampage through Ankh-Morpork following his being given free will?

You…you want me to pick between Sam Vimes’ love for his son, and Dorfl’s emancipation from being a Thing into a Person?

*narrows eyes*

What kind of monster are you…

(Some minor spoilers ahead)

In all honesty I don’t think I can choose. Sam Vimes and his love for his family, his utter devotion to Young Sam, is one of the most pure and wonderful things I’ve ever read.

From a man who has nothing, literally nothing to lose and doesn’t care, to a man who suddenly has everything, and is so certain he doesn’t deserve it he lives in terror every day of losing it. He’s not a violent man either despite what some people think, oh he’ll fight to survive and he’ll fight dirty to do it, but he’s not intrinsically a violent man.

Until he sees the dwarf assassin going into his son’s nursery. And then Vimes finds a prayer in his soul, deep and dark and terrible like some old god of vengeance, a promise that makes hell fire look like a candle:

“I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you, I’ll kill you

He doesn’t have to, of course. The Summoning Dark does the work for him, and indeed perhaps that promise came from the Darkness, and not himself. Sam Vimes might well want to kill the dwarf that stands of his son’s cradle with an axe raised. But Sam Vimes is Sam Vimes, and Sam Vimes will always find a way to bring evil into the light. We see that in the cavern when the Darkness tries to take over him fully, and the only thing Sam Vimes can do is reach for the last part of him that lives in the light. And that’s reading “Where’s My Cow” to his son every night. This cynical, jaded man who lives in fear of his own demons, his rage, his alcoholism, his inability to trust anyone, his want to lash out at a world that lets the innocent get hurt while the guilty thrive, his depression—even calls it The Beast—worries that he’s not a good man because that’s what good men do. And when the ultimate darkness tries to claim him, making his body swing an axe like a berserker, Sam Vimes goes to the place that reads his son a bedtime story every night. And stops it before the axe can fall.

And there’s something so incredibly visceral about that. But the exact same can also be said for Dorfl.

Feet of Clay is one of my favorite works of literature of all time. I want to be buried with a copy of it, I want the quote “Words In The Heart Cannot Be Taken” engraved on my tombstone. Every time I read it, which is multiple times a year, I am rendered in awe by the anger, the downright burning rage that the world is so cruel and dark that children die because of politics and that people can be treated like property just because we say so and then we hate them for it because it’s easier to hate them instead of ourselves for being the monsters that wrought the chains…and yet…and yet there’s something so innocent about the golems. The way they take a piece of themselves, and try to make something pure and good and just, and imbue it with all their hopes and dreams, the things they dare not do themselves but think perhaps if they make something new that isn’t already worn down by the world, maybe, just maybe they might one day be free…except that’s now how it works. You cannot ask someone else to burn just so you can be warm, you cannot put the weight of the world onto a single pair of shoulders and be surprised when their back breaks. But the golems didn’t know this because all they had were stories in their heads, where good people triumph and the bad are punished…so of course it didn’t work in the real world, of course the Golem King goes mad, the weight of all that hope like a terrible maw of despair in his head…guide us, deliver us, set us free, lead us to…goodness, kindness…their absolute horror and grief when they realize what has happened is overwhelming in a quiet stricken way.


And then there’s Dorfl. Dorfl who tries to take the blame, Dorfl who is passive and huge and lumbering and terrifying to behold…Dorfl who is silent because Things should not speak so his tongue was never made. And people blame him for that too.

