Eren, Mikasa, and Armin 

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My interpretation of the fake preview for volume 23:

This is basically a continuation from the last fake preview. In the last preview Mikasa was looking for a curse/spell to repel Jean who likes her, and here she is hiding from Jean behind the vending machine.

Armin didn’t hide when he saw Jean, because just like in cannon, he never runs away from the bullies. So Jean starts bulling Armin, as Eren passes by, and at this point Armin and Mikasa still haven’t met Eren.

The scene with Erwin, Hanji, and Levi is self-explanatory. Hanji deliberately walks on the floor that Levi just cleaned, to see how he’ll react. And Erwin finds it funny. Frankly, so do I.

On the second page, Eren is looking at Armin while he’s asking a question “Are you enjoying that?”, as “Are you enjoying being bullied?” Similarly to cannon, he must have witnessed this kid getting bullied many times, and he’s curious why doesn’t he fight back.

It’s important to note that Eren looked quite calm when he asked the question, and yet in the next panel Jean and him are fighting. We didn’t get to see what was Armin’s response, but we can assume that the conversation went similarly like it did in cannon, and that it triggered a reaction from Eren:

Armin: I don’t enjoy it of course.

Eren: So why don’t you ever fight back? That’s why he treats you like that. Do you want to be on the losing side forever?

Armin: I’m not losing…I’m not running away.

Eren: *triggered*

On the last panel, Armin is thanking Eren, which is basically a confirmation that Eren did start a fight with Jean because of Armin. In the last fake preview, Armin was described as someone who likes manga and anime, so here Armin compares Eren to one of the manga/anime characters he likes - Kick Ass.

Mikasa barges in, as she thinks that Eren is actually her curse/spell that repelled Jean and stopped him from hitting on her. And Eren is confused by what he just heard. He could be confused by what both Mikasa and Armin just said, I guess that’s left for reader’s interpretation.

To me this fake preview is obviously centered between Eren and Armin, while Mikasa is kinda like the third wheel, so very similar to what we have in cannon :P


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