The reward for refusing Zina🔥
Abu Bakr al-Miski was once asked: We always find a good odor emanating from you, why or how?
He replied:
By Allaah, for years I have not used any perfume, but the reason for the good smell has to do with what I passed through.
A woman once tricked me into entering her home. Then she closed and locked the door behind her, after which she began to seduce me. I became utterly bewildered as to what I should do, for I had no options before me.
I said to her: I need to go and purify myself.
She ordered her servant to take me to the bathroom, and when I entered it, I took faeces (filth) in my hand and wiped it all over my body.
Then I returned to her in that state. Shocked to see me like that, the woman ordered that I be removed from her home.
I left and immediately had a bath.
That very night I saw a dream; in it, it was said to me: You have done that which no else has ever done before. I will make your smell good and pure in this world and in the hereafter.
When I woke up, the smell of perfume was emanating from my body, and it has continued to emanate from my body until this very moment.
Source: al-Mawa’idh wal-Majalis (p. 224)

If the one who has committed zina repents to Allaah, truly and sincerely, then Allaah will forgive him or her, and overlook the sin.
Except for those who repent, believe and do righteous work. For them Allah will replace their evil deeds with good. And ever is Allah Forgiving and Merciful.
[al-Furqaan 25:70-71]

star fox zero was a game that was like 200 years in the future, the raw power of having to use 2 screens at once (or switch between them in gamepad only mode) was too much for gamers to handle and many of them suffered due to it, only the most advanced gamers could last and they will go on to train new gamers who will grow up to be even more powerful. star fox guard on the other hand required gamers to look at 12 screens at once, and the amount of power emanating was that game was so dangerous it had to be willed out of existence

I thought I was destined for one metamorphosis, with the brilliance of a fireworks show, and the grace of a flower that blooms out of the frost in early spring. Nebulous, unrealized, I grew the pedestal of my expectations so tall that I could no longer see them, and they became foggy with each passing day.

When I was younger, I froze myself in an imitation of girlhood. My motions were without passion, mechanical actions bringing me through a series of routines I felt I needed to complete. The modulations in the pitch of my speech, the clothes I purchased, and how I designed my face each day, fed the performance I’d adopted without notice. When I see her, I see a wall behind her eyes. I feel the impassivity she emanates, her apathy towards the woman she’s told she’ll become.

The production never ended with fireworks, with no sudden explosion of understanding. The waters of my facade grew hotter until they burned my skin, boiling me alive in a discomfort I’d constructed to shut out myself. With every step I took to free myself, I ventured down a different avenue in search for clarity.

And, eventually, I waited for my one metamorphosis. I left my name with my high school graduation gown, and crossed state lines to get away from my past. With each passing day, I shed my self-forged chains, dictating the script for who I was. I turned testosterone into a life force that propelled me out of my darkest days, and as I watched my face change in the mirror I woke up to every morning, I felt truth slowly seep into my body.

I am a man in constant metamorphosis. My life is a process and a progress too complex for an ultimate goal. Staying still can seem like moving if everything moves fast enough around you. But let me run. Let me try and keep up. Now, I finally feel ready.

arilesser  asked:

Confession: I just can't stand how people cause injustices to others. Sometimes I react harshly and sometimes I can get over it. I often feel like emotions are a curse, an impediment.

Confession: I wield my emotions like a weapon forged in the fires of justice. My words emanate for those who feel, but cannot fathom a response, as I become the conclusion they seeks against such oppression.

The greatest revolutionary changes and achievements of this earth, its greatest cultural accomplishments, the immortal deeds in the field of statesmanship, all are forever inseparably bound up with a name and are represented by it. To renounce doing homage to a great spirit means the loss of an immense strength which emanates from the names of all great men and women.
—  Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

On the evening of 19 February, 1994, Gloria Ramirez was rushed to the emergency room of Riverside Hospital, California. And here was the beginning of one of the world’s most baffling medical mysteries.

Gloria had been suffering from the effects of advanced cervical cancer. She was immensely confused as well as suffering from tachycardia and Cheyene-Strokes respiration. When she arrived at the hospital, she was injected with several drugs including diazepam and lorazepam to keep her sedated. Gloria immediately started responding to the drugs negatively leading doctors to defibrillate her heart. It was now that doctors began to notice some oddities.

