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DEEDEE UPDATE: as you all know, i’m a big fan of nicki and so i’ve been wanting to do a collab cover of one of her songs for a long….LONG…time… :o cole joined me for this and i can’t thank him enough! it was DOPE. hope u guys enjoy it. we worked hard xx.


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“I’d give anything to stand in your sun; to grow with the water of your love. To sink in your adoration-rather, drown. You burn my rough edges and fill my voids. You’ve etched your name into the foundation of my soul. My body pulsates for your aura and my heart hums with yours. Humming with anticipation of the unknown feelings our future shares. The roller coaster of new intensities. I breathe you in, but never enough. I’ll never get enough of you to fill my never ending hunger to know you. The heat of your breath on my neck as you hold me pressed against you, the warmth of your hands, the soft cues and sounds of your sleeping- even when you aren’t doing anything I notice everything that you are, that I love. So many dreams I have with you. So many experiences I want to explore with you. I can’t wait.”


Darker Sentence Meme

“A cleaved head no longer plots.”
“A conversation of silence, lies left unspoken.”
“A dying man needs to die as a sleepy man needs to sleep.”
“A lot of truth is said in jest.”
“A lot of you cared. Just not enough.”
“Afraid to love you hide away.”
“Although I search myself it’s always someone else I see.”
“Although we are through, I’m longing for you.”
“Am I invisible? Am I soundless? Or am I just alone?”
“And they didn’t even put up a fight.”
“And they didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t even make a sound.”
“Anxious, you laughed. Sad, you smiled.”
“Are you proud of who I am?”
”At least I’m being honest.”
”But I’ve got better things to do than let you walk all over me.”
“’Cause I’m not convinced I’m worth your time.”
”Can still remember the time you were here.”
”Can you see me? Can you hear me? Or am I not here?”
“Can’t believe what I did for love.”
”Can’t you forgive me? At least just temporarily.”
“Can’t you hear me calling? Can’t you see me falling? I’m lost without you here.”
“Constantly lying to myself just to get through the day.”
”Death has been crooning in my ear things I want to hear.”
“Don’t bother to cry, no one will hear you.”
“Don’t go where I can’t follow!”
“Don’t you try to fix what’s broken, no one else can take your place.”
“Ending it will just pass on the pain, I know, but I’m selfish enough to just want it gone.”
”Feel like a failure, ‘cause I know that I failed you.”
“Feel like a shadow walking behind who you think I am.”
”Give me one good reason to love you, for I can’t think of any.”
“Go ahead and leave me – I never needed you anyway!”
“Guess there’s a part of me that likes to bring you down just to keep you around.”
“Heartburn. Reminding me I fucked up.”
“How did I miss you when I didn’t know you?”
“How do you love someone without getting hurt?”
“How do you warn the people you love that you may not come back?”
“I am just so angry with myself.”
“I chose the easy way out.”
“I could be long gone. I could be a ghost in your eardrum.”
”I don’t care if you’ve got them on your mind, all I really care is if you wake up in my arms.”
”I don’t deserve it, I know.”
“I don’t hate you, I fear you.”
”I feel broken and hollow.”
”I got nothing here without you.”
“I just want to not be me.”
“I killed myself by leaving you.”
”I know I should’ve fought it.”
”I know I should’ve fought it, at least I’m being honest.”
”I know that this is my fault.”
”I know you wouldn’t even notice.”
”I made a mess of me.”
”I should’ve been more careful.”
”I still don’t miss you yet.”
”I swear, I’ll make it worth it.”
“I thought I could imagine how much it would hurt, but I was wrong.”
“I told you to leave me… Don’t.”
“I trusted you not to go.”
”I was a liar, I gave into the fire.”
“I wish I could remember.”
“I would have stayed up with you all night had I known how to save a life.”
“I would never die for you.”
“I’d like for it all to stop now. Please.”
”I’m a walking heartache.”
“I’m a work in progress and I’m not so sure I’ll like the end result.”
“I’m not enough for you.”
“I’m not fine as in fine, but fine as in you don’t have to worry about me.”
“I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing.”
”I’ve been a fool – a fool for you.”
“I’ve hurt myself by hurting you.”
“If you care to look around then you’ll see me going down.”
“If not for me then you’d be dead.”
“If only I had an enemy bigger than my apathy, I could’ve won.”
“It doesn’t do a damn thing to fix anything.”
“It’s a long way down, but here I am.”
