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Theory : Who was at Utgard?

aka The Rise of The Canned Herrings, again!

Wow what an episode! I am still having chills… Also a warning, manga spoilers.

Unlike some part of the fandom was afraid to be, we get our canned herring also known as you gay // lol you gay scene. While watching this episode, something I don’t remember happening in manga took my attention. No, I am not talking about poor Nanaba.

I am talking about the scene Gelgar found his soulmate, aka alchol.

That is some nice sake you got there Gelgar, what does it says on it?

And of course you can’t read it.

I assume secret language of alchol bottle and the secret language of canned herring are the one and same. Anyone that was born and raised within the walls can’t read it.

Ymir, who was born at the mainland and Reiner, who was born at same country can read it well. Reiner said he can’t read it but i think that was partially because he was under the control of his warrior persona, after looking at it a little he also read some as well it as well. Also remember, it has been longer than five years since little boy Reiner left Marley and started to live with Walled People so it is okay little boy Reiner to forget some of the language. If we do not use something we learn like language we might start to forget it.

So… Where did these come from? Who brought these to the Utgard? Was it really bandits? Maybe.

But I bet my money on something else. 

What if Zeke, our monkey trouble, was at Utgard before taking his way to Ragako village?

Here is how I think things went:

  1. Zeke arrived to Paradis with one of Marley’s ships.
  2. He reached the Walls like Grisha did before, since he also can manipulate Titans in his strange way, this was not that much of a struggle for him.
  3. He turned to a Titan and passed through Wall Maria and reached Wall Rose.
  4. He camped at Utgard who is located quite close to Wall Rose, enjoyed his drink, ate some herring.
  5. He took a lovely trip to Ragako village, do something there, like screaming like a mad man, and turned it’s citizens to Mindless Titans.
  6. He left his supply at Utgard, since he was busy with commanding a Titan army and chatting with common folks like Mike, he was kinda busy.
  7. SC reached Utgard.
  8. He also reached Utgard to enjoy some drink but SC was there enjoying his stuff. Like Nanaba said, it was like they were the bandits there. 
  9. He got mad to these userpers, unleashed his titan army with his mighty roar and throw some rocks at them, who can blaime him?

And that is how his and SC’s roads crossed.

I assume the secret language of herring might be Marleyan and that is why nobody but Eldians who lived at Marley was able to read them. Maybe that is why Zeke asked Mike whether or not he is speaking the same language with him.

But of course, this is just a theory. Hope you enjoyed as well, thank you for reading!

My top 12 anime movies

(In no particular order)

  • Spirited Away (my childhood!!)
  • Howl’s Moving Castle (howl x sophie forever)
  • Grave of the Fireflies (broke my heart)
  • The girl who leapt through time (super sweet, i cried a lot!)
  • Perfect Blue (awesome mindfuck)
  • The Garden of Words (amazing animation omg)
  • 5 centimeters per second (… no words)
  • The End of Evangelion (i frincken’ love hideaki anno istg)
  • Road to Ninja (bc seeing my dorks in an au is hugely amusing. also: itasaku)
  • Wolf Children (i… i can’t even explain… how badly it broke me…)
  • Cardcaptor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card (my childhood again!)
  • Naruto the Movie: Ninja Clash in the Land of Snow (bc the sasusaku is pretty strong and also i’ll love pre-shippuden team 7 forever)

Before we get to SF II, let’s take a deeper look at Final Fight, a legendary beat ‘em up meant to be the original Street Fighter II, but later ended up being a part of that universe regardless.

(Rated M for language.)


“This is the oldest poster we have hanging up,” murmured the General, “So cheesy.”

“But you love it.”

The old soldier smiles. “I do.”

855. When one student bullied another student, the bully would find themselves more prone to accidents involving dodgy staircases or floorboards, particularly in front of large crowds, because the castle doesn't put up with bullying.

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Castle on the Hill Chapter 22, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
By Organization for Transformative Works


“Hey Ellie, do you know where Lily is?” James asked as he trotted up to the bar, where the fairy-like blonde was polishing a glass.

It had been nearly four months since Lily had returned from her undercover mission with the Muggleborn Resistance, four months of a painfully slow recovery but a recovery all the same. Lily’s hands no longer trembled when she worked with the gruesome cases in the Hospital Wing and she was eating at least two meals a day. She was less manic about her work in her potions room and she only woke up with nightmares every other day. She cried less, smiled more.

It was never going to be perfect; after all that Lily had seen and experienced she would never truly be whole again, never be the same shiny girl that walked into her first Order meeting filled to the brim with hopes and ideals.

But war had affected them all, had changed them all. It wasn’t just Lily; none of them would ever be the same.

But she was better, Lily was doing better, and she had finally been cleared to go on her first mission. Her assignment was to help escort a group of war orphans to one of the Safe Houses near the east coast that was helping place children like them with different wizarding families in Europe that had offered to take them in. The idea of it made little parts of James’s brain combust. He was happy of course, nearly overpowered by the love that bulldozed its way across the channel from those dozens of families who blindly pledged themselves to protecting those lost children. But knowing that such loving people existed in the world only made the dark disease that had spread across Britain, the evil and the cowardice combined, more starkly evident.

-Castle on the Hill, Chapter Twenty-Two (ao3)

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and when his mommy is pregnant with audrey peter also draws the baby in her belly!!!

he draws his mommy with a circle for a tummy and frank thinks it’s SO cute. he hangs ALL the pregnant-momma drawings on the fridge, the walls, over his desk; anywhere there’s space, there’s one of peter’s drawings. he loves them all.

his wife appreciates all the drawings of what peter speculates the baby will look like: one was a frog in socks, one was what looked to be a part-rabbit, part-dolphin, and one was actually surprisingly baby-like. baby cat, that is. peter has, apparenly, not seen a baby before.

Castle on the Hill Chapter 21, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction


Lily and James’s relationship had always been marked by what could only be called explosions.

At first it was the arguments, shouting at all hours in the common room over what they now realized were petty subjects but at the time felt like life and death. Their tempers would erupt, catching plenty of others in the fallout, and then their anger would simmer for weeks, months until the next fight came around.

And then it was the sex. The attraction that would catch them both off guard, the passion that threatened to engulf everyone and everything in its flame. It would flare, consume them as they were caught in the moment. And then they would leave each other out in the cold, with nothing but charred cinders and the sting of hurt to remind them that it had ever happened.

But now they fought against themselves, against their natural inclination to blow up at each other first and ask questions later. They were both too burned, too battered, too broken to take one more hit.

And so they were gentle. Careful. They moved slowly, building up a relationship, a love, out of the ashes of their lives. Bit by tiny bit.

-Castle on the Hill, Chapter Twenty-One [ao3]

version of rapunzel where she is buff as FUCK because she got sick of doing nothing in a tower all the time so she started doing bodyweight exercises and eventually she just climbs out of the tower and like. rockclimbs down