“Hey Colonel!” Ed yells. “You still haven’t give the Lieutenant a kiss!”

Roy annoying rolls his eyes.

“He’s right, boss.” Havoc grins. “Better hurry up!”

Roy was about to retaliate but then his niece came walking by looking adorable as ever.

“Hi, Uncla Roy!”

 An idea pops into his head.

“They’re right, Lieutenant. It’s tradition.” 

“Agreed, sir.”

All their friends and family in the crowd almost hold their breaths when they’re just about to witness Colonel Mustang finally making a move. Until question marks pop above their heads when they see Mustang picking up Elysia.

“Ready?” Roy asks Riza.

She nods in reply and both plant a little kiss on both Elysia’s cheeks. 

They don’t hear the loud groans over Elysia’s bubbly giggles. 

“Really?!” Havoc complained.

“Lame!” The former Fullmetal yelled. 

They’re at a big Christmas ball by the way :p 


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