email for business

business email glossary
  • thanks in advance: get this done by the time i press "send"
  • thanks for your interest: why'd you have to bring this up
  • would you be so kind: fucking do it
  • best: i have never physically met you
  • all best: this conversation is over
  • all my best: i wish you would die
  • happy to help: this is the easiest thing in my inbox
  • i hope this helps: i've done all i'm willing to do
  • i did a bit of research: i googled it, because you're too lazy to
  • sorry to chase: answer my email
  • so sorry to chase: answer my FUCKING email
  • i am really sorry for being a pest but: i am LIVID that you are ignoring me
  • please contact my colleague: this isn't my problem
  • i'm copying in my colleague: this isn't my problem and i am thrilled about it
  • i'll check and get back to you: i might forget to
  • i'll let you know when i hear anything: i will forget to
  • can you check back with me in a week?: i'm hoping you will forget to
  • per our earlier conversation: i just yelled at you on the phone
  • great to chat just now: you just yelled at me on the phone
  • thanks!: i'm not mad at you
  • thanks!!: please don't be mad at me
  • thanks!!!: i'm crying at my desk
  • please advise: this might be your fault
  • kindly advise: this is entirely your fault
  • mind if i swing by?: i'm already in the elevator
  • can you confirm for me: you told me before and i deleted the email
  • sorry if that was unclear: i think you're an idiot
  • let me know if you need anything else: please never contact me again

for future reference, this chapter of my autobiography will be called “the months i spent aggressively refreshing my email waiting for responses from clipping. and Rafael Casal.” 


My DM and email is for business only. If you not trying to purchase any videos, pics, or anything in that nature, then please don’t contact me. Just enjoy what I post if you an admire. I’m tired of blocking people. Don’t call yourself a fan either if you never or plan to support #TeamChevy

I’m a real estate broker in a major U.S. city. Had a customer email me 3 times in two days asking to see an apartment I was exclusively representing. I usually respond in under 15 minutes. I did so with this person. Each time. Finally, on the third email she left her number. I called and got voice mail. I texted her asking her to call me or text any time with questions or to schedule a time to see the apt located at xxxx Street for $1800/mo. In each email or text I always use the complete address as the subject line; this helps me quickly track down all correspondence as it relates to a particular property. A day later (day 3) she responded to my last email: “Sorry, I got busy. Which apartment is this for and what is the price?” I never responded as the address was in the subject line, the link to the online listing with full details was in the entire email thread spanning 3 days and I don’t have time for this shit. I rented it in 6 days with 18 other requests to see it after 9 days on the market. People: show a sense of urgency. This isn’t the suburbs.

Top 5 most-spotted commuters

Whether you’re travelling by train, bus or tube, no journey to work would be complete without this familiar cast of commuter characters!

The flycatcher

This sitting-up snoozer always has their mouth wide open, with an occasional head jolt causing them to snap their trap shut - just like a Venus flytrap!

The makeup artist

This steady handed commuter manages to expertly apply a full face of make up with just a compact mirror in one hand and… everything else in the other!

The lost tourist

Surrounded by suitcases and bewildered by the sheer volume of fellow travellers, the unfortunate lost tourist always regrets making their journey at rush hour.

The tycoon

Unfazed by the close proximity of their fellow commuters, the tycoon happily takes conference calls and deals with emails for their entire journey - business never sleeps!

The nosey parker

Ever felt a strange presence, looming over your shoulder? The nosey parker has no qualms peering at your book / laptop / phone… after all, it’s more interesting than staring at the ceiling! 

LittleHypno’s Commissions!


- Must be through Paypal! ALL IN USD

- Payment comes first before I get started! I will email a confirmation once I’ve received it.

- Email me at with the subject line “Commission Info”. From there we will talk about exactly what you want in detail.

- If given an Oc, I NEED reference sheets!

- I don’t want to be rushed when making your commission, depending on what you choose and how many I’ll get, I’ll give you an estimate on how long it will take.

- I AM NOT saving slots for you, if you are unable to pay then I’m leaving that slot open.

