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who do you find the most intimidating in got7/bts,according the charts? for me is jinyoung and taehyung

Oh boy, this made me think a lot. Thank you for this ask, honestly! Such an interesting topic because I can’t really tell without the Ascendants but I can try by comparing all the other placements. Also, I’ll be quite honest: it’s very, very rare for me to be intimidated so since you asked my opinion… At first I’d honestly say none of them, ‘cause none of them are intimidating to me particularly, but~ I tried anyways. lol

Jaebum may look harsh but we all know he’s just probably counting the hours so he can go home and play with his cats. lol So I think he can look intimidating only if you don’t know him. Out of GOT7 I’d definitely say Jinyoung or Jackson. Hey, hear me out. Jinyoung is a very, very demanding person - he expects nothing but perfection and will say it without hesitation if he feels like you’re failing him somehow. So that could be quite scary, and his mood can shift a lot since he keeps to himself most of the time. I’d sense that and would feel intimidated as hell. Now, I feel like a serious Jackson could even surpass a serious Jinyoung, he probably looks scary as hell with his Ascendant in Aquarius and his way with words (Venus and Sun in the house of communication), he’ll say little and in a calm manner but will definitely ruin you. This, of course, imagining a situation where he’d have to act intimidating - ‘cause on a daily baisis I’d just squeeze his cheeks.

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(i hope intimidating and sexy at the same time is fine as an answer too)

Now, for BTS. Jimin can look intimidating, I guess. I wouldn’t be able to take him seriously, though, because I read his chart? I know he just has many feelings? lmao So. If I hadn’t read it nor seen him acting cute I’d find him intimidating since he probably has a strong presence in person (Libra and Scorpio, etc). Yoongi wouldn’t intimidate me at all ‘cause he just seems moody and it’d just make me try to annoy him ‘cause it’d seem fun. Also Taehyung just seems like someone that I’d like to joke around with, I don’t find him intimidating at all… If he does talk, I guess. A silent Taehyung can be a serious Taehyung. lol

Now. Have you ever seen Hoseok in serious/perfeccionist mode?

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Just by meeting him randomly I wouldn’t feel intimidated, but in a work environment? His Moon in Taurus would crush me. lol He seems very demanding when it’s about work, so. But generally I wouldn’t feel intimidated. Actually, now that I think about it, out of BTS I think I’d only have trouble talking to Jin because he might be sweet but he’s just very tall and broad and when he’s not talking and just there looking serious he just seems very intimidating to me. But having seen videos of him putting huge ass meat pieces in his mouth would hardly make him someone that I’d feel intimidated by if I remembered that while looking at him, so. Yeah.