Something wants me out of bed

I can’t sleep.

It’s one-something in the morning, and I cannot even TRY to sleep.

There are things in my house, and I think they may want me to get up.

I know that I may sound like I am 10, talking about “monsters hiding under my bed”, but I KNOW there is something there. And whatever it is, it brought a friend, and I do not think they like me. Or maybe they DO like me, in an emaciated Donner party sort of way…

Let me start from the beginning, before this page gets lost in the oblivion of the internet.

I went to bed at roughly 10:00. It is lame for a Friday night, I know, but my job is exhausting and I have no friends in this town. Anyways, I wake up to what I thought was the sound of someone humming just outside my window. The tune sounded vaguely familiar to me, but I could not quiet pinpoint where I had heard it before. I began to get up to check. This is the first time in my life that I can ever say that I am glad that I am diabetic. My insulin pump got caught on the opposite edge of my bed, and the tubing was ripped out. The pump was sitting on the opposite edge of my bed, so I hopped back on to grab it. Just as I did, I felt something that felt like ice grab my ankle. I was startled, and pulled away as fast as I could. As I broke free, there was a sudden sharp pain on my left ankle. I pulled my knee to my chest and held my foot, feeling the warm sensation of blood touch my hand. I paused for a moment to even out my breathing. After I felt as if I were able to move again, I reached for my pump to reattach it to my body. I felt around at the spot that I was certain that it had landed, but felt nothing. And then, I heard something being drug slowly across the wooden floor and under my bed. During the encounter, my pump must have been knocked off of the edge. And now, I was the mouse and it was the cheese.

15 minutes passed with complete silence as I sat in my bed in the fetal position. Every five minutes, I would hear my pump vibrate on the floor underneath me, crying for me to climb under the bed and grab it. My heart rate had finally gone down, and the silence was making me strain to keep my eyes open. And then I heard the humming again. It was that same tune. It was very calming to me. It made me feel like I was safe, like I might be able to get out of bed and use the restroom. Then, it stopped. For a brief second, there was an eerie silence. I was beginning to tense up again, when I heard it: “s-u-p.” It was almost a whisper, but it was sung in the sweetest voice that I had ever hear. I heard it again. “s-u-p.” I know that I should have been stricken with fear, but I was entranced. I heard it again. “s-u-p.” Memories of my childhood came flowing back to me. I leaned forward and positioned myself to leave my bed to investigate. Just as I was about to step off, I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Long, flowing blonde hair was pouring out from under my bed. As I saw it, the song stopped. There was silence, followed by a shriek that can only be explained as non-human. The hair withdrew back under the bed as the shriek continued. The shriek was very brief, and all that followed it was the sound of the air conditioner kicking on. My heart felt like it was about to explode. I found myself cowering under the covers, unsure of what to do. Finally, I got the courage to remove the blanket. I slowly peeked out, terrified of what I would see. At first, I saw nothing, and I began to sigh with relief.

Then, I saw my mirror. It gave me my first glimpse of what waited for me. In the dimly lit moonlight, I saw a face. I suppose I should say that it had facial features. It had eyes, a nose, a mouth, a chin. The eyes were pitch black, staring straight into the reflection of the mirror. The nose was enormous, almost the size of my fist. The mouth was large, stretching almost from ear to ear. The creature was staring at me and smiling, with the expectation that it would soon be feasting.

For 15 minutes, we locked eyes, both in a prone position. And then, the voice… The sound of an angel had returned. It was now coming from the living room, and seemed to be a bit louder than before, though still giving the impression of a raspy whisper:

Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious,
If you say it loud enough
You’ll always sound precocious

As a child, I watched this movie over and over again. My mother use to play it on restless nights, when I would hear things that were not there, or see things that induced nightmares, this movie would always make me feel safe and secure. With my eyes distracted from the mirror, I looked away towards my bedroom door. I was entranced by this song, and the entity that was singing it was moving down my hallway towards my bedroom. I quickly turned my head back towards the mirror to gaze at the monstrosity awaiting my departure from the safety of my bed. But, in the reflection, there was now nothing. I felt no fear. It was comforting. I was soothed in a way I had not experienced since I was 5. After repeating the verse several more times, the song continued in the slow, quiet way that it had been:

So when the cat has got your tongue
There’s no need for dismay
Just summon up this word
And then you’ve got a lot to say
But better use it carefully
Or it can change your life

Something was not right with the verse. It felt like something was missing. Yet, I remained entranced. A feeling of peace continued to roll over me. The singer was now just outside my bedroom door. Anxiously, I awaited to see her face. I saw one foot fall in front of the door. Then, the other. I stared at the singer in disbelief. It was my mother.

She spoke in the same glorious voice that she had been singing in, not sounding like her at all. “What’s wrong? I hope I didn’t startle you. Why don’t you come with me and we will turn on your movie so you can sleep?”

I didn’t think twice about it. I threw the covers on the floor, and began to step off, my mother smiling at me the whole time. But, before my feet could touch the ground, I noticed a slight discrepancy. My mother’s eyes were pitch black. Slowly, I pulled myself back onto the bed without my covers. The shriek that followed pierced the house. Her face contorted back to that of the demon lying under the bed. With speed that I had not seen before, she bolted underneath my bed again, staring at the mirror, waiting for her prey.

Following this event, I grabbed my laptop of my bedside table and began posting this. I am trying to ignore the smiling beast situated under my bed, staring at me, waiting to coax me out of my safe haven. I am terrified, and feeling rather drained from being away from my insulin for so long. But I suppose things could be worse. Things could be A LOT worse.

I am starting to feel calm.

I am feeling very relaxed.

I hear sirens coming, and I need to go meet them.