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what if the queen is actually jamie’s mom and they just got in an arguement)

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CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!!!!!

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Hello, mnstrcndy. I really want to see the Asgore Genocide Battle comic continued. Can you comment anything about it?

Hiya! Sorry about that but I have finally decided to drop it completely.
It keeps stalling me on starting another comic I wanted to make.

It’s just an open ended ending and you guys can make it whatever you want.

I’ll find some new ways to show my Asgore appreciation instead.

Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART TEN

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected. You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was a mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of death, mentions of sex

Word Count: 2,515

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”


     A lot of things surprised you: pick-up lines, people who spread the ketchup on their fries, and men in general.  When it came to pick-up lines, you loved the cheesy ones.  For example, “Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven,” was usually a line that would have you blushing like mad.  Although, the last person to ever flirt with you was four years ago.  The second you walked into the kitchen the next morning, Bucky introduced himself with that line, wrapping his arms around your waist as you poured your coffee.  Even though you enjoyed the effort, it was clearly being debated by the rest of the team.  

     During lunch, Bucky decided to join you in your room.  The second he poured his ketchup over all his fries, you swore to never speak to him again.  You complained and judged, watching as he ate his fries and rubbed it in your face.  You could never stay mad at him, every insult you threw at him accompanied by a howl of laughter.

     Bucky would go to his room to shower and come back to yours at night.  No nightmares, no sleepless nights.  You both weren’t entirely fixed, however, the two of you getting a total of 3 hours of sleep altogether.  You didn’t complain, though.  Being wrapped under the covers with a man who was indeed massive in every sense of the word, cuddled up against you keeping you warm throughout the night was one of the most relaxing feelings in the whole wide world.  Of course, your feet got sweaty or his metal arm pinched your skin sometimes, but you remained tangled- the fear of removing yourself from your haven equating to an act of betrayal in your book.

     You were certain Bucky would be the only man you would ever love with all your heart.  Three weeks was all it took.  You had built your walls so high they poked the sky for three years and Bucky had knocked most of them down in three weeks.  Although he didn’t make it obvious, you had knocked down most of his as well.  He couldn’t describe it, the process so naïve and troubled that the blinding side effects only pressed at his heart, pinching and poking to make it beat again.  It bothered you, the fact it was so easy to do frightening you.  

     Overthinking was to be your destroyer, but the moment Bucky hugged you into his body a little tighter you forgot about any traces of doubt that had been following you.  You didn’t regret it.  

     Bucky surprised you about twenty minutes after you had sex, the blood leaving his face and his eyes bulging.  He yelled and thought it would be a perfect time to mention he had forgotten a condom in the middle of a crowded elevator.  You swallowed thickly, determined to keep your laugh in your throat until the people in the elevator with you left quietly.  Once they exited, you turned to a worried Bucky who was running his hands through his hair and setting them on his knees moments after.  You snorted, shutting him up and telling him you were on the pill.  He knitted his eyebrows together, asking if you were sure.  

     Rolling your eyes, you stepped out of the elevator and tried your best to ignore Bucky’s ridiculous questions about how you were absolutely sure you hadn’t forgotten to take one.  Finally, you decided to put him out of his misery and swallow the pill in front of him that night, making a big deal about how it took a few seconds to disintegrate and how you could literally feel it tying your tubes together.  Seeming pleased with the validation, Bucky made love to you again that night.  Men.

     You didn’t think men across all age ranges were that helpless.  In fact, you hadn’t spoken to Peter at all this week.  Asking around the tower for the kid wasn’t difficult, but before you could get him in the same room as you, he would disappear.  His grand escapes were beginning to annoy you.  When the weekend rolled around, Peter was sure to spend his nights at the compound.  He was trying to avoid you, but being around the Avengers would always win him over. 

    It was around six in the evening when you convinced Steve to help you out and trap the boy after dinner.  Steve came up with ridiculous excuses to keep him at the gym.  

     “Your posture is horrible, kid!”

     “Try to take me out with one punch.”

     “You should adjust your feet this way.”

     “C-Captain? Is this really necessary?” Peter groaned, adjusting his feet to match Steve’s stance.  Steve gave a thin smile, looking towards to see if you would make an entrance.

     “We’re going against HYDRA in the next couple days, kid.  You’ve never done that.  You need all the training you can get,” Steve replied, blocking Peter’s punches and stepping around him.

