Virus Warning!

If you receive a message saying:

“Hello somebody wrote something about you on this blog. visit [link]” don’t click the link.

It is, from my understanding, a Trojan Virus; meaning that the message will be sent to everybody else either following you or that you’re following (I was sent the message from a mutual that hasn’t messaged me before).

Stay safe!

happykid44  asked:

When Mara goes blind, is it total blindness or on some level of legally blind?

She’s kind of a new medical thing? She’s KINDA legally blind but for some reason, she’s able to see through the veil of white around her vision with colored lenses. No one (besides me) knows why so kinda legally??

Hey Guys! Listen up!

Okay, so i got sent this from one of my followers and it was not their fault but they  are getting this message sent from their account over messenger and I was dumb and clicked on the link:

Exhibit A:

somebody wrote something on this blog about you LOL. visit


Do NOT click on it!!

If you do, the same will happen to your blog.

Just know if you get that from me, its not me. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!!

ok scrub lords i’ve seen a few people get hit with a phishing site and get their account compromised and sent out the same phishing site to others via messaging. I’m not aware of any other payloads other than just spreading it self, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do anything else.

This is how the site looks like:

And the message you might get:

Keep in mind this message will come from a REAL blog, not some rando bot, but it might come from your s/o or a friend, please be aware of this

If you have already been affected by the site (check if you messaged friends the url) PLEASE CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD

And if you have a phone, turn on 2 factor auth if you can, it’s adds in another layer of protection in case someone gets a hold of your password

In the future, check fishy links such as or, why would your friend send you a shortened link rather than the full blog url? Might not make a whole lot of sense.

Also double check the URL of the site in which you are entering your login information, esp when it’s from a fishy link, make sure it’s the correct url (,, and not or and remember to keep safe out there!! 


More Virus concepts! Before they were infected Mara and Thomas (the Red Virus) were childhood bestfriends and went to a preforming arts high school together. Mara’s a singer and Thomas is a dancer, but they both take mutiple dance courses together and are members of an elite break dancing troupe called “The Royalty” under the stage names “King “ and “Bishop”.