@crhserenity my formula that I use for digits is
1. State your intention
2. Put the sentence backwards
3. Get rid of all of the vowels
4. Get rid of all repeating letters
5. Take the letters you have left and connect them all into one solid picture
6. Add little dots and lines and swirls where you want them

I hope this helps a little, and I will try to mix some social stuff in for you!!

I love the food network but sometimes they get all, “The chicken parfait tasted like a hot ballon on a midsummer’s night” and it really bothers me. Like, no matter how well you describe this meal to me I will never get to try it Barbara. I’m still gonna be hungry but instead of eating food I’m being fed with your lies.

he REALLY doesn’t want to get up and out of the house, or out of bed for that matter, but he has to and he’s REALLY grumpy and usually you know better and just leave him be because you know when he’s in a sour mood you should just leave him alone but you also love his grumpy face (and him) and you wanna do something to make his day a little better so you walk up to him and scratch his scalp without saying a word and first he tries to move his head away, a bit annoyed.. not with you just in general but you’re not helping bc you CAN stay in the house and he can’t but you’re not having it and get on your tiptoes to force him to look at you and rub his scalp again, his hair a total mess and he huffs and sighs and drops his head to your shoulder “don’ wanna..” he grumbles with his voice still thick from sleep and you just hum affirmatively and let one hand glide down his back and with the other you scratch his neck and kiss his ear softly before you whisper to him “come on now, be a big boy. you’ll be back soon and then you can sleep some more.” he grumbles and mumble again but before he leaves he puts on his packers beanie because his hair is a certified mess. then he saunters back over to you, slides one hand over your neck below your ear and presses a firm but gentle kiss to your lips because.. it’s really not your fault and kissing you always helps. he manages a half smile, steals another peck and is out the door.

1011. The Daily Prophet was originally staffed by a large group of Seers in the Middle Ages. It was used to provide quick and timely dissemination of both major and minor prophecies to wizard farmers and business owners, who used it to predict everything from the weather to changes in the business market. The Berwick Witch trials in the 1590s caused more demand for current news, and the Prophet gradually shifted their content to accommodate. Young Seers still provide daily horoscopes.

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what type of coffee/tea does the gang like to drink i need to know for science

  • pidge: no cream or milk, but a lot of sugar. she spends a lot of time working on her laptop/projects late into the night– she needs the caffeine and sugar rush. the crash just helps her sleep. hunk and lance give her shit for this a lot. 
  • shiro: i feel like he would just drink his coffee or tea however… he’s probably not too fussy. i don’t think he’d like it too sweet though.
  • hunk: hunk, an absolute angel, loves a balance of sugar and cream. others call it boring, he calls it “just right.” probably he doesn’t like it too bitter or too sweet, one time he accidentally sipped pidge’s and was a wreck about it for days (same)
  • lance: we all know how high maintenance this boy is he’d probably want a Very Specific amount of cream/sugar ratio, and anything besides that makes his stomach churn and too much sugar might break u out so he is probably quite careful with that. i also feel like he’d be more inclined towards tea
  • keith: doesnt care. just give him coffee. he has shit to do
1012. Since Wi-Fi doesn't work at Hogwarts a group of students, with help from professors, have programmed electronics using Wi-Fi to work by using a magic spell they have created instead. The ministry has approved this spell and now most wizards use it.

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Hi guys, mod em here. I know that some of the stuff I post isn’t entirely low budget, but I thought you might find it helpful! Also I was wondering if anyone wants posts about superstitions and myths or anything, or if theirs something you want to see more of that isn’t here often or at all, you could comment on this post and I’ll try my hardest to find that kind of stuff!! Have a nice day :)

domestic kandreil (nothing says domestic like napping with ur 2 bfs and some kitties)

OKAY YES i finally Properly finished the aftg halloween gift exchange (deleted the post with just trad doodle!!) im only…………… a month late…….

so so so sorry and thank you SO much for patience!!!!