There’s literally NO downside to stanning B1A4.
It doesn’t exist.
B1A4 is solely good things.

  1. Music is A+
  2. They produce and write most of it (these days pretty much all of it) themselves
  3. They have one of THE most skilled vocals in the entire industry and generally very unique vocal tones
  4. They have zero dance skills and it’s hilarious and adorable
  5. Hilarious and adorable is actually like the general mood
  6. soft af
  7. Have extremely strong visuals
  8. Actively sabotage Sandeuls diet and like three of the five members are either broad or chubby and everyone supports this concept
  9. Some of them have really quite dark skin and they have never shown any colorist behaviour towards them
  10. They and the fandom spend money on charity
  11. Even during hiatus they can be seen on tons of shows as guests or MCs
  12. They have skilled actors among them and can be seen in dramas or in musicals and that’s hella cool
  13. They’re from a small and not super well known company and yet they achieved SO MUCH
  14. Support their smol sister group Oh my Girl and it’s cute
  15. Unique and VERY beautiful concepts
  16. These very awful 2012 concepts which are also amazing
  17. Around for like 7 years and still have all their members together and win on music shows and have a good time
  18. idk just stan B1A4 they are really kind and like pure happiness what can I say just DO It

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171111 Hongbin and Gongchan (B1A4) Twitter Compilation



Gong brothers’🐶🐶❤️first trip

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):


and me?


가자 나와

Let’s go together

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):


But I’m in Busan…?


스케줄표 보내봐

Send me your schedule

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):

ㅇㅋ 일단 통장좀 보내봐

OK Send me your bankbook


뭔🐶소리야 통장을 왜 보내

What 🐶 are you saying Why would I send my bankbook

T/N: The dog is in place of slang that would mean “the heck.”

Hongbin (@RedBeans93): 

아아 그냐 ㅇㅋ 그럼 카드 줘봐 내가 다 책임지고 해줄께

Aah that? OK Then give me your credit card I’ll take care of all of it


야야야 팬분들이 너의 계좌를 원한다. 여기에 한 0.5초만 올려봐. 팬분들한테 여행지, 숙박 다 맡기자 콜?

Heyheyhey the fans want your bank account number. Post it for about half a second. Let’s leave the destination and lodging to the fans, okay?

Hongbin (@RedBeans93):


T/N: The chicken is also a symbol for “shut up.”