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After this heartbreaking news, this is a little we can do for our dear sense8 (and we don’t forget the get down) 

A lot of people watch sense8, it’s a very stupid move and if you have twitter you can see how the fans reacted. The #bringbacksense8 was trending in France in an hour or so. 

Netflix are stupid and selfish people and I don’t think the number was a problem for sense8 (maybe more for the get down)

- First : Cancelled your subscription to them, they cancelled our show so we cancelled them 

- Sign this petition :

- Tweet : #boycottnetflix and tell everyone about 
+ #justiceforsense8 #bringbacksense8 (+ #bringbackthegetdown #justiceforthegetdown ) 

- Send e-mail : 

- And if you are even more ready send a letter :

And I really don’t care how people we’ll see this as extra, sense8 was the best show I could ask for, and I love it to death 

Just got off the phone to Netflix. I get really anxious making phone calls and this was no different, but the Netflix representatives are really nice and chill, so don’t be afraid to talk to them. He told me I was the fifth or sixth caller today, that even though he hadn’t watched the show he was intrigued by all the attention the cancellation was getting, and I quote “I think I’m gonna start watching the show myself, I mean it must really be something if people are reacting like this!”
I asked him what the reason was for the cancellation, and he told he wasn’t given one. It’s interesting how answers are varying from rep to rep, but I’m pretty sure that the one about the sense8 creators not wanting to work with Netflix (and not the other way around) is not true at all. JMS’ tweets are just one of the things that further prove this.
So once again, please call Netflix directly, send emails, sign petitions and help make sense8 trend! Every little helps, and we have got to keep this up until the higher ups can’t ignore it anymore.

Planned Parenthood Supporters Hit the Streets of D.C. to Protest Trumpcare

After weeks of secrecy, Sen. Mitch McConnell finally released the worst bill for women in a generation on June 23. The details of this legislation are terrifying. Trumpcare would “defund” Planned Parenthood, decimate Medicaid, and strip 15 million Americans of health care by next year, according to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office.

Just days later, thousands of Planned Parenthood supporters flooded Washington, D.C. to tell their senators to vote NO on this devastating bill. People—from New York to Alaska—took to the streets and rallied. Together, these demonstrators made it clear to lawmakers that the Affordable Care Act and access to care at Planned Parenthood are essential. 

The pressure is working: On June 27, unable to get enough Senators to vote “yes” on taking away health care from millions of people, McConnell announced he was postponing the Senate’s vote on Trumpcare.

Here are just some of the highlights from the powerful demonstrations that happened all week long in the nation’s capitol.

On June 27,  Planned Parenthood supporters from across the country participated in the “People’s Filibuster” to Stop Trumpcare.

Support for Planned Parenthood filled the crowd.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) addressed the marchers.

Pink signs, pink shirts, as far as they eyes could see!

On June 28, 1,500 supporters participated in “Linking Together to Save Our Care.” At this rally, supporters completed one-lap march around the Capitol building to show lawmakers that the pressure is on.

Supporters wore pink and held signs.

Supporters marched around the Capitol building.

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) gave a speech at the rally and wore a pink Planned Parenthood sticker.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) decried Trumpcare.

Planned Parenthood patients shared their powerful stories.

Moira, a patient from Alaska, said “We cannot afford to lose Planned Parenthood. It would hurt small towns like mine across the nation.”

“It’s not okay to kill women because they are poor,” said  Danielle, a patient from Washington, D.C., who relies on Planned Parenthood.

Throughout the week, waves of pink-clad supporters canvassed Washington.

These supporters from Pennsylvania arrived by bus.

Supporters from New York.

Even our four-legged friends joined the fight!

These grassroots efforts show we’re gaining momentum—but the fight still isn’t over. We need to keep the pressure on our senators to protect Planned Parenthood. After the July 4 recess, McConnell will once again try to force Trumpcare through the Senate.

Couldn’t rally with us in D.C., but want to help us fight NOW?

Let’s keep lawmakers’ phones ringing off the hook. Thousands in your state could lose access to care because of these attacks on Planned Parenthood. Letters, petitions and emails are important, but we know calls have the largest impact and grab lawmakers’ attention.  

Call your Senator now using our call tool.

GW/FW Petition

So has there been any announcement of a “new” Mechanicum Forge World to be named after Alan Bligh or do we need to start a petition/email campaign?

