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Sterek Summer Exchange!!

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Welcome to the first ever Sterek Summer Exchange!

Due to the high success of Eternalsterek Secret Santa 2016, I’ve decided to keep the party going and create a summer gift exchange. How would you like a personalized fanfic, fanart, gifset, manip/edit, fanvid, etc. featuring our favorite two boys?

Get it quick & easy!

  • Sign up using the very simple sign-up form & email it to the moderator.
  • You will then be matched with a recipient based off both your & your giftee’s submission forms.
  • Make sure to check out the guidelines to ensure your gift will be accepted and submitted correctly.
  • When you finish your gift, you will submit it via email.
  • Your gift will be posted on this blog July 14/15th for your giftee (& everyone else) to view and adore.
  • The big reveal will be on July 16th, where all the participants will be informed of who created what gift.


  • Sign Up By: April 11th
  • Assignments Sent Out: April 14th
  • Gifts Due: July 1st
  • Gifts Posted: July 14/15th
  • The Big Reveal: July 16th 

Further information and FAQ can be found on the main page. We’re hoping for a good turnout, but we need your help to spread the word. Sign up today and let us keep Sterek alive eternally!


Hello there slaves. I’m Master Corey from Michigan ready to take what’s mine. I expect fags to be obedient and have respect. Your only purpose in life is to serve me. I’m here to exploit your addictions and dominate you in every way I can. You will transfer all your hard earned cash into my account because you have NO other choice. A Man choses, a slave obeys!

I accept Amazon gift cards Email:

‘Slow Hands’ plays in the background.

Someone: Oh, I like this song!

Me (whips around): Of course you do! This is a hit song, my friend. It’s the song of the summer. This is my son’s song.

Someone: Your son?

Me (takes out a photo from my purse of One Direction circa 2011): Yes, I have raised him and his brothers. Look at how cute they are! Babies. (sighs wistfully) 

Someone: Uh, okay…

Me: My tallest son has his album coming out tomorrow. You can preorder it! Or maybe you’d like the white vinyl copy? Here let me give you the link to his website. (starts rummaging in my purse and hands them a business card)

Someone: Did you have pink business cards printed up for Harry Styles?

Me: Yes. Now, let me tell you about my smol son and his friend Steve! Give me your itunes email and I’ll gift you a copy of my son’s banger of a song.

Someone (backing away): That’s okay, I’m sure I can find it on my own…

Me: WAIT! I haven’t told you about my son, Liam! He’s very gifted! I haven’t heard a whole song yet, but I already love it! (starts singing “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah”) These are the only lyrics I know so far. Would you like to see him dance a bit? I’ve got it right here on my phone…

This drabble is inspired by @jaerie ‘s manager thinking the pictures she was sharing of Harry, Gemma, and Anne were of her family.

Update: SDs can buy airline tickets without your name!

Yesterday, I published a post in response to the above question:  Do you have any tips on how to book flights with SDs without giving out your real name and DOB?

In that post, I lamented that I could not think of anyway to have a SD pay for a plane ticket without him knowing your name and DOB.  It seemed like an insoluble problem!  But, fortunately @soflasugar came to our rescue!  She reports that a lot of airlines have a very easy and “keeping-your-identity-private-friendly” way to go!  Here is her message to me:

Hey SDJournal! Thought I’d offer a tip that’s worked for me. Many airlines now offer gift cards - I simply ask for these. I can book under my name and then if he is worried you’ll take the cash and run it alleviates the issue. Hope that helps!

Does that help?  Damn straight it helps!  Problem solved!  I checked Southwest Airlines, and sure enough, your SD can purchase a gift card for your flight.   All he needs is your email address!  Perfect!  The gift card is sent to that email address and you can use the value to book your own flight!  And @soflasugar confirmed my quick investigation:

I’ve done it successfully with southwest, JetBlue, United, and a couple others :)

I  will update my previous post to reflect this new information.  And, I want to thank @soflasurgar for sharing this great tip! 

ID #33310

Name: Morgan
Age: 23
Country: United States

Hi all! I’m from a little town in North Carolina and am currently on a break before university. Hoping to major in English education. As of right now, I am studying Korean and Spanish (much more comfortable with Korean though). I have a wide variety of interests, from knitting to hiking, with music and movie tastes just as eclectic, so there is a good chance we have something in common.

Preferences: I’m not picky on age, though it would be nice if we were relatively close. Must be LGBT+ friendly. I love sending and receiving snail mail (and little knitted gifts), but emails are dandy too!

