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wowow idk how many of you get tamora pierce’s email newsletter but there’s an update on the first numair/arram book!

And what is it I’ve just finished?  Arram Draper, ten years old and a very young student at the School for Mages at the University of Carthak, has a nearly fatal accident at the imperial games, only to be rescued by a beginning gladiator.  It is the start of an eventful year at the university, when he meets two new friends, Ozorne, an imperial prince, and Varice, a northerner. All three are advanced students who share a love of fun, wit, animals, and magic. Their studies take them through lessons with strange magics, plague duties, attendance at imperial festivities, suspicious deaths, and the perils of growing up.  Readers of other Tortall books will meet familiar characters with new guises, while new readers will not need to have read previous books to understand the life of an awkward, shy, gentle, goofy, tremendously talented young man with a knack for making truly vicious enemies.

release date is now spring 2018!

Inspired by Dakt’s Email My Heart Re:Coded AU, and especially this little comic. All of those AUs are like, awesome, and I really like the character re-designs of this one, so this was the quickest to pick my interest. Not to mention Archetwist, Mallverse and Shitty Fantasy, and many more, AUGH. Just check it out, they are all awesome and hilarious!

Wedding Bells

Let me start off this plea for help with that I donโ€™t deserve it. Whatโ€™s going to happen to me soon I absolutely asked for, but god, someone pleaseย save me.

Iโ€™m a perv. I hack into girlโ€™s computers and watch them in their houses from their webcams, or even better, theirย rooms. Catch them doing yoga, undressing, itโ€™s truly my lucky day when I can catch them masturbating. Once I even caught this lesbian couple, but they didnโ€™t do anything fun- just tickled each other and planned their honeymoon. So. Boring.

Itโ€™s a victimless crime. I get my rocks off or enjoy your conversations, and the people never even know I was there.

But I peaked into the wrong cam.

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In the end, this is actually the best format. The first 11 million panels are just an extended technobabble conversation that only matters if you really dig my Coded AU. For most of you, Iโ€™m sure the schmoopy pun ending is all you really need ;D

If you do dig that AU though, hereโ€™s a bit MORE technobabbling:

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