It would be a tearjerking and I think fitting move for Forge World to start producing Bligh pattern kits…

Petition for a Netflix Animorphs series

I just feel like I have to put here this petition for a Netflix adaptation of Animorphs. Cause 156 signs isn’t enough. And we know now that Netflix  can do adaptations of children books with A series of unfortunate events.

anonymous asked:

For the people who really want Trimberly to happen in the sequels they have to contact Lionsgate & other people involved with the movies via tweets, emails, petitions & maybe calls if there's a number, tell them legit reasons why Trimberly should happen especially with tweets & emails. Flood them with great reasons why. Don't just spam them just because. Be smart about your reasons. Nothing is impossible, be organize & please don't be demanding, as I said be smart about it.

This is about this ask from yesterday. This stuff is a bit tougher with film production companies like Lionsgate and it’s not impossible but not always very likely so if you want to petition, like anon here said, don’t just spam them, and be smart about it all. 

anonymous asked:

...But I don't understand how you do any of these things with no contacts, money, courage or wellness, how can the smallest person help in an actually meaningful way?

also sign up things like

And they’ll send you things you can do. Signing petitions, emailing senators, etc. Yeah, calling is better, but emails and petitions can help as well and are easier to do if you’ve got low spoons or anxiety disorders. They often will give scripts and other helpful tools for making it easier to reach out and overcome anxiety, etc.

There are other suggestions here.

Otherwise, do you best to live well, help others if its possible, educate others if possible, signal boost things for those who are able to help, etc.

It may not seem like a lot, but if each of us does a little, it adds up to a lot.

anonymous asked:

Doesnt it make more sense than striking to sign a petition or email a complaint to Tumblr? You're engaging their time better than striking, which will just mean less than 1% of users wont be on. That wont register on their radar at all but a petition would!

I actually did sign a petition and sent them a few emails! As did a lot of other people too! We’re really going all-out for this lol
The point is tumblr makes profit off of activity and their ads being viewed,
So if people aren’t viewing or using the app then staff will be damaged by it, not a whole lot but enough for them to hopefully take us seriously

Getting involved. Making your voice heard.

Fantastic and detailed advice from a high-level staffer for a Senator:

There are two things that all concerned citizens should be doing all the time right now, and they’re by far the most important things.

–> You should NOT be bothering with online petitions or emailing.

[RG note: there’s some disagreement on this re: emails/letters, but I think a key thing is that form letters and emails aren’t useful; personalize them! And petitions are 100% useless.]

1. The best thing you can do to be heard and get your congressperson to pay attention is to have face-to-face time - if they have townhalls, go to them. Go to their local offices. If you’re in DC, try to find a way to go to an event of theirs. Go to the “mobile offices” that their staff hold periodically (all these times are located on each congressperson’s website). When you go, ask questions. A lot of them. And push for answers. The louder and more vocal and present you can be at those the better.

2. But, those in-person events don’t happen every day. So, the absolute most important thing that people should be doing every day is calling.
You should make 6 calls a day: 2 each (DC office and your local office) to your 2 Senators & your 1 Representative.

The staffer was very clear that any sort of online contact basically gets immediately ignored, and letters pretty much get thrown in the trash (unless you have a particularly strong emotional story - but even then it’s not worth the time it took you to craft that letter).

Calls are what all the congresspeople pay attention to. Every single day, the Senior Staff and the Senator get a report of the 3 most-called-about topics for that day at each of their offices (in DC and local offices), and exactly how many people said what about each of those topics. They’re also sorted by zip code and area code. She said that Republican callers generally outnumber Democrat callers 4-1, and when it’s a particular issue that single-issue-voters pay attention to (like gun control, or planned parenthood funding, etc…), it’s often closer to 11-1, and that’s recently pushed Republican congressmen on the fence to vote with the Republicans. In the last 8 years, Republicans have called, and Democrats haven’t.

So, when you call:

A) When calling the DC office, ask for the Staff member in charge of whatever you’re calling about (“Hi, I’d like to speak with the staffer in charge of Healthcare, please”) - local offices won’t always have specific ones, but they might. If you get transferred to that person, awesome. If you don’t, that’s ok - ask for their name, and then just keep talking to whoever answered the phone. Don’t leave a message (unless the office doesn’t pick up at all - then you can…but it’s better to talk to the staffer who first answered than leave a message for the specific staffer in charge of your topic).