Hello there! Like it says on the laziest banner ever (listen I’m not gonna spend four hours in photoshop for the banner, gotta grind some lootboxes myself) - this is a Winter Wonderland/Holiday Lootbox giveaway! ‘tis the season and whatnot (..even if I don’t celebrate Christmas myself. Still.) 



1ST PLACE - 50 holiday loot boxes! 

2ND PLACE - 24 holiday loot boxes! 

3RD PLACE - 11 holiday loot boxes!

Pretty simple.  

and onto the rules - 


- You don’t have to follow me, but, it’d be appreciated. 

- One like, one reblog each. (Psst - there’s no point in reblogging more than once, anyways! Tumblr only ever shows one reblog from you. It doesn’t change your odds.

- Yes, it’s for all platforms (PC, PS4, & XBone)

- RNG decides who wins, not me. Don’t be mean to whoever wins if you don’t.

- You have to have your ask or your IMs open so I can contact you should you win. 

- Gotta be willing to give me your email address so I can email you the gift card codes. 

- You have 24 hours to respond to my message, if you don’t, I’ll pick someone else. 

This will be running from December 13th-December 26th.

good luck! 

SSR Confidential 2017 is here!

We have 31 works in this year’s exchange - gen, F/M, F/F, M/M, and poly; fic and a vid (no art this year!); casefic and backstory, humor and romance, and lots more! Thank you so much to all the participants, especially to our amazing pinch hitters who came through like stars.

If you signed up but did not receive a gift email, or if you have a problem with your gift or happen to notice something terribly wrong with one of the fanworks in the exchange, please contact me ASAP. Otherwise, go forth and enjoy!

Let’s give and get some treats!

What’s this?

This is a secret santa (secret skeleton?) exchange for Fire Emblem: Fates! Participants will be paired up based on interests, and then make some gifts, fanart or fanfiction!

How to join?–

Fill out our application form! Please, read our rules, and follow this blog to keep updated! 

Sign-ups end on September 7th, and assignments will be sent out via email by September 12th

Gifts will be due October 24th, and will be revealed on October 31st

[Free! The Gossip AU] Sousuke & Makoto byslashpalooza

[A favor exchange drawn by Romax, creator of NEIGHBOR; posted w/ permission]

anonymous asked:

Anyone with a US iTunes account that wants a copy of Crying In the Club. Go DM @ CabellosEffect on Twitter your email. They're gifting them to US accounts, just have to redeem it right away.

…share this guys! 🙌

If you’re the first to spot the typing error in this page of Shakespeare’s Folio (repeated also in the Much Ado quatro), I’ll email you a Starbucks gift card 👀

If you guess correctly after the first right guess, you’ll get honor, respect, moral superiority, etc…I’ll think you’re smart anyways 😉

[Hint: it’s an added letter that significantly transforms the meaning of the word an renders the sentence confusing]



(Prices Negotiable)

Message me if you want a commission done! There we will discuss the design and payment of the commission. Through messages I will also provide you with my email address for payment.

Will Draw:

  • Fandom stuff
  • OC’s
  • D&D characters
  • Simple Backgrounds

Won’t Draw

  • NSFW
  • Furries (Ears and Tails are fine, but I can’t do more than that)
  • Mecha
  • Complex Backgrounds


The commissions will be paid for via Amazon gift cards emailed to me with the amount equal to the price of the commission. You can purchase Amazon gift cards with specific amounts here.

This info will be updated as needed.

Applications have been sent!

Emails have been sent out! Check your spam/junk mail folder in case it filtered there. Please answer back with something to let me know that you did get the email!

Gifts are due August 5th!

I put this in the email, but I’m going to have it here too. Not everyone had the same headcanons for characters (obviously) so it made it a little difficult to match up. With that being said, if someone had two parts to their headcanon, but you only agreed with one part, you can focus just on that one part.

For example: if someone headcanons Uraraka as nonbinary and bi, but you only headcanon her as bi, then you can just focus on the bi part. Additionally, if you don’t have many characters/headcanons in common, but you do have ships in common, then you can make something based on the ship. 

OR you can contact the person you’re making the gift for and see if there any other headcanons/characters/ships you may have in common.

I figure most of you would have already done that, or gone just for the ships, anyway, but I wanted to put it here for anyone who didn’t know. 

Happy creating!

It’s Me Or Her (Part 2)

Jimin x Reader (Jungkook appearance)

Genre: Angst (these feels)

Words: 2,115

The gentle breeze that travelled through the air made you shiver as you walked your way from your car to the café. It wasn’t as busy as it usually was, which didn’t bother you because you needed some time to sit, relax with a cup of coffee, and think.

