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Totally random headcanon but as children Mikasa would give both Armin and Eren kisses on their wounds, particularly on their faces when the bullies would get too rough. Saying her mother would do that when she got hurt. Whereas Armin would flush and accept the kisses and Eren would fuss like the rebellious boi he was! I just need more EMA kids content :3

yesss! headcanon 100% approved!
Mikasa, as someone who was raised alone away from the other kids probably won’t think much of it, a kiss? just a way to ease the pain like her mom used to do to her
Armin and Eren on the other hand will probably be more awkward about, in the exact way you described lol

What I want to see from VRAINS before the show ends:

-smol child/baby Ema, Akira and Shoichi. I want to see our adults as cute little kids, ok?

-Shoichi reuniting with his brother at long last but due to inconveniences it’s more angst than happy endings

-Ema’s elf ears playing some importance in the plot

-Naoki being a super cool duelist who manages to save the cast on occasion even if he’s not confident in his skills. Maybe he even saves the crew in the most mundane of ways, calling for help when they’re injured or sheltering the main six if/when they get labelled as ‘criminals’

-Akira’s and Ema’s past together revealed

-Ema’s background story, actually

-Ghost Girl realizing Playmaker = a 16 year old boy

-the fucking parallel universe thing getting explained

-Shoichi backstabbing Yusaku

-Also, I want a flashback with Yusaku, Shoichi, and Shoichi’s brother since it’s been hinted that Yusaku knew said brother

-Finding out who the fuck the people of the Data Storm are that Shoichi mentions in episode 1

 -Aoi making friends. Real and true friends, actually

-Revolver befriending Yusaku and Aoi and Go and being chill w/ them

-seeing Yusaku’s and Aoi’s and Go’s real parents and getting to see their faces and know who they were

-real life Revolver


-the monsters of the VRAINS becoming sentient as per the usual YGO trope. 

-Ai reunites with the other Ignises and being a normal brat but all the Ignises are so happy to see him that they don’t care whether he’s being stuck-up or not

-all six kids getting their six Ignises and teaming up alongside them against the big bad of the show

-Ema maybe getting a kid of her own to take care of…?

-obligatory Yusaku goes bad arc

-one big happy extended family in a hotdog truck

-Yusaku and the rest being branded as “criminals” and forced to hide from society

-Specter doing something other than sitting in the BG 24/7

-happy sibling moments between Akira and Aoi

-Go having some actual relevance to the plot

-Aoi tells her brother her feelings on how his treatment has affected her and forces him to listen

-finding out what that fucking tower in the Cyverse symbolizes and why six AIs were guarding it

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If Siegfried is Edgeworth then who's Larry? And who's the Judge? Actually who's who I'm AA trash might as well run with it


  • aoi - either athena or ema skye (give the kid some snackoos!!)
  • gugalanna - i wanna say furio tigre just bc imagining her impersonating tim is immensely funny to me
  • honoka - trucy wright (bossy show business girle)
  • ishi - LARRY (obnoxious best friend, lots of ex girlfriends)
  • jurou - detective gumshoe (a doofus who is trying his best)
  • kapono - a very very small detective badd
  • michi - heck if i know he’s basically an ace attorney witness from a comic relief case already
  • nikola - apollo (loud, likes vests, extremely powerful ahoges)
  • ping - one of the cute robots from dual destinies
  • riko - FRANZISKA VON KARMA (white hair, ridiculously high standards, cannot be trusted with a whip)
  • salvatore - shi-long lang (works for interpol, distaste for corruption in the judicial system, those clothes hecko i have to draw this)
  • siegfried - edgeworth (i mean cmon just look at him)
  • tiffani - WENDY OLDBAG (except instead of having a crush on edgeworth she just hates him in particular)
  • timaeus - phoenix as far as being the protagonist (but his personality isn’t really similar to any of the defense attorneys HAHA)
  • vasundhara - JUNIPER WOODS (very soft and kind. both knit. vash in junie’s clothes ple a  s e)
  • yusra - justine (the most extraordinarily powerful woman in the franchise)

this is going entirely off memory so roadie if im forgetting anything obvious lemme know

EDITED with roadie suggestions