I originally drew this back in february for Mikasa’s birthday and it’s gone through so many corrections since then it’s time I let it go today for Armin’s bday (I also tried finishing it for Eren’s but omg I made him especially look so bad then)

Disclaimer: My Japanese isn’t great and this may have mistakes
Mikasa and Armin are trying to get Eren to watch things with them (Armin wants Eren to watch 21 Jump Street and Mikasa is pushing Twilight lol). Eren gets creeped out and runs away into an alley, where Squad Levi are waiting for them. EMA immediately assume they’re selling drugs (the ダメ。ゼッタイ in the corner is commonly seen on anti-drug posters in Japan) but it’s just a new kind of cleaning product. EMA are scared, yell that they didn’t see anything, and run away. Squad Levi argue about their marketing strategy and Levi says he remembers Eren’s name and face.