     “Wait, so Aunt May said ‘yes’?  I thought she wouldn’t allow it! Not after… well, you know.”  Due to his distraction, Peter met the mat with a loud ‘oomf’ after Steve’s last swing.  You took this as your time to enter, standing and leaning against the door frame as you watched Steve pull Peter back up onto his feet.

     “We need all the help we can get with this mission.  Why do you think we recruited her?” Steve pointed at you, waving slightly and grabbing his gym bag.  “I’ll leave you to it.”

     Peter opened his mouth to protest, but quickly shut it when you stepped onto the mat and raised your fists. “Fight me.”

     Peter stuttered, dragging his limbs inwards and crawling into his fragile demeanor.  “I don’t want to hurt you.”

     “I’m not a fragile human being.  Kick me, punch me, snap my neck- I don’t care,” you circled Peter, keeping your voice low and demanding.  “Just don’t ignore me.”

     Peter sighed, dropping the laces from his sweatshirt and looked up at you.  “How are you feeling?”

     You lowered your hands, standing up straight and facing Peter again.  “I’m fine.”

     “I almost killed you,” Peter spoke. His voice was low, each sounding more of a whimper than a regular statement.  You stepped towards him cautiously, trying to make your body language as comfortable and inviting as possible.

     “But you didn’t.”

     “I could have paralyzed you!” Peter’s eyes filled with tears.  He sucked in his bottom lip and bit it for a while, almost as if he was warning you he was going to burst into reckless sobs.

     “But you didn’t,” you tried to reassure him again.  You reached out and grabbed his shoulders, his soft cries puncturing your heart while Peter’s nails punctured the tender flesh of his own palms.

    “Stop being so forgiving!” He brushed your hands off his shoulders, turning around and grabbing his gym bag.  Before he could leave, you stepped in front of him and challenged his actions.  The glare you shared lasted for a few seconds, Peter finally sighing and sitting on the bench.  Peter placed his hands over his face so you continued speaking.

     “Peter, if you hadn’t caught me I would have fucking exploded!”

     “But I could have killed you.”

     “Okay, you know what?” Your voice demonstrated anger, your eyes about to steal Peter’s soul.  He was a kid- keep your cool. The saddened expression consuming Peter’s innocent face prompted you to lower your voice.  “Yes, you could have killed me! You could have paralyzed me! I still have neck pain!”

     You twisted your neck and cracked it, the sound making him flinch. “But you didn’t! Get over it, Peter.  I’m alive and you did not… kill me.” Catching your breath, you dipped down to your knees and tugged his hands from his face, holding them while you gave him a small smile.  

     “I’m sorry,” he said for the millionth time, searching your face for any signs of hate.  

    “I know you are.” You got up and sat down next to him, gripping his shoulders and giving him a hug.  “You saved my life.”

     “I guess.”

     “I know how scary it is, okay? My first kill was hell and I was never the same.  I mean, look at me now,” you said, pain evident in your voice.  

    “No offense, but you aren’t really a great role model,” Peter chuckled.  

    You cleared your throat, “Not what I meant.”

    “But it could happen. I’ll never be the same.”

    “Stop closing yourself off to the real world, Parker.  You told me that.” You shook Peter slightly, trying to cheer him up.

     “That’s what Mr. Stark told me,” he chuckled again.

     “In order to save the world, some people have to die to make that happen.”

     “You would have been team Captain,” Peter scoffed playfully, straightening his back and smiling at you.

     “I never picked a side,” you smirked, patting him in the back.  He stood up and threw his gym bag over his shoulder.

     “But you did choose to continue killing.”

     Your smile faltered, but you quickly regained yourself.  “Yeah, I did.  I’ll focus on that, while you continue to kill them with kindness, okay?”

     Peter pursed his lips and gave you a tiny wave while he exited the room.  “I’m still sorry I hurt you, Y/N.  I’ll be more careful next time.”

    “Yeah, let’s hope there isn’t a next time,” you yelled, hearing Peter laugh in the hallway.

    “-.. .. -.. / -.– — ..- / ..-. .. -. -.. / …. .. – ..–..” Did you find him?

    You giggled and stumbled out of bed, running to the wall and almost smacking against it.

      “.. / – — … - / -.-…-. - .- .. -. .-.. -.– / -.. .. -..” I most certainly did!

     “-.– — ..- / … — ..- -. -.. / …. .- .–. .–. -.– .-.-.-“ You sound happy.

