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“Greetings Human”
Gift for @peppermintbee and @caretaker-au of their Chara~
If you haven’t checked out the caretaker au, you should ;) just don’t eat the pie, chara probably put razor blades or poison in it =)
Hope you like it Hun

domestic kandreil (nothing says domestic like napping with ur 2 bfs and some kitties)

OKAY YES i finally Properly finished the aftg halloween gift exchange (deleted the post with just trad doodle!!) im only…………… a month late…….

so so so sorry and thank you SO much for patience!!!!

Watch closely as I abuse tones.

I caught up on Pia’s new chapters of The Golden Age that just ain’t happening and of course I loved it just as much as I always do. I’m really happy with how salty Pitch is B3 You know I’m starting to like drawing Jack all beat to hell. I’m not sure how exactly the hair thing works, but I imagine this short SHORT white at the beginning? The image of him on the ground with his staff just really got me. I’d like to draw it again with Pitch there and the tears and ooooo~

I had to draw Jack dapper in some Lune-ish digs after all those heavy lids and deep sighs. Pia I love them all over again <33


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