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From the makers of the Sherlock Sunday Summer Serial...

… comes a NEW Sherlock serial zine: The Sherlockian Observer!

For a modest subscription fee (to cover postage), a beautifully-designed mock Victorian serial will be delivered to your mailbox each month for a year! Contents include:

  • Two serialized novels, both with palpitating new content:
  • “Ask Lord Lonelyheart.” Discreet advice from a peer of the realm (all-new, possibly shocking content by @redscudery)
  • “The Landlady’s Corner.” A Most Disreputable and Scandalous Page for Only the Bravest of Souls (some new and definitely all shocking content)
  • Poetry
  • Monthly public classifieds
  • Beautiful period illustrations and advertisements

Subscription costs for 12 monthly issues: $25 CAD for Canadian subscribers, $25 USD for American subscribers, and $70 CAD for all others. Payment by email transfer or paypal; please message doctornerdington for logistics.

PDF version also immediately available to subscribers. 

The Observer will be posted on AO3 one month after the issue goes out to subscribers.

First issue mailed out July 1, 2017. Subscribe here

Be there, or be modernist!

Kissed by the Baddest Bidder Fans!

KBTBB will be undergoing some major changes in the near future, and we wanted to give you a heads up!

① As of March 15th, Kissed by the Baddest Bidder will no longer support Android 3/iOS 6 and below. The new minimum requirement is Android 4.0/iOS 7. Please update your device’s software version accordingly.

② Kissed by the Baddest Bidder will be transferring to the coin system soon. This allows us to bring you stories faster than before, as well as allowing you to transfer your purchased stories between more devices! (There might be some coin giveaways in the future so keep your eyes out!) Read more about the coin system below.

③ With the change to the coin system we will also be changing to an email/password data transfer system. This will help make it easier for everyone to transfer data!

While all these changes should go smoothly, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR CURRENT TRANSFER IDS SOMEWHERE SAFE! It will make the transition to the new system much easier.

Also, don’t worry about your purchases! All current purchases will be transferred automatically from the old system to the new system when we update. Your previous purchases are safe. HOWEVER with the new coin system it is VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to make a transfer account. If you delete and reinstall without a transfer account you will lose all your stories!

How to purchase stories using Coins!

To purchase stories you must first purchase coins. Coins can be purchased in two ways.

①If you just want to buy enough coins for one story, tap the buy button. This will allow you to purchase the specific story and read right away.

②If you are going to purchase multiple stories at once, it might be easier to buy enough coins for all the stories at once. To purchase bulk coins in the new app, there will be a plus (+) sign in the top right of the screen. Tap to purchase coins in bulk.

The coin system allows us to release new stories to our users quicker! HOWEVER with the new coin system it is VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to make a transfer account. If you delete and reinstall without a transfer account you will lose all your stories!

In the new app, tap Help & Settings → E-mail. Enter your email and password and tap Register. PLEASE NOTE: We cannot access your password! Please e-mail it to yourself or make note of it in a secure place.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE YOUR PURCHASE DATA AFTER REINSTALLING! Please take the time to create a transfer account!

If for some reason the transfer to the new Kissed by the Baddest Bidder app glitches, you will be able to restore your purchases with your Transfer IDs. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SAVE YOUR CURRENT TRANSFER IDS SOMEWHERE SAFE!

Please contact customer support from within the app if you have any questions.

We look forward to continuing to bring you more awesome stories! Thank you for your continued support.

- Voltage


Welcome! For those who are not familiar with our STATE OF THE FARM updates, this is where we collect together the month’s news in brief, and look ahead to the coming months. While these columns currently focus on the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon, we’ll also be discussing other upcoming titles later in 2017. But on the topic of Harvest Moon…

We’re very excited that as part of the 20th anniversary of Harvest Moon, we have been working closely with Sony on some titles for their PS2 on PS4 program. While we can’t reveal quite yet when these titles will be coming, we can say the first one will be SOON! Stay tuned to our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram for more news on these titles and more 20th anniversary celebrations, including contests and Throwback Thursday posts featuring your favorite titles from years past.

With the recent release of Harvest Moon 64 on the Wii U Virtual Console in both North America and Europe, let’s answer that one important question everyone has been talking about for 17 years: What’s up with the spelling of “Natume” on the title screen in Harvest Moon 64?!