“It’s just not meant to be.”
“Leave your mark on love before love leaves you.”
“Let me hang in peace.”
“Life’s greatest gift is the freedom it leaves you to step out of it whenever you choose.”
“Losing hope is the real disaster.”
“Love? Great? That’s bullshit, love hurts.”
“Memory is a curse more often than a blessing.”
”No more lies if you don’t wanna find me gone.”
“Now everything I see reminds me of all that is said and done.”
“Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.”
“Of all the things I’ve had and all the things I’ve lost I miss you the most.”
“On my own I’m only half of what I could be.”
”One last time I need to be the one to take you home.”
”One more time. I promise, after that I’ll let you go.”
“Our souls contain more scar tissue than life.”
“Pain is a pesky part of being human.”
“People are different – it’s not always a good thing.”
“Promising to stay you slowly walked away.”
”Return us to when you know how to love.”
”Said you’d change but I’m afraid it’s something I won’t live to see.”
“Save your time for someone deserving of it.”
“Silent tears invisible to the naked eye, but still they drown you.”
“So sick of believing the lies and trying to hide, covering the cuts and bruises.”
“Some days I feel broken inside.”
“Some people make me want to throw up.”
“Somebody tell me why I’m on my own if there’s a soulmate for everyone.”
“Soon I will be just another memory.”
“Stay with me a minute, I swear I’ll make it worth it.”
“Stop caring– I don’t deserve it.”
”Stories are all we’ll ever have.”
“Surrounded by pale people, think I’m fading too.”
“Tell me you love me, say you care. Lie straight to my face.”
“That constant judgement you can’t avoid.”
“The marks humans leave are too often scars.”
”The person I’ve been lately isn’t who I want to be.”
“The world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them.”
“There are some things you never really move on from.”
“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
“There is no relationship in life beyond betrayal.”
“There’s more here than what we’re seeing.”
”These scars are reminders of just how much I can take.”
“They didn’t even make a sound.”
“They say bad things happens for a reason.”
”This morning I woke up hating us both.”
“Trying to save myself from choking, just wish that I could see your face.”
“Used to think you didn’t love me, now I know you don’t.”
“What am I still doing here?”
“What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you?”
”What I wouldn’t give for peace.”
”What, like it matters? Since when?”
“What is left without your love?”
“We cannot tear out a single page of our life, but we can throw the whole book in the fire.”
“We learn so little from peace.”
“We were great once. Where did that go?”
“What hope I have left flickers like a candle about to go out.”
“When you sleep, will it be with me?”
“Why am I still living this dark and hurtful life?”
“Why do I bother?”
“Why do I let you hurt me so?”
“Why do I love you?”
”You break your promises in two, what can I do?”
“You call it a simple mistake, but to me it’s not simple at all.”
“You deserved better.”
“You don’t care about me like I do you.”
“You leave me and I’ll leave you.”
“You remind me of things I’d rather forget.”
“You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.”
”You’ll always be love’s great martyr.”
“You’ve got an excuse. What’s mine?”
“Your life is worth more than mine.”
“Your pain is my happy ending.”


Requested Anonymously

The Doctor hadn’t imagined that you wearing a skirt would bother him so much. That’s not to say that he didn’t like it. He did like it. That was the problem - he liked it too much. It wasn’t even that short of a skirt, either. There wasn’t anything overly sexy or promiscuous about it. That, he would have been able to ignore. He had been ignoring flaunted sexuality all his lives (it never failed to make him uncomfortable), and it came easily to him at this point. But you weren’t flaunting anything. You were in a tasteful, flowing skirt that cut off right at the knee. It flared out a bit whenever you turned, giving just the slightest tease of your lower thigh, but there was no inappropriate exposure. None at all. It was perfectly perfect. But the Doctor was scared of it.

“Wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?” he asked when you finally joined him in the console room. He immediately bit his tongue when he realized how he sounded, but… he really wanted to know why you were wearing that… thing. And heels. Oh, no, you were wearing heels. They weren’t especially tall and the wedge was hardly more than an inch, but this was more heel than he had ever seen you stand on.

