em's castle

version of rapunzel where she is buff as FUCK because she got sick of doing nothing in a tower all the time so she started doing bodyweight exercises and eventually she just climbs out of the tower and like. rockclimbs down

855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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A summary of the G4 toy line

2010: They’re so…small???

2011: Only one pose but we get lots of different characters. This will go on through the whole line…right?

2012: Pony wedding. Finally a boy pony and a castle but…what’s with his hair?

2013: Twilight gets wings so we’re all forced to buy more brushables of her. We all thought we were getting crystal ponies but they just switched their eye shape a little. wow.

2014: Rainbow Power= fling chunks of tinsel in everyone’s hair. Cardboard in playsets.

2015: Slap cutie marks all over everything but at least give em a nice castle.

2016: Explore Equestria= Everything is see-through and lights up.


In every case you have referenced, I not only successfully brought the killer to justice, but I did so with the utmost respect for the law, and for the department I represent. You asked, ‘How do I expect to lead?’ by continuing to fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York, and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don’t cross the line – I put myself on it. And if you have any the questions, you can ask the families of the victims that I have served.