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I think what is worst that mikasa will lose not only eren but also armin now that he is also a shifter.

I KNOW!!!!! AGHHH!!!! D:

I’m just really irrationally emotional about Mikasa right now. This kid has lost EVERYTHING, and I think it’s just so incredibly - and unnecessarily - cruel for Isayama to keep fucking her over like this, over, and over and over again.

Why does she always have to suffer? Why is she destined to be alone? And I don’t want to even hear this “aw well she learns from it and is stronger from it :)” inspirational happy campfire bullshit, because this is too, too fucking much after all that she has had to endure.

Those boys are her family, and to tear them from her to show how “strong” she is and how “ah life must go on and u gotta be strong no matter wat :):):)” is just abuse to her character at this point.

Too much trauma. She thought Eren died once already, had brushed herself off from that, and then YAY MIRACLE HE’S BACK, and she feels safer and in the clear - and now she has to go through the trauma of losing him (and Armin) PERMANENTLY, and is STILL expected to assume that “well this world is cruel but also beautiful :)” mindset?

Nah. Bye. That’s fucked.

I can’t even collect my thoughts properly right now. I’m on the verge of angry-crying pissed.

Our girl doesn’t deserve this, nor do Eren or Armin. This is just all really fucked.


 I recognized the shrine that Alex tweeted about and thought it’d be cool to see the drawing he left. I was so glad it was still there! I had to add in one as well. 

 It’s a bit quickly drawn, but may your year be filled with new and exciting mysteries!