Back when Harvest Moon 64 was being worked on, technology was very different. The Internet, email, data transfer, etc. weren’t the everyday tools they are now, so communication with Japan took a bit longer and was a tad more primitive than it is today. Unfortunately, the correction request on the title screen had fallen through the cracks, and when this was discovered, the title had already been approved by Nintendo and was set to go to production. 

The problem? Fixing it would have delayed the game by at least 45 days, pushing it out of December! Yikes! Sorry, no Harvest Moon 64 for Christmas and instead, a February release. So, it was decided that we would rather let our fans have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year planting crops and taking care of animals instead of being a Grinch for a simple “s”. The funny thing is, Natume is a legit way to spell Natsume in some versions of romaji. And now you know the story!

What else is new?
We’re hard at work planning our E3 lineup, and while we can’t announce anything quite yet, we’re excited at how our booth is shaping up and what titles we hope to have on hand. It’s a little too early to spill the beans quite yet, but be sure to stay tuned in the future when we begin making some BIG announcements!

What else is coming?
As promised, we’re continuing the Harvest Moon celebrations all year long, with more classic game releases, and of course contests. But Harvest Moon isn’t the only franchise we have surprises in store for…but that will have to wait for a future State of the Farm column!

-CeeCee, Natsume Inc. Community Manager

Tickets for Harry Styles at the Greek Theater For Sale

Hi guys, due to recent medical issues, I will not be able to reasonably travel out of state for the Greek theater concert this year. the ticket was $105 with all the processing fees, plus it has insurance on it.  I’m asking $150 for the ticket, but am willing to negotiate on a reasonable price

Tickets must be purchased via Paypal and will be sent via email

edit: “transfer via ticket master is not available for harry styles 2017 tour”. A ticket master representative has told me email ticket transfer will work.

I would like these tickets to go to someone who couldn’t find them the first time around, and is a real fan. Again, I can work on the price.

Serious inquiries message me off anon or email me:

There’s a dysphoria of the body that i am currently experiencing. Im listening to music that carried me through winter, and now instead of exploring a snow covered forest at 2 am while listening to it, I am on a gym floor. I am missing school? That’s weird to me. Maybe i am missinc my freedom.


I’m sorry it’s been such a long time! But I’ve finally made a SoundCloud where you can download my music for free HERE

If you want to support me and purchase my music, please email me at Currently, I will be doing email money transfers and email you back with the mp3. of whichever song you decide on. I will most likely be signing up with Paypal tomorrow for those of you that cannot or do not want to do email money transfers. Thank you so much everyone for your love, kind words, and support! <3 <3 <3 Every reblog, like, comment, and follow counts! xoxo 

The list will be updated as more music comes out!

“All New Faded for Her” $3.00 CAN

“Wolf Hunt” $5.00 CAN

“Sleep Walking” (preview) $1.00 CAN

I am also open to do custom commissions of ship songs for ocs, OC themes, or just any song you want, instrumental or vocal! Email me or tumblr message me if you have questions!

For custom songs:

A preview/demo custom (30 secs or less): $5.00 CAN

A 2 to 3 min custom piece: $10.00 CAN

A 4 to 5 min custom piece: $15.00 CAN

Again, thank you so much for your love and support!!! <3 Please email me ( or tumblr message me if you have any questions! I will likely get back to you within 24 hours! 


hi everyone! so school is winding down and i’m sure a lot of you are looking for simple ways to make some money this summer. if you want a little extra change in your pocket, i suggest signing up for qriket!

qriket is an app that will give you money for spinning a wheel. cool, right? in order to get spins, you will typically watch ads that are 10-50 seconds long. each spin can get you from 5 cents to 1000 dollars!

however, if you sign up with my referral code ✨AACD65✨ you will get 25 spins right of the bat! no ad watching necessary. when signing up, make sure to use your paypal account email so you can transfer the money you made on qriket into your bank. after you’ve started, you can get your friends to sign up with your code as well; each referral will get you $1.

so get spinning with my code AACD65! ✨🌸 make some extra cash and have fun 💚

A high end smartphone was once gifted from an overseas fan. After several days of usage, the phone was discovered to be bugged with an highly intricate system of hacked tracking programs -- including GPS locating, voice recording, text message and email forwarding, browser history transferring, and pictures library copying.

