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my sister started singing “ugh let’s try something else NUMBER TWO” one day so i decided to make a full-length shitpost out of it

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Part 1 because I needed to do this one justice *shakes fist at weeks of slow progress* JUSTICE

Headcanon: “lance will drape himself dramatically across people’s laps. at first everyone pushed him off but now it’s just kinda. a Thing.”

One of @ironinkpen​‘s Lance headcanons~~

Original post

Part 2

Write everything down about us on a love letter
And throw it into the empty sky
The wind will embrace us



I really wanna make another cp oc

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Sanji! Most important question! Can you make gluten free food that doesn't taste like cardboard or sand?


“Haven’t had to yet, but I can’t call myself a real chef if I’m not willing to try. I don’t see why you guys can’t eat good food just ‘cause your body doesn’t agree with something. If you give me a little time to experiment, I wouldn’t mind making you something your stomach can handle.”

🐚 Skrelp and Dragalge -  for @prince-goldfish  🐚

Skrelp #690: These Pokémon like to hide and camouflage themselves to look like rotten kelp to ward of predators. While hiding they slowly begin to store energy so they can evolve

Dragalge #691: Now evolved, the prey becomes the hunter and will spit deadly poison  at anything which comes into its territory. This poison is so corrosive it can break through a tankers base causing many ships, who wonder into their homes, to be lost forever.

418. Hermione and Ron still bickered often even after they started officially dating; however, they got better at recognizing when the argument wasn't really worth yelling over. Hermione would conjure up yellow canaries, pretending to be serious--then they'd both burst out laughing, kiss and talk the disagreement out, birds flying above harmlessly.

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Happy (late) Valentine’s Day!

i live for a kaneki harem for hide ok  ( ´•̥̥̥ω•̥̥̥` )


Some rough but gentlemanly character designs I did for our semester project today! I had a lot of fun with these - it’s not the type of characters I usually draw but it went surprisingly well. The last row is my favorite by far, I’m quite proud of all that attitude.

I’m also a little bit in love with that brush ovo I’m not that used to drawing with Photoshop, but since my SAI crashed yesterday I had no other choice. Welp.