elyssa is lee adama and therefore perfect


Listen up, internet; Elyssa is the greatest person you can ever hope to meet, and if you’re not following her, I suggest you fix that immediately. She was one of the first people I talked to on here who didn’t actively suck, and I am forever thankful for the day I decided to capslock about Party Down in her inbox. Because Elyssa is the best (things we already know); she’s the fiercest, funniest, most intelligent person on this website, and if you have a black lace dresses with sleeves situation, chances are it’s her fault. Her tag meta and fics and words in general will make you want to weep and tear out your heart and offer it to her, because she is queen. So the happiest of all twenty-third birthdays to you, you deserve all the canon OTPs and dumb Hemsworth faces and kids who can’t keep their hands to themselves and everything else you could possibly want! <3