(-random confessionsofacoordi-noona 42/??)

ok i got Shit To Do today because it’s that time of year so i’m making a list, and please yell at me if you see me here too much

  • order new signs (artwork approval - send info - double check quote - upload files to google drive - send shareable link to cc)
  • deposit (prep forms - call police - deposit pickup)
  • daily upload (email date changes/new transfers - upload round 1 - upload round 2 - check for inactives - email)
  • lock guests for thursday
  • catering for next week (sign - scan - send)
  • evaluations from wednesday (pull report - remove no shows - email)
  • no shows from wednesday (date changes - check registrations - assign to student)
  • athletes (update list - email)
  • bridge program (update list - email)
  • cards back to card center (find missing one - send student)
  • invoices (call to pay both)
  • fix cart tire
  • prep bin for next week (guides - pens - receipt book - extra forms - earbuds - wristbands - highlighters - money bag)
  • prep for monday’s training (guides - list of names - index cards - other reminders? - phone chargers)
  • meeting about fw @ 1
  • work on continuity plan?
  • edit section 1 of the new fic
  • gather cait’s stuff for tomorrow

I’m opening art commissions! And you fuckers get either floating heads or half bodies because of who I am as a person. In the future I will add more options. I’m going to sketch out all pieces on paper first to get an idea of what you want because it’s easier for me to sketch on paper. I /will/ draw gore (to the best of my extent) but no nsfw. I won’t be drawing fursonas because I’m not good at drawing animals and don’t really have any experience drawing fursonas. I would prefer cash up front for the pieces but am willing to do it so I get half when I start the piece and half when done. I must have more than one reference at least two of the character, one of the pose if it is a half body piece, if it is a head shot a reference of what you want the expression to look like. I will do simple backgrounds. To add characters to the pieces it is $10 for the half body with lines, $30 for the lineless half body. I am putting together little pack deals mainly for the head shots like 4 characters for $30 I will be making another post about that later. I don’t have a pay pal at the moment so all money sent will have to be by email transfers. Message me here or at my main blog the-king-of-wasps if you have any more questions or would like to do business.

Edit: I forgot to say that this is in Canadian dollars

life is a lil crazy. i got a better job with like double the pay. so i took it. i’m walking around waiting any day, any second for the email acceptance for my transfer school.

my brain is made of mostly adrenaline and jelly at this point.

Pucks Vs Pastries

Jack loved his job as one of Samwell High school’s history teachers. He loved working with the kids. They all seemed to really love him as well, even if he was notoriously known as one of the strictest and most difficult teachers in the whole school. Most of the students viewed him as tough, but fair, and they all knew he would drop anything to help a student who asked politely even though he looked terribly intense 90% of the time. The fact that Samwell’s hockey team had been ranked number one in the nation every year since he started coaching was just an added bonus.

He sat in the teacher’s lounge during his lunch break, thinking of some questions for the test he was going to give on Tuesday. He needed to be able to get the kids thinking about history and it’s importance, while also weeding out the students who cared from the students who didn’t. He bit into his peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking while he chewed.

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This big goofball is Skylar, and she has basically been my soulmate the past three years. She sleeps on my belly every night, and wakes me up every morning with kneads and chirps. She is my best friend, and I can’t imagine life without her.

In three weeks, I will be moving from Toronto, Canada, to London, UK to work for seven months. After searching for work in Canada for four months, I gave up. There’s nothing here.

Skylar has to come with me. This isn’t a matter of me just being sad, or missing her. Without her with me, I won’t make it through my work placement. In a new country, I need her to be with me so that it feels like home.

I know the holidays are a busy and expensive time, but I am absolutely begging: if you have even a single dollar, please consider donating it. I had $3,500 saved for this move, but it has disappeared quickly with a $1,000 visa application, flight, accommodations, etc.

I cannot imagine seven months of my life without this beautiful sweetheart. Please help me bring her with me. Even if you can’t donate, please signal boost.

