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lol kris is going to be so much more successful than hangeng in the future. hangeng's ugly, kris is at least cute.

…………well this just pissed me off. Do you even know anything about Han Geng? It’s not always about looks in the real world.
And for your information, Han Geng is VERY GOOD LOOKING.

& As for Kris being more successful than Han Geng in the future? We’ll just have to wait & see won’t we haha. 

Please take awhile and stop being ignorant about everything, because you may believe that Kris Wu is the greatest looking person on the planet, and yet there’ll be loads of people that don’t agree with you at all :)

But let me help you remember all that Han Geng’s accomplished in the past FOUR YEARS. In just MERELY FOUR YEARS.

  • He still holds the record for fastest-sold out concert in Mainland China.
  • He recieved the European Music Awards’ Best Worldwide Act in 2013, being the first ever Chinese person to win an award at the EMAs.
  • He recieved the Kids Choice Awards’ Best Asian Act in 2013 as well, being the first ever Chinese person from Mainland China to win an award at the KCAs.
  • He is sponsored by Dior Homme China, and has been on ALL the Male Fashion Magazines AT LEAST ONCE. That is a feat that no other celebrity in Mainland China has been able to do.
  • All his albums are recorded in his own studio.
  • He currently holds the MOST FOLLOWERS ON CHINA’S TWITTER (Weibo) for a Male Singer (42,144,243 followers to be exact) so please don’t even go there with me if you want to say no one knows him.
  • He’s been the main actor in TWO, Million-CNY box office movies in Mainland China (keep in mind that there’s barely any movies produced in China that reaches the Million-CNY mark)
  • He’s the only Asian Celebrity to be given a ticket to go to the moon by NASA. 
  • He’s the only Male Asian Actor in Transformers 4 (which will be out June 27th).
  • He made his own cell-phone brand, and is the only Chinese Singer to have his brand SELL OUT in less than a week.
  • He is the main stock-holder of Yue-Hua Entertainment, who is working with YG Entertainment (aka. Big Bang, 2NE1’s entertainment company)

I could just go on & on …. so please.
Take a step back before you insult him.
He could buy Kris Wu. lol.

I really didn’t want to make this post…..
But please. When Kris Wu stars in a Hollywood Movie, let me know.