B) Give them your zip code. They won’t always ask for it, but make sure you give it to them, so they can mark it down. Extra points if you live in a zip code that traditionally votes for them, since they’ll want to make sure they get/keep your vote.

C) If you can make it personal, make it personal. “I voted for you in the last election and I’m worried/happy/whatever” or “I’m a teacher, and I am appalled by Betsy DeVos,” or “as a single mother” or “as a white, middle class woman,” or whatever.

D) Pick 1-2 specific things per day to focus on. Don’t go down a whole list - they’re figuring out what 1-2 topics to mark you down for on their lists. So, focus on 1-2 per day. Ideally something that will be voted on/taken up in the next few days, but it doesn’t really matter - even if there’s not a vote coming up in the next week, call anyway. It’s important that they just keep getting calls.

E) Be clear on what you want - “I’m disappointed that the Senator…” or “I want to thank the Senator for their vote on…” or “I want the Senator to know that voting in _____ way is the wrong decision for our state because…” Don’t leave any ambiguity.

F) They may get to know your voice/get sick of you - it doesn’t matter. The people answering the phones generally turn over every 6 weeks anyway, so even if they’re really sick of you, they’ll be gone in 6 weeks.

From experience since the election: If you hate being on the phone & feel awkward (which is a lot of people) don’t worry about it - there are a bunch of scripts (Indivisible has some, there are lots of others floating around these day). After a few days of calling, it starts to feel a lot more natural. Put the 6 numbers in your phone (all under P – Politician. An example is Politician McCaskill DC, Politician Blunt MO, etc…) which makes it really easy to click down the list each day.

Just got Bucky in my mail, no biggie ;u;

The wonderful and my dear friend PM has send me this artwork of Bucky and I squeed so loud that I scared my cat, bUT LOOK AT THIS OMG ;u; I had send her a little something because she wasn’t feeling very well and then she send me this as a thank you ajhsjd hOW AM I EVER GOING TO SURVIVE AN ARTWORK LIKE THIS?! LOOK AT HOW BIG AND GORGEOUS IT IS!! ;u;

Thank you so much, you precious human you. I’m so blessed to know you and call you my friend and cry to you about life and Bucky and especially hurt!Bucky. You’re absolutely amazing and I love you a lot <33

Hey everyone this is a PSA that Tumblr staff and Yahoo WANT to discourage your use of Tumblr. They want to discourage those users who want proper photo formatting because they want to promote those who upload videos. They are weeding out users who don’t care for the website’s video function. This is a step in their plan to make Tumblr a video-based website to compete against Youtube.

Boycotting/ceasing use of the website will be doing exactly what they want.

Do not stop using Tumblr. Make photo/image content like crazy. Stop uploading/watching videos. Sign this petition. Keep emailing the staff.

Be active.

It’s 2017. It’s time to step up, everyone.

We’ve seen the parallels. We’ve been digesting the warnings since we were old enough to understand that “history” means “long ago”. And yet, it’s so very, very close. From Trump’s rise to power mirroring that of Nazi Germany, to Britain’s “Special Relationship” echoing that of Blair and Bush’s tirade on the Middle East, it’s scary. Rights being threatened, “religious freedom” equating to LGBT, POC, and Medically Reliant being put at risk for personal agendas spreading toxic influences in power structures.

America. You have the 2018 senate votes. Please, for the love of God, DO NOT BE COMPLACENT. VOTE DEMOCRAT.

I am not saying that Republicans are necessarily bad. Please, please do not misunderstand. But under Trump and Pence’s leadership, they will be. Trump is not the person, and neither is Pence, who should be leading that Government. We cannot afford to let the Alt-Right rise. It’s happened in my country. It’s happened in America. It will most likely rise in Europe. 

WE NEED TO RESIST. Britain. We need to demand a safe, agreeable Brexit term. It’s happening. But we can still voice HOW IT HAPPENS.

To everyone else that is reading this–no matter what country you are from, we cannot afford complacency anymore.

We’re a younger, pissed-off generation. We are a group of teenagers, of young adults, of 30 year old people. We are the old, the young, the mid-lifers, and we need to stay strong for the children of tomorrow, the elderly of the past, and the youth of today.

Call your representatives. Protest peacefully in the streets. Volunteer. Donate. Sign petitions. Email. Write letters. Put up posters. Use social media as your beacon, and DO NOT LET THEM TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION. 





We’ve hit the 500 follower mark, which is AMAZING – and it means we’re ready to reveal our big project plans!! Wanderers, may we proudly present to you OPERATION: FAN BOOM!


