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Imagine Steve and Bucky get a two week leave during the war and they go home to see their mamas.

He could sense Bucky side-eyeing him, could feel mild irritation emanating from his friend. “What?”

“Stop bouncing your leg. You can’t be nervous?”

“What?” Steve glanced down, and his leg immediately stopped bouncing. “Sorry.” He’d been unaware of the tick that was driving his friend crazy as they sat, thighs touching in the small plane that was taking them home.

Granted, they wouldn’t be home for long. Two weeks tended to fly by, and just as soon, the two of them would be crammed into the same small seats headed back to Germany. As if reading his mind, Bucky sighed. “This would have been more comfortable if you were still little.”

Steve chuckled. “Yeah, I really loved getting elbowed in the head all the time. I’d love to go back to that.”

“Point taken.”

Silence fell, until ten minutes passed, and suddenly Bucky’s hand was clamping down on his knee, forcing his foot flat on the floor. “Sorry.” Bucky’s hand didn’t move until they landed, and they both grinned.

“Looking forward to the home cooked meals the most.”

“And a warm bed.”

“And Mama.”

“And Mama.”

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So Kazuichi is constantly attacked by Ko's luck right? How does that translate in the his-luck-is-a-sentient-being setting? Does it runs after him everytime he's nearby? He can't see it but does it have a tangible form? Like "What the fuck?? I can't move like there's something super heavy on top of me?? What the hell?? Komaeda!!! What did you do?! I don't know how but I know it's your fault somehow!!"

Kazuichi cannot see or feel its physical touch, but he’s more sensitive to it than others. Everyone feels off when it’s around, but he gets this really heavy pit in his stomach. 

As for the Luck itself it just…it really likes him. It smells him and it’s like dangling snacks in front of its face. It’s anyone’s guess as to why. Probably because he has enough bad luck naturally that it just….emanates off of him.

Yes he blames Nagito for it. Nagito has no idea what Kazuichi’s talking about. Nagito just knows his luck goes missing at random and he doesn’t know whether to be scared or relieved. The thing comes back eventually. He’s decided to not question it and take his free time.

Caillech Bhearra ,Queen of Winter and Lady of the Beasts -the mother-goddess, shaper and guardian of the land, and a consort of kings. Also regarded as a wilderness figure which has associations with the storms of winter, the storm clouds, the winter sea, and other manifestations of wild nature In one interpretation ,Cailleach Bhearra , would appear to represent a version of traditions of a mother-goddess emanating from the worlds of Indo-European and even old European cosmology…“                

Untimed Spring

Prompt: Sakura’s a wilting flower, but suddenly spring came. 

Kinda OOC of Sasuke but it was necessary for the one shot. Personality switch between Sakura and Sasuke? Hmm. This was made a few months ago. Feel free to drop some feedback! c:

It was unusually cold during that night of October. It was the kind of weather that made people want to curl up in their blankets, lie on their beds and succumb into a deep yet peaceful slumber. Others would take the opportunity to cuddle with their loved one, feeling the warmth their body emits, whilst chatting exuberantly with cups of cocoa in their hands. Along the pavement lit up by the street lights came a long exasperated sigh emanated by a young lass named Sakura. Her hands were pocketed in her coat as she walked. Her cherry blossom colored hair was disheveled in all places with all her pulling out of frustration. Her feet were filled with blisters as a result of her long journey from the riverside. From the perspective of a passerby, one would view such sight as an exhausted student but once one is able to meet her in the eye, all impressions of such would dissipate. Her eyes were sagging, an evidence of exhaustion. Dried tear stains on her cheeks, a nose too red that would put Rudolph to shame and cheeks too rosy for the weather. She made no effort to fix her stature, sluggishly dragging her body towards her home. Thoughts clouded her mind, emotions flooding her system. ‘What a mess she was,’ she thought.

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The Issue With Hot Chocolate

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by CapConspicuous

So, let’s say, you just really, really love hot chocolate. And the good stuff, not just any old cocoa powder/sugar/dehydrated marshmallow mix. Like, rich chocolate chips melted into a saucepan of milk, slowly and gradually, so even if you were cold, you’re warm by the time the hot chocolate is ready. And you also love topping it with whipped cream and actual marshmallows, and definitely some candy cane bits, for color, and for the sake of Christmas.
Let’s say, you’d do anything for a good cup of hot chocolate in your hands, steam wafting into your face. The mug emanates the kind of warmth that everyone craves on a snowy day in Brooklyn, when the wind is biting and your lips are always chapped.

Aka. Steve comes to realizations on Christmas Eve, ft. hot chocolate.

Words: 3484, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Cultural discourse in this regard includes not only symbols of national identity, icons of patriotic fervor and other things; more importantly, it involves the authority of statements about shared values embodied in language, ethnicity, and custom, as well as shared myths encoded as genres of knowledge, such as history, ideology, and beliefs. In the context of the state, such discourses rarely emanate directly from the people themselves but are articulated by the state, intellectuals, and other vested interests, all of whom claim naturally to speak on behalf of ‘society as a whole.’ The self-effacing character of cultural discourse, in spite of its obvious authorial nature, is precisely what makes identity appear to be a value-free construct, when in actuality it is quite the opposite.
—  allen chun, “fuck chineseness: on the ambiguities of ethnicity as culture as identity”


From The Independent:

A group of female students has been pasting sanitary towels on the walls of a Pakistani university in protest against the taboo over discussing menstruation in the country.

