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How to live stream an art group with Google Hangouts on Air

  1. Schedule a new event.
  2. Type? “Quick using Google Hangouts on Air”
  3. Go Live Now
  4. Share Your Screen
  5. Application Window (Pick the art program window–I’ve selected Medibang for the demonstration)
  6. Invite people by link or email them.
  7. Start Broadcast!!

(This is how you can stream multiple artists. And each gets to draw with their own program or traditional method.)

See brief instructions for how I stream to picarto with open broadcast studio.

anonymous asked:

I could totally see a real life pool/speculation happening. You work in an office with two guys who flirt with each other, and put out signals that they relationship together as evidenced by the aforementioned flirting and the couple tattoos that appear on their bodies from time to time. You even caught them in an embrace when they got drunk at the company Christmas party. To top it off, one of the guys sent a broadcast email saying the other would always be in their heart. (1)

(2) In what office would there not be speculation about these coworkers; and depending on the environment of the office, a good natured pool on when they announce they are together.

anonymous asked:

I emailed Tribune Broadcasting about pulling their support from the CW, and their response was to send me a link to jrot's apology letter. How would you suggest responding?

I don’t see what Jason’s apology letter has to do with anything?

We aren’t buying his apology. It was fake. He never apologized for other gross things he’s done. How do they even know about the apology letter?