You made a silly face at him in response, too accustomed to his non-ginger rudeness to be offended. “Is this alright for where we’re going? I’ll just change real quick if it’s not. I just never get to wear it.”

That’s right, you never got to wear it. (Forget the heels. Can’t run well in those, so they were out of the question.) The Doctor had never seen so much leg on you. You wore trousers, always, because you were smart enough to know that skirts were not for adventuring. Even in hot weather, though, you didn’t wear shorts. You just wore trousers with thinner material. Shorts were nice, but the idea of running through dense underbrush or stinging nettles or a bog with bare legs didn’t appeal to you, so you kept your legs safely covered. Until today.

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i’m going to tell you about my favourite moment from the shepherds bush empire gig. my favourite moment was seeing matt bellamy happier than i have ever seen him.

when they started playing assassin and the crowd went crazy (we were so unexpecting it), he just looked up and froze. and then he smiled so, so big, his eyes were sparkling. after finishing the song, he kept that face of constant amazement, with his mouth half closed but still smiling.

i think matt realised how much muse are loved, how much respect them for their music, how much we owe them, how much they changed our lives. i think all of this was going through his head. while dom was smiling super big and laughing all the time, matt just seemed to be in another planet; he wasn’t that cold, impressive, diva matt from usual shows. and then he started TALKING. matt bellamy. with us!! 

sure his talking was awkward (but remember he never does that) but for once it felt like he really wanted to. he was just happy. like all this concert was changing something in him, right at this moment. 

and it’s probably just my perception of things, but i feel like this gig is going to change something, switch something. i don’t know what it is but thinking about how all this made matt look and feel, he really made a deep connection with the crowd that night. it was this connection he always feared. as an introvert & anxious person, i always related to him not wanting to talk on stage.

but muse gigs are what liberate me. and i think this one just liberated matt bellamy too.

quick guide for new musers
  • This is basically the basics of everyone in the band. cool thanks
  • Matthew James Bellamy: chicken man. has a kid with hottie Kate Hudson (how??? idk). acts like a total fucking idiot but this asshole is a genius. has played piano since he was 6 and guitar since he was 14. very small (5'7") but has big feet. whatever that means. glitter. OH also his voice will shatter your soul. wwwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Christopher Tony Wolstenholme: fucking dad. also daddy. depends on the day. has SIX KIDS and is father of the eon. his smile can cure all problems. is TALL (6'1"). used to struggle with alcohol abuse but is now better and we are all so proud of him and we love him. his voice is beautiful. tats. soccer/football/futball (whichever you wanna call it). reincarnation of jesus christ.
  • Dominic James Howard: damn. ok. total diva. taught himself how to drum??? like damn boy chill. small but not as small as Matt (5'8"). really likes leopard print. wears spandex on stage sometimes. has a thing for spiderman. is basically a total babe and makes me want to cry.
  • Morgan Daniel Nicholls: the reason the band hasnt killed themselves yet. an actual saint. lives in his little hole. can basically play any instrument at any time. sometimes multiple at once. overall a wonderful human being and it PAINS me that he doesn't get the recognition he deserves.
  • Thomas ?? Kirk: hate him. what an asshole. has been buds w Matt and Dom and Chris since they were in school. not IN the band, per se, but he's been w them forever and is behind all the "the making of" vids and those killer visuals on the drones tour. but also do not trust him.

anonymous asked:

For your requests, perhaps your take on a trans Donatello? Because female turtles are usually a lot larger than males, and he's always been so much taller than his brothers, I always liked the headcanon that he might actually be biologically female and wasn't aware of it until later or something along those lines.

I’m always a slut for trans scenarios, especially when I can slip my OT3 into things.


Casey has been staring at Donnie for a full three minutes now without a word, and Donnie is starting to think this was a mistake.

“If I’d known I could make you shut up this long just by outing myself to you, maybe I would have tried it sooner,” Donnie says, crossing his arms and trying for levity in their situation. Fuck. April hadn’t been like this, and Donnie had been hoping Casey wouldn’t either…

Casey opens his mouth, then closes it, and keeps staring at Donnie across the lab table they’re sitting at. Donnie can almost hear the gears churning in his friend’s brain.

