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What are the stages of drafts? I'm trying to write my own book but I dont know how to draft properly and I feel like I'm gonna be stuck in a gutter if I don't know

Yesssssssssssssss someone finally asked it!!!

I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to explain this and show everybody my inverted pyramid :D :D :D

I present, The Inverted Pyramid of Revising a Book

Now I’ll explain each section of the inverted pyramid:


  • This should be self-explanatory. You write the first draft. For novels, 75-150,000+ words of the world inside your head.


  • Go back and fix it all up. Did you tell the story you wanted to tell? Did you include scenes and events that add up to the conclusion you present?
  • Are there any unnecessary scenes you could delete, or scenes that are redundant to other scenes? Get rid of them. If this means entire chapters have to go, wave bye-bye.
  • Do your main characters have believable back stories and arcs, and do they act appropriately in character at all times?
  • Is there any point in time when your characters do something that they literally WOULD NOT DO? Change that up.


  • Now pay attention to the deeper aspects of the story. Delve into the world your characters live in. Do they react appropriately? Does any part of society influence them more than others?
  • What does your world look like? Delve into the setting. The cultures, the technology, the history.
  • Work with your secondary characters and how they interact with your main characters. What role do they serve overall? Does the main character’s journey affect them at all, or vice versa?
  • Tighten up plot points. Stay concise if possible.


  • Now that the major parts of your story have been patted down, you can begin focusing on the technical stuff. Start broad.
  • Do you have redundant sentences? Do you start multiple sentences the same way?
  • Throw in short sentences.
  • Drop the pronoun from the beginning of a sentence every now and then.
  • Use commas instead of ‘and’ if you find you use ‘and’ a lot.
  • Does the flow of sentences and paragraphs fit with the tone of the scene?
  • Chop sentences apart. Use quick, sharp words.
  • Or combine sentences and flowery language and soft words.


  • Now that you’ve really patted this thing down, find people willing to read your work (hopefully for free).
  • Ask them to point out inconsistencies. Are they confused by anything?
  • Beta readers can tell you when things are boring or exciting. They’ll laugh. They’ll fangirl. They’ll beg you for more chapters.
  • Your brain is soft from so much revising. Beta readers are fresh, and will pick out things you’ve glossed over from seeing it so many times.
  • Shake things up and host a video chat for you and your betas! It’s a great way to make friends :)


  • NOWWWWW you’ve finished all the major revisions and your story makes sense!!! All that’s left to do is get the broom and sweep it up (or the vacuum cleaner, or generate a black hole from the Large Hadron Collider to suck out all the errors because that’s super-effective**).
  • This is the nitty gritty stuff, and I highly recommend either forcing yourself to read really, really slow, or better yet, read your book out loud, start to finish.
  • You’ll trip up over misplaced commas and periods.
  • You’ll literally hear when a sentence is awkward.
  • Your brain will get confused when there’s a missing word.
  • Fill in the gaps, hammer down the boards, tidy up the place like you’ve got guests coming over.


  • OMG
  • OMG
  • OMG
  • Email the newspaper (I’ve appeared multiple times).
  • Email the local TV station (I’ve appeared on live TV).
  • Email book talk radio shows (I’ve had a Q&A for an hour on live radio).
  • ……..Marketing is hard.

I hope that helps!

N.B. **please do not ask CERN for permission to use the Large Hadron Collider to create black holes that suck out all the errors in your book. You’ll look silly, and you might destroy Earth in the process.

Client: Could you run these two ads for the next week? Thanks.

Me: Um… I’m the one who designed those ads. Did you mean to email the newspaper?

Client: Oh! Could you tell them to place the ads? I can’t find the right email.

I’m officially old. (ᗒᗣᗕ)՞

Someone help me delete my tumblr, I’m too old to be here now and I can’t figure out how to work technology anymore. How do I text? What’s a tweeter? How do I do make a one? How do I get to my email? Where’s the newspaper? I need to check which of my friends is behind on their taxes.