    “.. / -.-. .- -. .—-. - / .-..-. … — ..- -. -.. .-..-. / .- -. -.– - …. .. -. –. .-.-.-“ I can’t “sound” anything.

     You abandoned the conversation and rushed to your door, your smile growing with each step.  You knocked on his door and composed yourself, your smile becoming smaller but nonetheless joyful.  Bucky whipped open the door and grabbed you by your waist, carrying you into his room and then his bathroom.  

     “What are you doing?” you laughed, holding onto Bucky’s hips as you hung over his shoulder.  

     “I need help,” Bucky stated, placing you on the floor and filling the bathtub with soap.  You watched as the soap evolved into bubbles and you raised an eyebrow.  

     “Help with what?” Bucky took his clothes off, instructing you to do the same.  

     Completely bare, you didn’t expect Bucky’s predicament to be the one he just mentioned. 

     Bucky held up a shaver and gave you a small smile.  Your eyes bulged out of your head.  “I don’t mind helping you shave but I drop that in the tub and we’re dead!” Bucky rapidly nodded and wrapped the plug back up.  

     You gave Bucky a surprised yet puzzled look while he fished through his bathroom drawer for something more reasonable.  He pulled out a simple razor like the one you used to shave your legs. “Okay, that could work.”

     You got into the tub first, playing with the bubbles as they swallowed you up.  Bucky followed you, sinking below the water and pulling your legs over his.  You were in close proximity, chests a few feet apart but your legs tangled in a complete mess.  It was delightful, the feeling of overwhelming calmness filling both bodies at the same time, hollowed voids becoming consumed by it and met with the acceptance of the inevitable.  You two were in the perfect place, so close and naked both literally and figuratively.

    You grabbed a handful of bubbles and smooshed them all over Bucky’s beard, his toothy smile accidentally allowing bubbles to settle on his tongue.  He spits them out, your laughs echoing throughout the room.  You brought the razor to the right side of his face first, softly running it through the thick hair Bucky had let grow out for far too long.

     “You want it all gone?” you asked, cleaning the razor in the tub before resuming.  Bucky hummed, staring at your face while you were in concentration.  You were careful not to prick his skin, dragging the razor expertly along the curve his jaw.  You raised your eyes to Bucky’s, giggling from his current appearance.  

    Bucky laughed, “What’s so funny, doll?”

     “You look like Santa Claus,” you stated, cleaning the razor as Bucky gasped quietly.  

     You finished his right side, cupping water in your palm and cleaning his freshly shaven face.  Picking up more bubbles, you placed them on the left side and got to work.  

     “Suck in your lips,” you told him, smiling and biting your lip when Bucky made the most childish face as he did so.  “Perfect.”

     You stared at Bucky, his clean face one that you didn’t recognize. You put down the razor and cupped his face, feeling his skin and pinching his cheeks.  “Why the sudden interest in not looking homeless?”

     Bucky splashed water at you, your mouth following open in a surprised squeal and you splashed him back.  “It was getting old!”

     Taking his answer as a truce, you raised your finger up to him as if telling him not to start again.  

     “Okay, should I shave your face now?” Bucky grinned, grabbing the razor and twirling it in his fingers.  You shrugged.

     “I don’t have anything to shave!” Looking around the tub and down at your body, you chuckled before raising your arms.  

     Bucky burst into laughter, his eyes crinkling so much you were sure tears pricked the sides.  You nodded towards your armpits, “Well, get to work!”

     Bucky caught his laughter and trailed the razor down your armpits, removing the small hairs that were beginning to grow.  Once he finished, you lowered your arms and pulled his face towards yours.  Kissing his newly shaven face was remarkable, the shape of his lips somehow becoming more prominent and noticeable.  You drowned in the feeling, biting his bottom lip every so often.  

     Moments like this also surprised you.  For so long, human contact was limited to small talk between classmates, professors, waiters, and Mark.  Being so close with someone now terrified you but you were ready.  You were going to prove everyone wrong and get your sister back, be with Bucky, and keep the new friends you had just made.  You might not want to become an Avenger right now, but the idea wasn’t that far-fetched.  If it meant remaining happy, having “avenging” be your side job after you get your degree was just what you needed.
Of course, the moment you and Bucky stepped out of the tub and reentered the real world, your little fantasy was again laid out on a rocky slope.  Your mission to Paris had just been moved up to tomorrow.    


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