em's lumberjanes

Lumberjanes drops today, you guys! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

I’ve been posting a lot about this series, because I am just so excited. First off, it’s created by an amazing team of badass ladies - It’s co-written by Grace Ellis (Intern Grace of Autostraddle) and Noelle Stevenson (who you know as Gingerhaze and the creator of Nimona), was co-created by Adventure Time and Regular Show editor Shannon Watters, and is being drawn by amazing AT/RS artist Brooke Allen. Not a single symmetrical haircut between them, and I love it.

More than that, it’s a story about five best friends at summer camp fighting MONSTERS. A little bit Gravity Falls, a dash of Babysitter’s Club, some riot grrrl attitude - and so much fun. It’s all-ages! It’s awesome!

And, on a more personal level, it is just so much GIRL POWER. You open the credits page on Lumberjanes and take a scan over those names - pretty much everybody who worked on the book is a tough lady. The cover artists were chosen from the massive pool of talented women working in indie and webcomics, and they are SO GOOD.

A whole bunch of awesome ladies making a comic about awesome ladies, but for everyone. Representation matters, and it does the heart good. Plus, it’s just super funny and wonderful. Pick it up, check it out! Wear plaid and tweet it at @Lumberjanes - the Valkyries will be doing it all day.

(Oh, and lastly - each issue deals with the girls earning a scout badge, and I designed ‘em!)