With Hayden coming over, Sofia couldn’t help the excitement that coursed through her. She had quite a good time with her the other night and they simply meshed so well it was easy to have developed a little crush even with her feelings back. She grinned as she spruced up quickly and took a seat on the couch as she waited for her. She crossed on leg over the other, poised and waiting for her guest to arrive. Sofia fussed with her hair just a bit before smiling at the approach. “Hey there, I’m glad that I get to see you tonight.” She grinned, feeling uncharacteristically giddy still to see the other woman.


Daniela was sure that her night was a complete letdown, going home early being her option. After a disruption that she’d gotten rid of soon after, she put on sensible shoes and then she made her way back outside to take a walk. She noted a few of the couples holding hands and looking lovey, a sight that would normally make her cringe, but instead, it made her smile, thinking of the person that made her heart soar. 

She saw the familiar figure outside and her heart skipped a beat. “Tyler,” she said fondly. “Hey, I’ve been looking for you. Do you think I could have a moment of your time? I want to run something by you.”