This isn’t going well. Donnie can feel it. Casey is either going to throw a fit, or… well, worst case scenario is him rejecting Donnie for being even more divergent from the norm than he already is as a mutant, or he’ll keep being friends with Donnie, but insist on using female pronouns, or or or-

Donnie isn’t feeling well. He feels like his stomach is trying to flip and invert and maybe ouroboros itself all at once. He’d wanted to do this, or told himself he had, because in order to go any further with his relationship with Casey and April both, Casey needed to know. Because otherwise it would have been lying, and then if Casey had somehow found out afterwards, then it would have been so, so much worse than just rejection right from the start, and Donnie-

Donnie needs to step out and breathe. Give Casey space to wrap his head around the idea of Donnie being trans. Maybe things’ll be less awkward if they both take a moment.

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Wallace Wholenote and Benda Min in: RHYTHM RUSH!

I’ve got your death on record to play back at your funeral! An elegy eulogy!" ”Need some ink to write your will?

Colored this in! Glad to finally have colors for these two. I’m eager to explore this verse more! Is it bad that I like to imagine him playing the piano for the songs that have piano in them? Pff…

@bendyinky has Benda Min as a muse, check ‘em out!

Marriage Material - Part 8 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7

Summary: in this chapter, you have him.

Warnings: language

A/N: i promise part 9 is better. this part kinda got away from me.

Leonard watched as you inspected the burns on Scotty’s arm, your hands gloved, eyes narrowed, lips turned down in a frown. You pulled a stool to sit down beside the biobed, your lips forming words he couldn’t hear and your eyes conveying what he could read— you were irritated, concerned, and a little angry. It was your usual emotional state when Scotty walked into the medbay with red splotches decorating and singeing the hair from his arm. The sight of it made Leonard want to smile.

He watched as you rose from the stool and left Scotty’s side, pulling the curtain shut before walking over to the plethora of drawers filled with supplies and tools.

As you yanked a drawer open and began sifting through the many tools you were sure didn’t even work anymore, you sighed in frustration and glanced at Leonard when he reached you. “D’you know where the old school dermal regenerator is?”

“In the trash where it belongs.”

You snorted. “It had a wider scope than the new ones do.” You pulled yours from your pocket, twirling the pen-sized tool through your fingers. “These are too narrow and will take ages to cover each burn on Scotty’s arm.”

“Medical care shouldn’t be rushed when it doesn’t have to be.”

You sighed once more, louder this time. You met Leonard’s very intense gaze and lifted a brow but spoke of only what you’d intended, “Help me then? I’ll take his hand, you just do whatever’s on his forearm.”

He nodded, washing and sanitizing his hands before slipping a pair of gloves on.

You were already seated on that same stool, a new pair of gloves snapped onto your hands, as you placed Scotty’s hand palm-up atop your own. You bit down on your bottom lip as you heard and felt Leonard behind you. “Red shirts are idiots, right?”

Scotty scowled and jostled his hand as he sat up straighter. “Hey!”

Your smile was bright as you laughed and fired up your dermal regenerator. “I’m just kidding—”

“She’s serious,” Leonard interjected, a smirk of his own pulling at his lips. “An’ you’re their chief. King of the idiots.”

“I’m not serious, Scotty,” you continued, narrowing your eyes at Leonard before continuing to run the red beam of light over Scotty’s injury. You smiled to yourself. “Although, some of your staff is a little—”

“Save it, lassie,” he muttered, his Scottish accent on full blast as he scowled, his eyebrows furrowed so his pale skin was wrinkled up to his hairline. “I’m aware of what some of my staff is like. I didna give myself these burns.”

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Just to those who actually don’t know or didn’t exactly pay attention to the wreckers on TFDOTM heres a clip to show you them. Mostly just Roadbuster which is great. I live the angry Roadbuster in the background,

          Your edges are sharp enough to hurt
                                 But she loves you anyway. 

                 You may slice open her paper thin skin
     But even as the wound scars, she’ll love you anyway. 

             You don’t understand her. 
                                        But you love her anyway.