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Team Trump’s survey asks for your opinions — but really just wants your personal info and money

  • After a blistering news conference Thursday, Trump chewed out the press for supposedly delivering “fake news,” then he blasted his email list.
  • “I need you to take the Mainstream Media Accountability Survey to do your part to fight back against the media’s attacks and deceptions,” the email said.
  • The email was likely targeted at Trump’s base but his critics were thrilled to comply, sharing a link to the online poll in an effort to balance it.
  • Surveys of this sort are a classic tool used to gather personal data and contributions. On this much, at least, Republican and Democratic experts agree. Read more (2/17/17 4:07 PM)

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Anon with the SH scars- The woman threw enough of a fit that corporate gave her a $200 gift card and comped her horse feed. Also, the company has updated the dress code to specifically forbid "mutilation of any kind" and sent out an email blast that anyone with any kind of "body mutilation" would have to have it covered while at work, and the only reason to ever have it uncovered is if we actually have heatstroke. The SM and the DM are trying to fight it but I'm just like fuck this shit. I quit.

I’d call a lawyer. That sounds like a serious violation of anti discrimination laws based on health(including mental). -Abby

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Any word on when Gemanimate 2 is releasing? According to the previously answered asks it was supposed to be on the 2nd but its way past then and I haven't seen any news since. Thanks!

This ask came at a pretty good time as I was actually going to make a post about this.

The simple answer is, I have no idea anymore.

I’m still waiting on shots to be delivered. I can’t complete comping it together until I have all the shots. Even if I do have all the shots, I currently do not have time this month to devote to finish comping it together as I have work & life commitments.

The original deadline for everyone’s shots was 12th March, over a month ago. That was when I had time to manage & complete this project. That deadline was set for a reason and was not respected by the majority of participants and the new deadlines I’ve set continue to be disregarded. There is 170 shots. ¾ of those shots were significantly late. Half the shots had major issues that needed to be fixed because people did not double check the specs I set. We had drop outs, then people filled in, then the fill ins dropped out, etc. I am still missing people’s credit information after 3 emails and social media blasts. 

I love this project and the community it inspires but it is hard to manage with all these issues and is partially the reason I do not know if there will be a Gemanimate 3. I endeavour to get it out as soon as I possibly can, but working on this project will not come before my previously set work & life engagements. At this rate, it won’t be out until sometime in June and I hesitate to even say that as I have no way of knowing if the remaining shots & credit info will come in on time. 

It’ll come out when it comes out.


8 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

With over 100 billion emails sent daily there’s never been a more important to make sure you get your email marketing right and know what not to get wrong.

In our 8 Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid infographic we take you on an intergalactic journey to show you why you should never send ‘email blasts’, use an unresponsive template or ignore your subject line along with other email marketing sins.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I was watching PBS News Hour and they had on two Democratic Strategists and they were comparing the special elections in Kansas and Georgia.

One of them said “there’s national excitement and money is pouring in from across the Nation, unlike the Kansas race” YEAH BECAUSE THE DCCC SENT OUT EMAIL BLASTS FOR GEORGIA BUT DIDN’T SUPPORT THE KANSAS RACE WITH A SINGLE CENT.

Then the other one laughs and says, “Well this isn’t rural Kansas, it’s suburban Georgia…” KS-4 IS 80% URBAN, ENCOMPASSES ALL OF WICHITA AND HAS ALMOST THE SAME DEMOCGRAPHIC BREAKDOWN AS GA-6. FUCKING FUCK.

I’ll tell you what the actual difference between KS-4 and GA-6 is, the Democratic candidate in the former was a progressive that was supported by the Sanders wing and had an upset win against former centrist Representative in the Primary, while the one in the later is a centrist corporatist.


Louis CK blasts Trump: “The guy is Hitler”

Comedy legend Louis C.K. has joined the long list of figures in American public life to condemn Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump, comparing the candidate to pre-World War II Adolf Hitler and calling him a “cancer” in an email blast to fans. C.K.’s disavowal of Trump comes as numerous high-profile Americans have stepped up to attack the candidate


J/A moments I noticed in the S6 premiere (namely 601), 3/3 

“Only the bandit knows….” 

Abed appears at the very beginning of this JA gifset for a very important reason - he knows. It was completely intentional that they had him run to go get Jeff, given - as I explained here -  that Abed (and possibly Annie) saw Jeff’s face and who he was looking at in Basic Sandwich. 

Beyond that, this entire moment is so JA and so shippy (the heart eyes! the worry!) and I love the little touch with Jeff keeping his hand above Annie on the stretcher protectively. I also love how telling it is how Jeff is relaxed before Abed bursts in but when he sees him, he forgets everything, pushed past him, and beat the fastest runner in school to get to Annie first. 

Also, Jeff’s voice! Jeff’s face - this is where I see the layers of S5 Jeff coming through, the Jeff who knows that he loves Annie - bleeding through. 

Also, Abed only staring at Jeff is so important (remember the invoices and Diane and the matchmaking??? The Diane emails??) because he looks worried for Annie but also not that surprised over Jeff’s own concern - 

because, like I said, he knows (because only the bandit knows) and it’ll be intriguing to see if he asks Diane to help him out with knowledge or how he needs to push Jeff and Annie together in S6 because he’s the bandit. 

He’s always known. He’s known since S1, at least, about their chemistry, but he was there during the “blast of human passion” discussion in Sandwich, so it’s gonna be fascinating to see where all this deliberateness goes. 

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Cris, do you think Simon Jones is still serving as the official PR rep for 1D? He hasn't commented on anything they've done in ages and with Harry with Dawbell and Liam with Doyen, I'm just wondering if his contract with them has expired or if he's still around until the sunset clause with Syco is over, most likely in November.

No. While they are still on his website, they are not on his email client list. He sent out an email blast for one of his clients, and at the bottom it listed who he represented, 1D was NOT on the list.

He still works closely with Syco and Modest, I’m sure, so with that connection, he may still be spreading some lies about 1D, but I’m almost positive he does not currently work for them directly.