Edit: My paypal/email for e-transfers is

The Freelancer Starter Kit - For Free

This package, valued at 1900USD, has everything a freelancer needs to start their business, including:

Contracts for Creative Professionals:

We hired lawyers and industry veterans to consult on the creation of these contracts and to ensure that they’ll meet the needs of almost any freelancer.

A Professionally Made Website:

In partnership (CFH is an affiliate) with Site5, we will install WordPress and a professional theme for your business, with a package that includes:

  • Free hosting for 6 months
  • A free domain
  • Unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited hosting space
  • Unlimited GB of file transfers
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • 24/7 phone, chat, and email support

Our Handy Guide to Freelancing:

A compendium of FAQs, How-To, and Advice, our guide includes everything you need to start - and flourish - as a freelancer.

Note: We will follow up within 24 hours of you signing up.

It is time for us to step up and help a fellow fandom family member

Our fandom has done some really amazing things in the past couple of months. Members of the Holy Trinity fandom have grouped together to get Darcy to VidCon. There have been countless members giving away Camp Takota merch to those who may not be able to afford it. Each member has surely been there for someone who was sad, or who needed some positive support. We helped Grace transition to another channel and are well on our way to helping her gain all her followers back. This fandom is a family. We are here to support one another.

We have a sister whose world has been turned upside down. Lena (hartsforhelbig) has had her father suddenly pass away. He was the sole breadwinner for her family. Due to previous health conditions, he may not have had sufficient health insurance. This is surely a devastating and stressful time for them. The uncertainty of the future is something no one should have to endure. While they are grieving, bills must still be paid.

We know Lena as the super upbeat Gracist who cares about everyone and has her dreams set high. She makes a video for us three times a week and is always there for those who may need some support. She may know the support that we give each other daily, but her family doesn’t.

I would love to be able to show Mrs. Defeciani the love and support that we know we have for each other. I have opened a new email address and am asking for email transfer donations to help make the next few weeks even slightly easier for them. I will be putting together something for them and would like to be able to sit back and say “this fandom is amazing, just like I knew it was”.

SLFL Tickets Giveaway bc everyone deserves to see our sunshines live!



- Must live in America or be attending a USA show (Sorry, I can’t buy out of the US)
- Reblog this post!
- Follow my blog!
- Follow the Twitter account @Becca5_sos
- Send me a message with your Twitter name and which city you’d be able to attend the concert!


- The tickets will ONLY be for lawn or GA seating, if your city does not offer those then it will be the cheapest seats they offer
- You will only get 2 tickets!


[DONATIONS] Block B's July 2014 Comeback Forest Project

The deadline to submit your donation is FRIDAY, JULY 25th 2014 at Midnight KST. If you submit your donation after the due date then there is no guarantee that it can be included in this project.

 To celebrate Block B’s comeback at the end of July 2014, we are now accepting donations for “Block B Forest Project”. Powered by ‘Tree Planet’, Korean BBCs will be planting trees for a forest that will be named after Block B. The donation goal for this project is $5000. As of July 5th 2014, 3,161,755 won (approx. $3133) of donations were received. To help K-BBCs reach their goal mark, Block B International have estimated a $2000 donation goal. There will be a sign next to the trees that shows which fandom bought the forest, and there will be a QR code which will list all donators’ names! Please visit or follow @blockbforest on twitter for further update and information.

 When donating, please mind the following guidelines:

  • There is a $5 minimum for donations.
  • Paypal deadline to donate is FRIDAY, JULY 25th 2014 AT 12:00 AM KST.
  • Concealed Cash deadline to donate is TUESDAY, JULY 22nd 2014 AT 12 AM KST
  • We’re only accepting cash donations, not items.

 How to donate:

  • At this time we highly prefer donations through Paypal. If you absolutely must send concealed cash or use any other form of money transfer, please email us as soon as possible. Block B International assumes no responsibility for any lost or stolen concealed cash and there is not much we can do in the event that something happens. You are also still responsible for adhering to the deadline above.
  • To donate, please do the following:

    1. Register if necessary and log into Paypal.
    2. Click send payment and send your desired donation amount to
    3. Please make sure that you pay the fee when it asks you before you send your donation through PayPal!
    4. After you submit your donation through paypal we will send a confirmation email!

Thank you for participating!
-Block B International