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How did you go about asking them? Did you send them an email before school started or did you do it in person at the beginning of school?

i sent an email. i just kinda made a template of what my email was and took out my info to where you could put in your own info. i hope this helps.

anybody can use this template if you would like :)

Dear (principal, guidance counselor(s), teachers if you want [i sent my email to my principal and guidance counselors and they took it from there and shared it with all the staff with my permission of course]),

My name is (preferred name), and I will be attending the (school district, campus, whatever type of school you will be attending) for my (grade: freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) year. I am an (FTM [Female to male], MTF [Male to Female] transgender, non-binary, etc. [you do not need to share your this “label” if you don’t want to] and have not yet legally changed my name. On your roster is my legal name, (legal name). I would greatly appreciate it if you and the teachers refer to me as (preferred name) and use the (preferred  [he/him, she/her, they/them] pronouns) pronouns when referring to me. Thank you for your understanding, and I look forward to starting my (whatever grade [freshman, sophomore, junior, senior] you are going into) year as the person I really am.

~ (your preferred name)

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Biggest piece of advice for an undergrad wanting to go into research?

Just do it, start doing research. join a lab and go.

Start emailing professors whose work you think is interesting, asking about positions. Look into options at your school for getting paid to do it. Start volunteering in a lab even if it’s just a couple hours a week at first because obvs your busy and not being paid yet. 

There are tons of opportunities for undergrad research pretty much at any school, and there’s nothing stopping you from at least trying to figure out your options. Hell, I’ll even give you an email template so you don’t have to worry about that:

Dear Professor [XXX],

My name is [BLANK] and I’m a [YEAR IN SCHOOL] in the [BLANK] Department and I am really interesting in your work on [PROFESSORS RESEARCH INTEREST]. I would really like to do research with you, if there is space available. Could we please set up a meeting to talk about undergraduate research opportunities in your lab? If not, could you please recommend other people in the department who might be interested in taking on an undergrad?

I have also attached my CV for you to look at. Thank you for considering me!



Bang, easy. Now, go getting emailing professors.

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Thanks H that was fast! And yeah I know I can tell them that I don't wanna cross the picket lines. But I'm scared about the tests I will miss 😔. What do you suggest I tell them?

Haha, yea I’m online right now that’s why. :P

Well there’s an email template circulating around the web for students who are standing in solidarity with CUPE that you can send to your professor, you can find it here.

- H