You had brought your laptop along with you so that you could work on managing the clothing website you owned. You had to admit that being your own boss had its perks.

You entered the coffee shop and savored the smell of fresh coffee beans and tea. You walked over to the front counter to order a drink.
As you searched through the options that were plastered on the board behind the barista, your eyes stopped on a certain item on the menu.

‘Americano, Jimin liked those’, you thought. You snapped out of your wandering thoughts as you tried to forget about him. It had been 6 months, so why was he still popping up in your mind? You brought yourself back to reality as you ordered a Vienna coffee.

“Ok, and what’s your name?” The barista asked politely.

“Y/N,” you responded. You paid and sat down at a booth to wait for your order to be made.

You opened your laptop to get started on your work. You scrolled through your website to make sure the prices were correct for all of your merchandise, and fine-tuned some things so that the website would run smoothly. Just as you were about to text one of your co-workers, you heard the door of the café open, along with two awfully familiar voices.

“Hyung, I really think you should think about it,” you heard one voice say. “I mean, how many times has he gotten hurt in the past two months!”

“I agree, but don’t you think it’s out of our hands?” You closed your eyes as you heard the response of the second voice. You didn’t want to believe it. 'So much for forgetting about him,’ you thought to yourself. You tried to keep your eyes glued to the laptop screen once you opened them again. The last thing you wanted was to stand out and potentially catch their attention.

“Hello, what would you two like?” The barista questioned.

“Ummm, can I get an Americano?” The familiar voice asked. You felt an overwhelming amount of awkwardness brew over you. Your mind was telling you to get out of the situation as fast as you could, but your body just wouldn’t move.

“I’ll have the same thing,” the other voice finished.

“Your names please?”

“Jungkook and Jimin,” you heard. Your breathing had stopped as you sat unmoving in your booth, still unable to process the reality of what was going on. You heard the two men shuffle to a table that sounded like it was near the front of the café.

“Y/N!?” The barista called out while looking at you sat in your booth. You slowly turned your head so that you were looking at her. “Your Vienna coffee is ready,” she chimed. You quickly got up and tried to cover the right side of your face with your creme colored pea coat so that your face wouldn’t be seen. You knew deep down inside that his eyes were on your body as soon as your name was called.

You mouthed a 'thank you’ before grabbing the coffee and quickly moving back to your seat. You tried to stay calm as you realized your heart was beating faster than ever.

Your attention was eventually diverted back to your work, with the thought of Jimin still in the back of your mind. You tried so hard to completely forget about it, but with his presence in the same facility as yours, it was extremely difficult.

You looked down at your phone once you got a text back from your co-worker. As your fingers were typing away, you heard the sound of the booth move underneath someone who had sat down on the other side of the table. Your hands started shaking from nervousness as you tried to type slower than you normally would have. 'Anything to avoid his gaze,’ you thought.

You felt his eyes burn holes into your skin. You noticed your body had gotten tense from the new environment, so you rolled your shoulders back to try and look calm, but you were anything but that.

“Look at me,” he softly commanded. Your breathing had become heavier and your fingers had stopped typing as you sent the message. You placed your phone next to you and laid your forearms on the table. You slowly lifted your head, but as soon as you saw his face, your eyes darted away from his.

“Look at me,” he repeated. This time, his right hand came out to scoop your left hand into his palm. Instead of following his command, you just stared at your hand in his.

“Your hands are always so cold,” he commented. The corner of his mouth threatened to turn into a half smirk, but eventually failed to do so. You said nothing in response as your eyes still pierced at your hand in his.

He then took both of your hands and closed them together with both of his, and blew his warm breath onto them to warm them up. Your stare had followed your hands, making you look up at his face. He rubbed your hands together to create friction between them.

“Jimin and Jungkook?” You heard the barista call. Jimin shot a look at Jungkook which you assumed was telling him to grab his drink. Jungkook came over to the sit the cup on the table you and Jimin were sitting at and gave you a smile before walking back over to his seat.

You looked back at Jimin; this time, you looked into his eyes. You carefully noticed their color, and remembered that his eyes were one of the things you loved most about him.

Your anger towards him had faded months ago. You were tired of always being mad at him. Your heart had just been broken, and the last thing you wanted to do was curse him out. You just let him be. When he left your apartment that day, neither of you spoke to each other. No texts, no calls, no emails, even the gifts had stop showing up at your door. You had managed to forget about him, but then you started seeing online articles about speculation of him seeing another girl. That girl being Jihae.

