Of Reconciliation and Infinity

The night envelopes the world in its cover of reassurance, of a sort of love that emanates from the thick blanket of the skies that shroud humanity. The moon glows with an ethereal kind of light, a lightweight cover that wraps everything in magical luminescence.

Peace-inducing and cooling, the wind passes, the grass dancing along to the melody of the worlds, a low, hushed hymn of dreams and hopes that lay beyond the imaginations of those that exist.

The stars shine, winking at him every so often, a tease from the universe, perhaps encouragement. Nico Di Angelo lies beneath the cosmos, lies beneath the infinite glory of what was and what is.

It is on nights like these that his mind finally quietens down, the thoughts, the depression, the self loathing fading into nothing.

But this night was something different, It was a time of strange possibilities that could ensue.

A finger twitches next to his, and Nico looks over to see Will Solace, looking at him, an achingly gentle smile gracing his lips, blue eyes soft and the color of the cosmos with a million different constellations.

Perhaps that was the reason Nico fell in love with those eyes, the way they resembled the stars and the sky, the way they shone on the darkest of days. The way they seemed to be Nico’s only anchor to the world.

Will shifts his hand until he’s holding Nico’s and his heart skips but he only smiles back at Will, leans closer and puts his head on Will’s shoulder.

It feels safe, lying there under the canopy of the stars, close to Will, the distant sound of waves lapping on a shore shifting through the wind. It feels like everything Nico wants and needs. It feels strange because nothing has felt like this in so long. It feels like home.

His heart aches when he thinks of how much he wants to kiss Will, to be with him, to grow old with him by his side, all those hopes kept wrapped up in the confines of his mind. Thoughts that should never come out.

He does not know why, or how, but he starts talking, whispers of hushed words that have stayed inside him too long. The stories he never told anyone, the story of him and Bianca, the story of his mom, of freshly baked cookies back in Venice.

He tells Will everything then, doesn’t know why, only feeling that it’s right so he does. Times of ecstasy and joy, times of sadness despair, laps of time that were ghosts until he said them and they came alive.

At some point they shifted and sat up, Nico simply looking at the stars to avoid Will’s eyes as he talked, afraid he would stop talking if he looked; he didn’t even know if Will was paying attention.

But Will listened, staring at Nico intently as he recounted stories of old, of how it was when Maria Di Angelo died, of how it was when he figured out that that feeling in his stomach around Percy Jackson was what he most feared it to be. Of what it was like to roam in darkness, wishing to instead just die, for life to simply stop.

And when he was done, he slowly, fearfully turned to face Will, was surprised to find his eyes looking at him so, so tenderly. Will looked at him as if he were strong and not broken, as if he were a hero and not a victim. As if he wasn’t other.

And then, eyes fluttered closed, lips joined softly, and hearts finally came together.

The universe above burned aflame.

hive-swag  asked:

This blog is Awesome! Would you be able to do some end game fraymotifs for a knight of Hope please?

Thank you so much :D (and I really like you profile pic [-mod who])
Here they are my knightly friend!

I. Paladin’s Sonnet

What it does: your weapon of choice will be charged with divine energy, emanating a holy light. every slash you deal will be hugely destructive, e.g. your sword normally just clangs against stone, with this fraymotif it can cut through the stone like a hot knife through butter.

Meaning of name: Paladin - a knight renowned for heroism and chivalry
Sonnet - a poem of fourteen lines using any of a number of formal rhyme schemes, in English typically having ten syllables per line

II. Barrier of Celestial Rhapsody

What it does: protect your friends (or yourself) from harm with a shield of hope.

Meaning of name: Celestial - divine
Rhapsody - an epic poem, or part of a poem, of a suitable length for recitation at one time

III. Insurgent Marziale Cry

What it does: with a battle cry you can inspire anyone nearby to rise up and fight, create a revolution, inspire consort or derse or prospit citizens to charge and fight with you.