There appeared to be an oily sheen which was covering Gloria’s body and a fruity, garlic, odour emanated from her. When a nurse attempted to draw blood from Gloria, she noticed an ammonia-like smell. When another nurse attempted to draw blood, she noticed particles floating in the blood. Suddenly, the nurse fainted, followed by another nurse and another nurse. In total, 23 people within the vicinity of Gloria became ill with 5 being hospitalised. Gloria was soon afterwards pronounced dead with the cause of death being listed as kidney failure.

The main theory was that Gloria had been using dimethyl sulfoxide as a way to alleviate her pain. Two months after her death, her decomposed body was released to her family who wanted an independent autopsy. Their pathologist could not determine a cause of death. Gloria became known as the “toxic lady.”

NGC 3293: A Bright Young Star Cluster : Hot blue stars shine brightly in this beautiful, recently formed galactic or open star cluster. Open cluster NGC 3293 is located in the constellation Carina, lies at a distance of about 8000 light years, and has a particularly high abundance of these young bright stars. A study of NGC 3293 implies that the blue stars are only about 6 million years old, whereas the clusters dimmer, redder stars appear to be about 20 million years old. If true, star formation in this open cluster took at least 15 million years. Even this amount of time is short, however, when compared with the billions of years stars like our Sun live, and the over-ten billion year lifetimes of many galaxies and our universe. Pictured, NGC 3293 appears just in front of a dense dust lane and red glowing hydrogen gas emanating from the Carina Nebula. via NASA

Paladin Week: New Magic Items for Paladins in D&D 5e

image credit: Yanmo Zhang

Check out these new homebrew paladin-oriented magic items for D&D 5e!

Armor of Command

Magic Armor (any medium or heavy), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin or cleric

A set of +1 armor that shines dimly with divine light when it deflects a blow. A paladin or cleric attuned to the armor can use their Channel Divinity to cause the armor to shine brightly with divinity, calling to a creature to submit to its power. You may force a creature that can see and hear you within 80 ft. to make a CHA saving throw with a DC equal to your spell save DC. On a failed save, the creature drops to their knees and bows to you in submission until your next turn. Regardless of the result of the saving throw, the creature takes 2d8 psychic damage.

Belt of the Sacred Mount

Wondrous Item (waist), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A leather belt with plates of steel every few inches. The belt buckle depicts a golden horse’s head. When the wearer summons a creature with the Find Steed spell, the creature gains a bonus to attacks, damage, and AC equal to the wearer’s proficiency modifier.

Boots of Enmity

Wondrous Item (feet), Uncommon, requires attunement by an Oath of Vengeance Paladin

Boots that are of patterned reddish brown leather with steel toes that look like a hellish church gargoyle. An Oath of Vengeance paladin attuned to these boots may spend a bonus action to teleport to a space adjacent to a creature currently targeted by their Vow of Enmity ability, provided the creature is on the same plane of existence and within 60 ft. of the paladin.

Compelling Weapon

Magic Weapon (any martial), Uncommon, requires attunement by a paladin

A compelling weapon is gaudy and covered in fine metals and gems and is slightly larger than an average weapon of its type. It deals a bonus 2 psychic damage with each hit. When the weapon scores a critical hit, the weapon casts Compelled Duel on the creature hit. Creatures immune to the charmed condition are immune to this effect.

Corrupted Gauntlets

Magic Item (hands), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A set of iron and chain gauntlets with fingerplates that look like sharp dragon scales. It gleams with sickening iridescence. A paladin attuned to the gauntlets can make a melee spell attack against a creature. If the attack hits, the paladin may spend any number of points from their hit point pool for their Lay on Hands ability to deal an equal amount of necrotic damage to the creature touched. You may spend 5 points at once to poison the creature for 1 minute in addition to any damage you dealt. The creature can attempt a CON saving throw with a DC equal to your spell save DC to negate this effect.

Crown of Radiance

Magic Item (head), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A simple golden band studded with glowing orange gems that rests on one’s head at about forehead height. This item’s magic adds 10 ft. to the radius of your Aura of Courage, Aura of Protection, and Aura of Hate (if Oathbreaker paladin). This item also increases the radius of auras generated by spells such as Aura of Life, Aura of Purity, and Aura of Vitality.

