Elvynn, from Aurore’s comic Pixie.

En fait, j'aime pas ; ça fait rabat-joie, mais j'assume ! J'aime bien Elvynn, j'aime pas vraiment le fond, puis la composition en général aussi, je la trouve bof bof bof bof.

Je pense que je vais refaire un fond plus neutre, en gardant le personnage. Mmh.

Je crois que je n'aime pas les colos avec line, en fait.

edit : voilà le fond simpliste lol (“lol”, c'est pour dire, le désespoir)…

This is Elvynn Tassen. He is 14 sweeps and 17 days, 22 hours, and 7 minutes, 32 seconds to be exact. Every morning he brushes his teeth four times, flosses twice, then rinses six. 

He is an oddball. despite his extreme fear of germs, he desperately wants children. He desires nothing more than to be a surrogate lusus for orphaned trolls. He has a void that he feels can only be filled with the love of another. He hasn’t really ever had a quad that has stuck around. The last one he had fucked off after a fight over his cleaning habits. 

He is a precious babe. If anyone has any young trolls who need looking out for, I would love to plot and talk about it. 

Elvynn also needs glasses. He is doesn’t have the best vision close up. He gets squinty when he looses them. 

He has no plots yet, so here you go. Have this weird obsessive compulsive babe,.