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Here’s the exclusive image that came with the pre order for the Series 4 soundtrack!!!!


local floating head wants to suffer in bed all day without disruption


Happy Birthday to Lucy Maud Montgomery! I was very excited to get to do a bunch of gifs celebrating her best known work Anne of Green Gables. If you haven’t read/listened to/watched it, you should try it! It’s hilarious and charming, even 100 years after it was written. 

skype trans support group!

hello!! my name’s jack, and my friend @dorklordprince (jason) and i want to form a sort of skype support group for other trans kids! 

i’m putting everything under a “read more” so it doesn’t become a super long post, but if you’re interested then please keep reading!! 

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so excited to see the wips coming in, both here and via email!! keep em comin!

remember: please send me a full, NOT cropped work in progress by march 1st! its coming up soon, so dont forget! and if youve got any questions or concerns dont hesitate to hit me up. the sooner i know about any potential problems yall might be having, the better :o

GREAT ToS Pickup Lines

“Are you a witch, cuz you’re smokin’!”
“Vote me guilty for my love for you.”
“Are you a Serial Killer? Cuz you stole my heart!”
“Not even a Disguiser could replicate my love for you!”
“Are you an Arsonist? Cuz you light up my world!”
“I’m an Investigator, and need to do a thorough search.”
“If I was an Amnesiac, I’d make sure to remember you.”
“I revealed myself as Mayor… Now that’s 3 to 1 on if we should date. Where do you want to go?”
“Hypothetical situation: Your boyfriend and I were transported while you were going at it.”
“Like the Vigilante, I’d die for you.”
“I wouldn’t go on alert just in case I could see your face at night.”
“You must be the Medium, because you’ll always be my target.”
“You know… The Medium’s Curse can be lifted by a true love’s kiss!”
“My love for you is stronger than my hate for the Framer.”