Dorfl who is given his freedom, and suddenly the words in his head change and he looks around the world and sees the injustice of it all and his immediate rage is like an inferno blazing a trail through the darkness…

Dorfl who takes action because words are no longer enough. Dorfl who frees animals and breaks mills and becomes angry and upset when the other golems don’t immediately join him because they don’t know, they don’t know what it’s like to see the world in color yet, and even the sunrise can look like fire if you’ve only ever seen hell before…

Dorfl who is willing to die to stop a human being from being murdered because he can…Dorfl who has the words ripped out of his head and tossed aside like a broken toy…Dorfl who rises up because he has to, Dorfl who lays in the dust of his own rubble. Dorfl whose dying words—words he will never speak because he was never given a voice but he knows them to be true because he’s here, he’s still alive in defiance of the universe, even as the light fades from his eyes— WORDS IN THE HEART CANNOT BE TAKEN

Dorfl who emerges from the fire—remade with a tongue and a voice that echoes like thunder and stands defiant even to the gods. Dorfl who chooses to be kind…to fight on the side of justice because he can.

Dorfl who knows if you want change you have to not only break the wheel yourself, but also remake it.

Dorfl who frees the golems one by one and brings them blinking into this new world and gives them voices so that they might finally be heard.

Dorfl man…just…Dorfl.

reasons 2 ship scisaac

  • daniel sharman
  • tyler posey
  • isaac lahey
  • scott mccall
  • theyre rly hot
  • sciles is a stupid ship
  • poor bb isaac ))):
  • they!care!abt!each!other!!!
  • isaac came to scott for help multiple times
  • theyre rly hot
  • isaac listens to scott
  • sexual tension like always
  • scallison and allisaac are so dumb
  • “dude, i love mexican”
  • tyler/scott is half-mexican
  • u cannot look @ them nd tell me they have not fricked
  • height differences!!!
  • they plot (kissed) 2gether
  • theyre rly hot
  • this ship gets me hot&heavy
  • im so sad
  • y do u need a reason to ship this ship theyre cute do it wtf

Photograph of fabric doll, circa 1830, Richmond, Virginia. Photo courtesy of Stokes family. 

African American history is deeply entwined with the history of slavery, but there are too few publications that present the stories of persons of color who were free well before the American Civil War and Emancipation. I have both paternal and maternal ancestors who lived free and vibrant lives during the early formation of America, but there has been little historical interest to this American experience. This is an image from our family collection of a slave doll from c. 1830 Richmond, Virginia, owned by my maternal great-great grandmother. Family tradition states it is made from the very clothing of an enslaved women in her household. It has been passed down for many generations and is a constant reminder of the complexity and legacy of slavery and freedom.

Story from Keith Stokes 

I think the things we like/heart on tumblr say a lot about us so I'm posting my top 10. I'm going to tag people so they can do it to and it's gonna be fun ok? OK

December 25th in the Harry Potter world 

The second part of the quote is “I only tend to agree with the first part” and it makes me smirk cause cynical people are refreshing sometimes.

Idk I like to look at this picture a lot before I go to sleep 

Portrait of a time traveler! 

Doctor Who coming to take the Disney princesses away 

I just like the feeling of this picture, it gave me some cool story ideas

This is self explanatory 

I literally have never cried so much then seeing this on my dash for the first time seriously, so much crying. 

Look it’s John and Sherlock 

ok those are some of my faves, this is a cute idea do it or i’ll kill you 

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1865 - 13th Amendment is passed; slaves are freed

1866 - 14th Amendment is passed; equal protection under the law

“The 14th Amendment isn’t ratified ‘til 1868, because you need 2/3 of the states to ratify an amendment. White folk said, we not giving Black people equal protection under the law. 

So what were you between ‘65 (emancipation) and ‘68 (ratification of the 14th Amendment)? – You were simply a resident, not a citizen. 

Black people in America today are still residents, not citizens. And we confuse the word liberty, with freedom. Liberty and Freedom are not the same. White people have freedom. Black people have liberty. 

Freedom is the ability to make decisions without external control. Liberty is the ability to make decisions because an external control gave you the privilege. – One of ‘em you gotta people doing what they want to do, the other you can do what you want to do within these constraints, because we still own you.

That’s why Abraham Lincoln ‘emancipated’ the slaves. Emancipation simply means, ‘to let go from bondage’, it also means, ‘a transfer of ownership from the individual to the state’. 

They never eliminated slavery; they just transformed it.”

-Dr. Umar Johnson