Divine Storm Pauldrons

Magic Item (shoulders), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A set of heavy metal shoulder guards that have stylized lightning bolt motifs segmented by faux rope fashioned of bronze. You may spend an action to deal 8d6 lightning damage to all creatures you designate within a 30 ft. radius centered on you. Creatures that succeed at a DC 16 DEX saving throw take only half of this damage. Once you use this ability, you cannot use it again until you complete a long rest. In addition, your Aura of Courage, Aura of Protection, and Aura of Hate (if Oathbreaker paladin) are suppressed until you finish a long rest.

Gauntlets of Divine Shielding

Magic Item (hands), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A set of bronze gauntlets that are warm to the touch, and surround themselves in a sphere of white light when used. When the attuned paladin uses their Lay on Hands ability on a creature, they may instead grant them a shield that absorbs an amount of damage equal to three times the points spent for the Lay on Hands ability. This shield disappears once it has absorbed all of the hit points it can handle, or at the start of the paladin’s next turn.

Glove of Cowardice

Magic Item (hands), Uncommon, requires attunement by a paladin

A single silver gauntlet that has a relief of a face wracked in pain on the backhand plate; a depiction of a suffering sinner in the afterlife. A paladin attuned to the glove may spend 5 points from their hit point pool for their Lay on Hands ability and touch an adjacent creature. That creature must make a DC 14 WIS saving throw or become frightened of the paladin for 1d4+1 rounds. The creature may make a new save at the start of each of its turns to end this effect.

Greaves of the Mounting Heavens

Wondrous Item (feet), Rare, requires attunement

A pair of steel greaves with patterns representing the layers of the plane of Celestia. You gain a +4 bonus to skill checks and saving throws against spells, abilities, and other effects that would knock you prone.

Helm of the Smiting Glare

Wondrous Item (head), Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

This shiny bucket helm has etched lines emanating from the eye slits. Use your Channel Divinity as an action to fire a ray of energy from the helmet’s eye slits, dealing energy damage to a single creature within 60 ft. of you that you can see. The creature can make a DEX saving throw to halve this damage. The save DC is equal to your spell save DC. The damage dealt is based on your alignment (see below). The damage dice stack with one another for a total of 6d10 damage.

  • Evil: 3d10 necrotic damage.
  • Good: 3d10 radiant damage
  • Chaotic: 3d10 fire damage
  • Lawful: 3d10 cold damage.
  • Neutral: 3d10 force damage.

Lance of the Blessed Beast

Magic Weapon (lance), Very Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A +1 lance that is fashioned to look like a giant, stylized unicorn’s horn. The hand guard is adorned with white horsehair. When the wielder of this weapon travels at least 20 feet straight toward a target before attacking that target with the lance, the weapon deals a bonus 2d8 radiant damage and the creature hit must make a DC 15 STR saving throw to resist being knocked prone. In addition, critical hits with the lance heal the wielder for 2d4 hit points.

Maul of Radiant Echoes

Magic Weapon (maul), Very Rare, requires attunement by a paladin

A heavy +1 maul that emanates pulsing waves of holy energy from its head. One end of the head is flat while the other is a mass of carefully overlapped metal triangles pointing away from the flat end. A paladin attuned to the maul uses their divine smite ability against a creature, up to one creature adjacent to their foe takes an amount of damage equal to half the damage dealt by their divine smite.

Medallion of Authority

Wondrous Item (neck), uncommon, requires attunement by a paladin or cleric

A gleaming medal that takes the form of a universal symbol of your deity and purpose. As such, it looks different for each person that attunes to it. You gain advantage on intimidation checks against creatures that are diametrically opposed to your alignment (lawful-good’s opposite is chaotic-evil, neutral-good’s opposite is neutral-evil, etc.), and gain advantage on persuasion checks against creatures that have the same alignment as you. If you have a true neutral alignment this item has no effect.

Savior’s Cape

Wondrous Item (back), uncommon, requires attunement by a paladin or cleric

This royal purple brocade cape is decorated with embroidered with the written beauty of the Celestial language in gold trimmed by floral embellishments. You may use your Channel Divinity as a reaction to instantly teleport a single willing ally you can see within 60 ft. of you to a space adjacent to you.

Shield of Divine Spellwarding

Magic Armor (shield), Very Rare, requires attunement by a 14th level paladin

A +1 kite shield of mirror-like platinum emblazoned with a holy symbol. The shield is embellished with a gold rim and tassels of golden thread. You may expend one use of your Cleansing Touch ability to cast Counterspell against a spell that would affect you or at least one ally within 10 ft. of you.