OPERATION: FAN BOOM is a huge project made BY FANS, FOR FANS to be able to send a personalised message to DisneyXD and its executives that creates the loudest BOOM possible!

We really want everyone’s voices to be heard individually, and we thought, What better way to do that than by creating a compilation of the fans’ love of Wander Over Yonder in video format? Emails, letters, and petitions are an awesome start, but we want to make it LOUD AND CLEAR to Disney that fans ALL OVER THE WORLD want Wander to get the third season it deserves.

What do I have to do to participate?

As long as you have some means of recording footage or taking pictures, you can be a part of this movement! All you have to do is either record yourself saying “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER” or take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER”. Of course, we encourage creativity, so as long as your photo or video gets the point across feel free to do whatever you want!

Once we get enough photos and videos in after a period of time, we’ll be editing them all together into one huge video, and we’ll be posting it EVERYWHERE!

Do you have any tips on taking photos and/or videos?

First and foremost, keep it POLITE and APPROPRIATE! Disney won’t listen to us if we come across as rude and mean-spirited, and it’ll completely go against everything Wander has taught us. Ergo, ANY SUBMISSIONS FEATURING INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE, GESTURES OR IMAGES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

On that note, also be sure to respect the property and privacy of others! As tempted as you may be to graffiti “SAVEWOY” on a wall or yell the phrase at random strangers, such activities WILL NOT BE FEATURED IN THE FINAL VIDEO. Also remember that some folks won’t want their faces shown in your pictures and videos!

If you live in an area with a recognisable landmark, be sure to take your photo/video there to show Disney that WOY fans from all over the place are coming together in one voice!

If you want to say “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER” in your native tongue, DO IT! If you want to get a group of kids to shout “SAVE WANDER OVER YONDER,” DO IT!! If you want to perform a song from MY FAIR HATEY with your garage rock band, DO IT!!! If you want to make a big canvas painting featuring the hashtag “#SAVEWOY”, DO IT!!!! We want you guys to make really cool and creative content showcasing yourselves as  individuals who all love Wander!

How do I submit a photo and/or video?

The only way you can officially get your submissions in is by emailing them to Mod Wander at Anything submitted to the blog or the other #SAVEWOY groups WILL NOT BE ADDED TO THE VIDEO. Also, make sure that your photos are in the .png or .jpeg format and your videos are in the .wmv, .avi, or .mp4 format!

What’s the deadline to submit my photo and/or video?

The current deadline is MAY 5TH, 2016 JUNE 30TH, 2016. AUGUST 31, 2016 AT 12:00PM PST. We might change this later, but we’ll be sure to keep everyone well updated and in the loop if we do.

Do I have to participate in OPERATION: FAN BOOM if I’m following any of the #SAVEWOY groups or part of the WOY fandom?

No one HAS to participate, so don’t feel pressured to if you’re camera shy or don’t have a camera capable of uploading files. However…


Remember that this is YOUR opportunity, as fans, to collaborate with other fans around the world and make a BIG difference in the #SAVEWOY movement! YOU have a voice that needs to be heard and only YOU can make sure that it is heard. IT NEVER HURTS TO HELP!


The L word has been removed from netflix. 

With all the drama going on right now we NEED queer women on TV. Preferably ones who aren’t killed by stray bullets *cough* the 100.

I will write a email with this petition and send it to netflix. Please let this get notes so some change could come about. 


I love when the cast and James notice things like this. Nothing we do as fans goes unnoticed. Keep on bugging Vh1 about that season 4 announcement. Whether you’re emailing, signing petitions, blogging, tweeting or calling, keep on doing it. The more people, the better.
Keep Person of Interest Alive!
With a huge fan-base we feel that the season 5 of Person of Interest has been robbed of a decent amount of episodes. Where other shows who have worse ratings have a larger amount of episodes in the fall. We feel that Person of Interest deserve more then 15 episodes for season 5. But also that we don't want to see this series end. If it is on it's last leg we'd like to see another network or even Netflix pick it up. Just don't let it die.

​Some people have asked me when I’d close my petition and send it to WB, CBS, and Netflix. So I did close it and then opened it up after I got an email telling me that every time someone signs the petition an email is sent to these three networks. So the petition will remain open until we get an answer. So spread the word and keep Person of Interest alive!!! #PersonOfInterest