Ready for magical summer backpacking trips - Elwah Valley Forest, WA.

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i was so emo today that i cried without any reasons.. hahaaaa

well i think that the crazy hormones were up due to my period (sometimes i envy the male species) 

i was thinking of a lot of shit and i was afraid my mind’s gonna explode.

it’s indeed true that when you’re in pain, you create beautiful scenes and the most craziest ideas. i even grabbed my pen and paper and scribbled my thoughts but to no success it ended up on just phrases that are random yet i think it has meaning.

I’ve noticed that i was not feeding this blog with words maybe because i’m denying my feelings and i want to believe in what my mind’s saying than that of what’s in my heart. 

What really does my heart says? what does it feel as of the moment? pausing and thinking of an answer)

and i don’t have an answer is my answer. 

I am so full of emptiness that i need to empty it out so i’d feel filled. 

does that even makes sense?


Feb 07,2012



when the only certain thing is to be uncertain.

one certain thing i know is that i’ll keep on making art. i may have not yet attained a precise identity or mark with my own but i’m not in a hurry yet it’s a struggle i have to admit with the influence around me and all.

I have to not let it be a hindrance yet an attrition to something i love to do and i call it passion.

With people staring or even just taking a glimpse of a vision in my mind that was printed through an acid free paper, a canvas and or a scrap wooden panel, i get to share how i see,why i see,and what i see.. and i’m happy and contented with that. I’m more even grateful to a few who has been honest and true with appreciating what i can do (sum rhymin’)so from the bottom of my getting there… to-being-ok-heart (CHAROT) thank you.