-I dont take I.O.U’s. Cant pay? Sorry no work.

-Hey! If you cant afford anything! That’s cool! Spread this around! It will help me out alot! ;D

- I’ll be taking 5 slots!

Will Draw:

- Gore/Horror/Macabre

-Couples ((canon or your own oc’s))

- Oc’s

-Canon Characters

- Character Designs. i.e. For those who cant really draw but are good writers and would like their characters drawn for them

Will NOT Draw:

- Realism

-Elderly ((to an extant))


-Hateful/Disrespectful/Political/Propaganda Art

-Overly Complicated Designs and Backgrounds


-Want it Transparent!? Sure! Just let me know! No additional Cost!

-Reminder! Extra characters are an additional charge.

- Want it speedpainted? Sure! Additional cost is about 2$, if you want specific music, please be sure it isn’t copy written! 

Thanks guys! :D

Hi everyone! I’m going to be in Hong Kong from January 28th to February 12th so I won’t be actively posting here or answering my business emails. You’re welcome to follow me on my Twitter and Instagram for travel updates though! My Dearmine Dear Beans Picasso will be following me around for the duration of my trip 🙂

Early wishes for a happy Lunar New Year to you all, and for those of you celebrating Chinese New Year like me 祝你鸡年大吉!! 🐔✨


Tittle: Fatherhood

Summary: Dan feels like a crap father.

Words: less than 500

Warnings/Triggers: None! :)

A/N: i’m working on like 4 different fics right now and it’s also exam week help me pls

Dan had been in no way prepared for fatherhood. The crying, the sleepless nights, how loud and chaotic everything was – he just hadn’t been prepared for it. His husband, definitely had been. Phil was perfect with their kid. He could soothe their baby boy in a matter of minutes, always sing him softly to sleep. While Dan was thankful, he was also envious. Where did Phil get all of the instincts from? Where were Dan’s?

Right now, Dan was sat on the couch. It was rainy a bit, as it always was, they lived in London. The baby was sound asleep in Phil’s arms, anime playing on the TV as Dan scrolled through business email after business email. Dan knew he shouldn’t ask the question that was weighing on his mind. It would be stupid to – Phil would think it was stupid. But he was curious. And he was scared.

“Phil,” Phil’s head turned towards him, smiling a little. “Do you think I’m a bad dad?” And Phil’s smile disappeared.

“No?” Phil frowned. “Baby, why are earth would I think that?”

Dan shrugged. He didn’t really have a reason. He just felt like a bit of a fail, the baby clearly favored Phil more, even if he didn’t know.

All of a sudden, Phil was moving towards Dan. Dan took his laptop off his lap, placing it on the couch besides him. Phil carefully gave the baby to Dan, his arms letting go after he knew Dan was properly cradling their son.

“See?” Phil said, settling down by Dan. “He didn’t even wake up, that means he trusts both of us.”

Dan looked at his husband and then at his son, a smile taking place where his frown was.

“You’re not a bad father,” Phil said, laying his head on Dan’s shoulder as he placed his arm in Dan’s lap. “I don’t think you could be if you tried.”

Need Help / Besoin d’aide

Hello everyone,
I would like to find someone who could help me with my blog because I’ll soon be very busy and probably won’t be able to post everyday and do all the tweet translations…
I would prefer someone who can speak English and French but if you only speak one of the two it’s also okay !
If you’re interested, send me a message at my email address : or send me a message on Twitter :  @elf_sj_oppa
I hope to find someone ! 
Thank you for the support !


Bonjour tout le monde,
Je voudrais trouver quelqu’un qui pourrait m’aider avec mon blog car je vais bientôt être très occupée et je ne pourrais probablement pas poster tous les jours et faire toutes les traductions des tweets…
Je préférerai quelqu’un qui peut parler Anglais et Français mais si vous n’en parlez seulement une c’est okay !
Si vous êtes intéressés, envoyez moi un message à mon adresse email : ou envoyé moi un message sur Twitter :  @elf_sj_oppa
J’espère trouver quelqu’un !
Merci pour le soutient !