Meaning of name: Insurgent - an active revolt or uprising
Marziale - Martial, solemn and fierce

–mod who–

  • Aries: ♡ The divine child, they who still have wings from heaven attached, they who bare a pure soul, untainted and unafraid
  • Taurus ♡: The sacred earth priestess, they who move with the seasons, entangle in vines, and sing the song of birds, they who love, protect and emanate the earth and its beauty
  • Gemini: ♡ The vanishing pixie belle, they who act as a golden herald transmitting messages of angels to humans, they who change in the blink of an eye so they can read the thoughts of the sky
  • Cancer ♡: The lunar guardian, they who conjure incredible and supernatural powers of protection when children of god become under threat, they who act as the sacred channel between the divine mother and the physical plain
  • Leo: ♡ The ruler of the stars, they who were born into greatness with sunshine pouring through their veins, they who radiate with acts of heroism
  • Virgo ♡: The angel, the devoted celestial attendant of god, they who sacrifice themselves to bring peace to others, they who offer service to the children of god
  • Libra ♡: The enchanted lover ~ they who see the true magnificence and beauty in every soul, they who perceive clearly the delicate wonders of creation
  • Scorpio: ♡ The prince of the underworld, they who have inherited a cosmic well of mystic fortune and secrecy, they who will be forced to display their resilience
  • Sagittarius ♡: The shaman, they who see clearly the language of symbolism and esoteric wisdom, they who hold the map of entry to the divine temple
  • Capricorn: ♡ The wizard, they who alchemize the non material into the material, they who transfigure god’s vision into reality
  • Aquarius ♡: The altruistic extraterrestrial ~ they who nourish earth with the elevating knowledge from other galaxies, they who bring unconditional love and unify people
  • Pisces: ♡ The awakened mystic, they who spend their lives re-enacting their relationship with god with everyday people, they who can read the poetry in the stars

Requested by: Anonymous
(Here are the specifics)

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 1.2K
Warnings: Period talk, fluff

A/N: I wasn’t sure if this was exactly a request, but I laughed at the ask and couldn’t resist writing a oneshot about it!

A sharp stabbing pain in your lower abdomen jerks you from sleep. Before you can let out a low groan of pain, a high pitched shriek pierces your ears, emanating from behind you. Snapping your head around, you see your boyfriend staring at your bed sheets in horror.

“Buck?” you say, wondering what was so horrifying it made him scream like a school child,

“Oh god, doll,” Bucky’s head snaps up and his eyes meet yours. In the blink of an eye he’s navigated his way around the bed and is kneeling in front of you, “Oh god, what happened?”

Your brows knit together in confusion as you watch him extend and retract his hand from your body, like he wanted to touch you but was scared to, “What’re you-?”

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lucifer is venus, the latin word for lucifer deriving from ‘luc’ and ‘ferre’ to create light bearer. venus the goddess of love, was known as lucifer

to demonize feminine sexuality and beauty was to associate lucifer with evil, sin, and devils. the venus program speaks of a new future with enlightened beings emanating peace and social cohesion. but this is with the innate image of humans being ‘vile’ and ‘contaminated’, devaluing with as human beings

some tips for lectures

- find a seat you are comfortable in early on, stick to that seat to give yourself a sense of routine and familiarity esp if your lectures halls are massive

- if you are comfortable writing your notes by hand do that! do not feel intimidated by people using their laptops, remember its what you are comfortable with

- don’t try to write everything down, lecturers often post the slides online or you could ask for a copy after 

- try to make your notes in your writing, and even jot down the examples lecturers use that are not on the slides.

- make little notes to yourself that you can look back on when you are writing your notes at home, such as underlining words you didn’t understand, or a theory you did not quite get

- do your readings before class so you don’t feel lost in the lectures

- please attend as much lectures as you can, being there in person is much better and saves more time,

 - If you have any questions jot them down on a paper and ask the lecturer at the end , you often find that the lecturer answers your question as they progress through the lecture

- make sure you highlight anything the lecturer focuses on instead of trusting yourself to remember it later

- If you are lucky enough to get a break in the middle of the lecture, take the opportunity to stretch and drink some water

- if you feel that your lecturer did not explain something clearly, email them or search it up but ensure that you understand it, so when finals come you don’t have a pile of theories that you half understand