The six women and men [Mavera Rahim, Eman Suleman, Mehsum Basharat, Noor Fatima, Sherbaz Lehri, and Asad Sheikh], who study at Beaconhouse National University (BNU) in Lahore, wrote slogans on the towels such as “it’s something so natural” and “I’m not flawed or poorly made”.

In addition, they painted stains on their white kameezes (traditional dress shirt) and stood next to the hygiene products where they talked with male students explaining “nothing is gross, weird, or wrong”.

One of the students, Mavera Rahim, posted a picture of towels on Facebook. She explained: “The protest was against the stigma attached to menstruation and the sharmindagi [shame] with which we discuss it.

"We are made to put pads in brown paper bags when we buy them, we are made to talk about periods in hushed voices as if it’s a dirty secret, and all-in-all made to act as if it is something we should hide more so than other bodily functions, when it’s really a natural part of our biology.

"Our idea was to break this taboo around the subject in our society.”

The group said part of the inspiration for the protest was that Pakistani women contract diseases because “they are not fully informed of hygienic practices”.

Ms. Rahim told the Express Tribune newspaper that her brother and sisters are “very supportive”.

“This is not a campaign; this was merely an aesthetically based protest as a class project … Women face a lot of stigmatisation and ridicule for menstruation, something they have no control over,” she said.

“No, I’m not some shameless libertine, but I don’t think I should feel shame for this, even though I do feel very embarrassed and self-conscious about this whole experience.”

This work echoes a demonstration by students at Dehli’s Jamia Millia Islamia University in India who last year covered the establishment with sanitary towels to protest discrimination and sexual violence against women.

Eman Suleman, quoted from Scroll.in, had this response to the protest: “The response goes to show exactly why this is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Especially when girls too are disgusted by it. A friend of mine wrote ‘Internalized hatred is real, especially when you’ve been conditioned to view your healthy body functions as disgusting and unnatural’. It’s a life-long process to unlearn these behaviours, for women and men alike. I know that I’m still struggling with it. The patriarchy runs deep.”

The pads were up on the wall on April 7 and April 8.

some tips for lectures

- find a seat you are comfortable in early on, stick to that seat to give yourself a sense of routine and familiarity esp if your lectures halls are massive

- if you are comfortable writing your notes by hand do that! do not feel intimidated by people using their laptops, remember its what you are comfortable with

- don’t try to write everything down, lecturers often post the slides online or you could ask for a copy after 

- try to make your notes in your writing, and even jot down the examples lecturers use that are not on the slides.

- make little notes to yourself that you can look back on when you are writing your notes at home, such as underlining words you didn’t understand, or a theory you did not quite get

- do your readings before class so you don’t feel lost in the lectures

- please attend as much lectures as you can, being there in person is much better and saves more time,

 - If you have any questions jot them down on a paper and ask the lecturer at the end , you often find that the lecturer answers your question as they progress through the lecture

- make sure you highlight anything the lecturer focuses on instead of trusting yourself to remember it later

- If you are lucky enough to get a break in the middle of the lecture, take the opportunity to stretch and drink some water

- if you feel that your lecturer did not explain something clearly, email them or search it up but ensure that you understand it, so when finals come you don’t have a pile of theories that you half understand

Jacob’s Ladder.

Jacob’s Ladder is the colloquial name for a bridge between the Earth and Heaven that the biblical Patriarch Jacob dreams about during his flight from his brother Esau, as described in the Book of Genesis. The story of Jacob’s Ladder is actually an ancient allegorical biblical tale describing the Alchemical process of reaching complete Gnosis or what some may call, Sainthood or Enlightenment. A Symbolic Ladder that we all must climb if we wish to reach the Spiritual Heights of the Divine in the Heavens while we are encased in Physical Matter here on Earth. As we climb, we must purify ourselves, our thoughts, habits and actions so that we may reach that seventh and final step of our ascent in order to activate all of our seven senses and DNA.


Can Zara Peerzada ever go wrong?

Here she is wearing a crop top by Eman Suleman and the skirt by Erum Khan at the Lahore Literary Festival and Telenor Fashion Weekend (happening on the same day). The front of the crop top (top photo) has Iqbal’s famous lines from his poem..

Na tu zameen key liye hai, na aasmaan key liye
Jahaan hai tere liye, tu nahin jahaan key liye

(you are neither for the earth nor for the heaven
the world is for you, and not you for the world)

The  bottom photo in which she switched the top later to the front has the beautiful lines from Ghalib’s poem…

Umar bhar hum yehi bhool kartey rahay ghalib
dhool chehrey pay thi aur hum aina saaf kertey rahay..

(the whole life I kept commiting the same mistake,
the dust was on my face, and I kept cleaning the mirror)

How she makes this ensemble work for both very different and distinct events is proof of the fact that Zara definitely cannot go wrong!