NaNoWriMo may be over, but the love for our characters will never be. If you’ve ever wanted a bust drawing of your character(s), it’s your lucky day!

I’ll be starting with 5 slots!

1. Filled!

2. Filled!




There is no extra cost for a color accent on b/w commissions or for a simple background on color commissions.

In your email please include any photo references or personality descriptions you may have, as both help me a great deal in capturing your character.

(And I will 100% do fanart. I know a lot of you write fanfic!)

This has been a great help to me in the past!

If interested, email me at!

This is a general reference post for the ongoing work on a digital Blake’s 7 fanzine (issue #1?)!

This is completely fanmade, for fun and not for profit. Once the zine issue is done, it will be a full-colour pdf free to download (and home-print for personal use, if so inclined).

Project tag (tracked): #rebelsandfools

I’m @castielslight / Jaelijn.


For now, use tumblr ask or submit to get in touch. If needed (and it probably will be for submission), I will set up an email address specifically for zine business.

And please do get in touch! I want this project to be as collaborative as we can possibly make it.

(I try to answer queries as quickly as I’m able. Bear in mind that my “battery” sometimes runs low.)


Ambitious / ideal deadline for content submissions: end of July 2017.

Absolute deadline for content submission: end of August 2017.

This gives you 5 months. You can submit at any time before then.

This schedule is to allow me to finalise editing in the course of August and get the zine out before my RL gets chaotic in September and I have no idea when the editing might be done after that.

If this turns out to be completely undoable, we can talk about pushing the deadline back to October, and hope that I might have time to get the editing done by the New Year.


Short answer: any self-created B7 content that fits into a static format. I want this to be a zine for which everyone can find *something* to contribute.

Long answer:

  • art, fic, meta, filk, poetry, crafts, recipes, fic recs, zine recs, character-themed song rec lists, etc etc etc (whatever else you can think of!)
  • no gifs (they move and therefore can’t be printed), videos (they also move), or stand-alone screencaps (we don’t want to invite copyright issues beyond the usual for fanworks; elaborate edits, photomanips and caps as meta evidence are all fine)
  • all work should be new for the zine (i.e. not previously published).
  • theme-wise, I would exclude nothing, but ask that visual submissions be SFW (some light nudity etc is fine, but let’s avoid the very explicit things)
  • there will be a separate post with more specific rules for wordcounts, file size etc and for what I need from artists and writers in terms of “meta data” - e.g. summaries, titles, ratings, warnings…
  • as this is a digital zine, I see no reason why we should limit ourselves in numbers of submissions, but if we get a lot of material, there might be an issue #2 (or #3…)


  • You’ll see that I have titled this project “Rebels and Fools”, which is the title I picked for my B7 livestreaming. This does not have to be the title of the zine unless people like it; I think of it primarily as the name of the “publishing house”. Feel free to suggest a title for the zine!
  • If people would like a specific theme or themes for the zine or for elements of it (such as optional themes for art and fic), I’m happy to take suggestions!
  • If you want to collaborate on fic and art, or write a joined meta, it is up to you to organise it in a way that it’ll be ready by the deadline. I’m happy to fascilitate via this blog - i.e. if you’re an artist looking for someone to fic your art, I can give a shoutout etc.
  • I’m absolutely serious about the ficrecs. This should be something everyone can contribute a favourite to, and we’d end up with a whole list of great B7 fic to explore after we’ve read through our own zine! I imagine this to be quite simple in format, so it doesn‘t require reviewing skills (though if you want to submit a page length fic review too, knock yourself out!). Details HERE.
  • Remember to refer to the detail post (HERE) re: specifics for different types of submission.
  • If you have your own beta, please please use them. Or if someone is willing to offer proofreading services for this zine specifically, please let me know. I will casually proofread for spelling and grammar as I edit, but I won’t have the time to give a detailed proofread to every submission.
  • Want to help with editing / handling submissions / answering questions? Let me know. This is a sideblog, so I can add multiple users to it.