The Samwell Irregulars

So I started a superhero AU. It can be found here on AO3

Also, below:

Honestly, Will should’ve known it was going to go wrong as soon as he woke up. His coffee maker broke and despite his master’s degree in mechanical engineering even he couldn’t fix it, which he hopes says more about the coffee maker than it does about him, and so he had to go to Starbucks which is never something anyone wants to do in a major city on a Monday morning. Added to the coffee problem, it’s Monday, and Mondays have been historically Not Awesome for him. Not to mention the fact it’s that Monday, the Monday his parents died, so he was already on edge before his coffee maker broke. His car wouldn’t start but he didn’t even have time to try and fix it because he’d spent so much time trying to fix the coffee maker, so he had to walk to Starbucks, and then take the T to work and so he smelled like public transportation, and his co-worker’s cologne is messing with his head and all in all, it’s just a shitty – albeit very normal – day.

A normal day at work for Will Poindexter is not a normal day at work for most people. But then again, most people don’t work at Samwell Inc. and they don’t share a lab with several particle physicists and biochemists and microbiologists and astrophysicists. Most people aren’t any of those things.

He’s pretty sure most people want to punch Derek Nurse in the face though, so they’ve got that in common.

“Would you stop?” he demands. It’s just like any day, which means that just like any given day, Derek is encroaching on his personal space and shifting his math calculations closer to Will’s station. He’s got half a mind to casually introduce Derek’s equations to the Bunsen burner at Justin’s station, but he’s pretty sure that would be crossing the line.

“Would I stop what?” Derek asks, smiling innocently at Will.

Will’s immediate mental response is “existing” but he doesn’t really mean it. Derek just bugs the shit out of him and there’s no one reason he can pinpoint. It could be the fact he’s an astrophysicist and likes to babble at whoever will listen about the fact the boundless unlimited universe is expanding into something, it could be the fact he always sits to close to Will’s station in their lab. Maybe it’s the hair.

Whatever the reason, Derek is Will’s chief annoyance.

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SO I got a little excited about the fact that the B&W ship was celebrating #2D2PP for being second in the Femslash poll. (How awesome is that! As Cerys Matthew’s once said “Coming second best is close to ideal”) Anyway I thought I’d try some fan art, something quick, on the computer, but then I wanted to make something real. SO I’ve spent way to much time cobbling this silly thing together from the New York Times. Myka is still wonky (I could not get that nose), though I think HG turned out OK. I just need to stop fussing and just put it up. Hope it’s slighlty enjoyable on some level, even for a laugh!

A Battle of Wits (better-holmes-and-deductions)


Lawliet took a sip of his coffee, staring at his computer screen. “Sherlock Holmes. British detective, hm? Let’s see if you’re as good as you say you are…”

He set his cup down on the table in front of him, before leaning forward to look at the website he’d found on Sherlock. He seemed so fake, using big words to make himself seem smarter… Not that he didn’t do that, it was hilarious to annoy those with an inferior mental capacity. 

Moments later, he’d already typed up a text message, sending it to the phone number listed.

Sherlock Holmes… Private detective, solver of various crimes which stumped the police. I challenge you to take my case, Holmes.

Your instructions are simple. A series of murders have recently taken place…

He listed details of the case he had already set up. Of course, he hadn’t mentioned that he was the one to create the case, the details carefully hand-picked by L himself.

After the Kira case, L had moved back to England, so once he located Sherlock’s house, he could easily hide cameras inside the home.

I fear I may be the next victim, Mr. Holmes.

L felt an amused smirk cross his lips as he clicked send.

Now, he just had to find out where this detective lived. He easily found an article about Sherlock from a local newspaper. He emailed the picture to himself, that way he could save the image on his phone for later reference. Hm… 221 Baker street.

He looked up the address in a new tab, screenshotted it, repeating the process and saving the map on his phone. Perfect.

A battle has begun, Mr. Holmes. 

And I intend to win.

With that, the detective packed up his laptop, walking out of his apartment.