Ready for magical summer backpacking trips - Elwah Valley Forest, WA.

Photography -Haley   can also be viewed on instagram @haleywillner

when the only certain thing is to be uncertain.

one certain thing i know is that i’ll keep on making art. i may have not yet attained a precise identity or mark with my own but i’m not in a hurry yet it’s a struggle i have to admit with the influence around me and all.

I have to not let it be a hindrance yet an attrition to something i love to do and i call it passion.

With people staring or even just taking a glimpse of a vision in my mind that was printed through an acid free paper, a canvas and or a scrap wooden panel, i get to share how i see,why i see,and what i see.. and i’m happy and contented with that. I’m more even grateful to a few who has been honest and true with appreciating what i can do (sum rhymin’)so from the bottom of my getting there… to-being-ok-heart (CHAROT) thank you.