elzy travels


Last Saturday, I went to Tokyo and visited Namco Namja Town for Tales of Fanfesta. This was my first Tales event ever so I was quite excited!

Out of the foods, I tried the Lulu and Yuri ice creams as well as the Kratos gyoza. (I wish I could’ve tried all of the gyoza and desserts but that would’ve been hard both in terms of money and time, haha.) The ice creams were smaller than I expected but quite delicious - except I didn’t notice that the Lulu ice cream has matcha in it until I started eating. I can’t stand matcha. ^^; The Kratos gyoza was rather hot, having chili in it, but I liked it as well! Actually, I even gained a new friend thanks to it. I was alone in Tokyo and upon noticing that I was eating by myself, a Japanese Tales fan came to talk to me. I’m really happy she did, it was fun talking with her!

I tried the Garaponia five times, the results being visible in the last photo. (I saw the Ludger card being sold for ¥1500 at a second-hand shop so I guess it was a good choice, haha.) In addition, there are the cards I got from eating as well as the flyer (both sides) and a couple of things I bought from the Namja Town shop (sweets + the Tales of Festival 2013 bag).

All in all, I had fun! … But I still wish I could’ve eaten all dem Tales foods. :D


Went to Otomate Café today!

Okita drink: sweet and delicious.
Saitou drink: terrible at first sip but became drinkable LOL
Amnesia parfait: made after the one from the game, I think.
Otomate basket: a non-series dish.
Amnesia roll cake: five different options. Mine’s the Joker.

For each thing ordered, you get a coaster at random. Four of the ones I got are down and right in the picture. The fifth was a Clock Zero one but a girl came over asking if I want to change any coasters and gave me two Amnesias and a Hakuouki for that?? Maybe she had doubles, she was clearly collecting the coasters so I don’t see why she’d casually give three away for one otherwise. In any case, I’m not complaining. :o

You also get a poster-thingy at random. The two rubber coasters are exclusive(?) items from the café. Most of them were sold out (such as the Saitou, Okita, and Ukyo coasters) but I wanted to buy at least something. :3

The waiters/waitresses were all in costumes. There was Shinpachi and Chikage from Hakuouki as well as the super creepy glasses dude and the creepy shota (who drew the smiley on my parfait :-D) from DiaLovers. I’m not sure about the fifth one but he gave me a rubber band to roll the poster when I asked if we can take them home. -b

If anyone is going to the café or is otherwise interested in how you get in and stuff, let me know and I’ll explain. o/ (Probably after returning to Kanazawa because writing on a phone isn’t that fun, haha.)

I’m in Naha, Okinawa now! Looks like I won’t be going diving, unfortunately, but I’ve booked a whale watching tour and a couple of sightseeing tours~ Hopefully I’ll also manage to hike to Hiji Falls. We’ll see.

It was really cool seeing the sea from the plane! All the beautiful shades of blue and green. *___* I’ve never seen a sea like that live before. There are also palm trees scattered all over the place. The temperature is a bit below 20°C, which feels pretty nice. I’d hate to visit Okinawa during the warmest months anyway, haha.

Booked flights and a hotel for a trip to Okinawa! I’ll be staying there for six nights in early March. :) I’ll probably reserve a day trip or two, one for the Churaumi Aquarium/northern Okinawa and another one for southern Okinawa. I’d also like to hike to a waterfall in northern Okinawa by myself but I first have to convince myself I’m not too afraid of the local wildlife. 8D;

What I also really want to try is scuba diving, so I’m gonna do some research on that later this week! I’ve never dived before but I already looked up a company that has tours for people without a diving license. :) They have a fun diving tour, a cave tour, and… a whale shark tour. A whale shark tour. That would be fucking awesome. :O

Apart from Okinawa, I’ll spend the last week of my spring break with my mother in Osaka in early April. :3 Other than that, I have no long-distance travel plans for the break. I suck at budget travelling so I can’t stroll around for two months. :’D Not even having bought no merch would’ve saved enough money for that, haha. But I hope I can tour Kanazawa and possibly also visit nearby prefectures!

I’ll be heading to Sapporo tomorrow! And then to Tokyo next Friday. I feel rather ill-prepared, especially for Comiket since I didn’t have too much time to browse the catalog. I mostly just wrote down certain series on the maps, as well as some sellers that looked interesting, and took a ton of pictures to be able to check out some seller pages even in Sapporo.

But Joshua is packed and I know which table I’ll head to first at Comiket and I know where I can see Persona 3 in Sapporo so I guess it’ll be fine. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ And we did check some places in Sapporo beforehand with mythicalm and maharanidian. I’m just used to having a pile of concrete plans and maps with me so it feels weird to have looser plans, haha. :D

Anyway, I gotta wake up in seven hours so off to bed I go! See you!