The rumors didn’t make you furious, surprisingly. Maybe it was because they were just rumors. He hadn’t really given you up for her, had he? There was a feeling in the pit of your stomach that came alive every time you saw the rumors. You had no idea what that feeling was, but you definitely didn’t like it. You were starting to get that same feeling as you looked at the soft features of his face. His hands were still wrapped around yours as he sat them on the table.

“Jimin,” you weakly mumbled. You felt the need to speak and the words that flooded to your mind came out effortlessly and without second thought.

“Yeah?” He responded faintly.

“I feel so alone,” you confessed. “I feel like everything that I had left, everything that kept me alive just- disappeared.”

Your eyes lowered their gaze as you began to silently cry. You’ve wanted to get these feelings and these words off of your chest for a long time. You turned your head to look out of the clear glass window that sat next to you.

“I’m not mad at you. I’m not angry that you chose her over me. I’m just so- broken.” You whispered the last word as you felt your heart clench from the pain that was now washing over you.

“I’m not with her. I don’t want to be.” He responded. “They just keep taking pictures, and I can’t stand to see my name in the same sentence as hers everyday. I know you’ve seen them. The articles,” he explained.

Your mouth was now turned into a frown as you let out your sorrow and heartache. You absentmindedly hooked your hands with his and gave his hands a gentle squeeze.

“I don’t get it. Why did you leave if you didn’t-”

“Because, she was all in my head, telling me that I should leave you. She thought you weren’t treating me right and said it was toxic. But it was my fault.” His voice trailed off.

“She was right,” you admitted. “I shouldn’t have been so mean from the start. I just couldn’t take it.”

“I know.”

You looked back at his eyes and noticed that he had started to cry as well. You put a smile on your face as you released your right hand to wipe away his tears.

“I don’t like seeing you cry,” you sighed. Your voice wavered as you tried to chuckle through the pain.

“ I know,” he repeated. You leaned back into the booth and exhaled as you tried to compose yourself.

“You’re the first woman I’ve ever loved, you know? I fucked up,” he admitted. “You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” His words initiated another set of tears to fall from your eyes.

“You don’t know how many holes I have in my walls from punching them.” He mumbled. “Or how many times I’ve wanted to call you but couldn’t get myself to actually do it.”

“I wish you would have.” You stated.

You looked down in your lap as the silence between the two of you became threatening.

“Why is it so hard to look me in the eyes baby girl?” Jimin’s hand caressed your jawbone. “You always used to look me in the eyes.”

You felt your face become warmer  as you thought about his words. Why had you become such a coward?  

“Your eyes are beautiful. I want to see them.” His hand lifted your chin so that your stare met his. “Every day I wondered if I would ever be able to see the love in your eyes as clear as I once did. But now- it’s hard to tell.”

The corners of your mouth turned upwards, revealing a smirk on your lips.

“I think that’s just because I’m crying,” you managed to respond through tears. You found a grip on Jimin’s wrist before speaking again.
“I never lost the love in my eyes, or in my heart. I never stopped loving you, and I don’t think I ever will.”

You closed your eyes to bask in the somber moment. You felt Jimin’s hand pull away from your skin, and you felt your heart beat faster as you realized you poured out your heart to him. It wasn’t the first time you had done it, but it was the first time you spoke to him like this since the incident happened.

You opened your eyes to see Jimin’s gaze lowered, this time his eyes staring at your left hand. He grabbed it like he did earlier and lifted it up to caress the soft skin.

“You know, before I left, I bought you a promise ring. I wanted to give it to you when I came back, but that didn’t happen,” he confessed. “When I left your house the day you told me you couldn’t be with me, I attached it to my necklace.” His free hand came up to bring the necklace out from under his shirt. It was a beautiful necklace that looked like it was handled with the upmost care. You examined it and noticed the ring that hung on the bottom on the jewelry.

“I wear it every day, because it reminds me of you. But I think it belongs somewhere else.” Jimin let go of your hand to reach behind his neck and unlatched the necklace. He pulled the ring from the long piece of jewelry and placed it on your left ring finger.

“I miss you so much princess,” he whispered as he ran his thumb over the diamond that stood out from the ring. He brought your hand up to kiss it with his full, beautiful, pink lips.

“Jimin, I don’t know what to say,” you croaked, your voice tired from all of the crying.

“Well how about I start by asking if we could start back from where we left off? I mean, before I almost lost you.” You both still had tears running down your tense faces.

You made sure you stared into his eyes so that he could see the love that still harbored inside of them.

“Of course. I would love that.”