Random MS trivia

1. Way back, you can egg HT pendants multiple times. A patch made that impossible, except those that were put into Storage beforehand.

2. There is a map called “Black Magician’s Lab” in Magatia, accessible through the Underground Passage.

3. If you play Hide and Seek in the NLC mansion, there is a chance that someone might enter a map you’re not in and see you.

4. The only monsters that have a gender are Desert Bunnies in Ariant.

5. Almost all the classes were featured in one gender, then promoted as another.

6. The camera in the FM’s TV is pointing the wrong way. If you stand in front of it, you won’t see anything.

7. “The Forest North of Ellinia” used to be the biggest map in MS pre-bb, and only a 2nd job mage would know that.

8. Maya has been sick for over 50 years following her appearance in Henesys Ruins.

9. The “Well” in Korean Folk Town looks completely dry, but Aqua Road is right beneath it.

10. Vita, the girl that you rescued at the beginning of Resistance quests, is actually an undercover operative of the Black Wings and blows herself up later in the quests in an attempt to destroy the Secret Plaza.

11. Besides Magnus and PB prequests, “The Search for the Book of Ancient” is the most time-consuming quest chain in MS.

12. The reason why nobody kills CHT for drops is because you need 6 people there, alive, after taking at least an hour to kill CHT.

13. In the KMS “Revamp Seasons” and “Fly” update, even though they said they’d revamp all classes, but for jobs like Phantom and Luminous, only a useless 1st/3rd job attacking skill was buffed for 10% damage.

14. “Maple Administrator” used to be male.

15. The “Piece of Paper” in Ant Tunnel is only used for a Balrog quest, in which you need to kill it 200 times…

16. In the Legend update promotion poster, Cannoneer and Mercedes have angel wings, but not in game.

17. Classes that have Flash Jump (everyone?) while doing JQs will face a severe disadvantage because the game always thinks you’re trying to FJ if you press “alt” too often and in result, you just don’t move and fall down the cliff.

18. Aran and Evan (and resistance?) are the only classes that can’t skip its tutorials.

19. GMs in Galicia can all be banned for their igns, because you have “GAL” at the end, which means “girl”, which is something in real life.

20. You can’t have more than 3 “I” or “L” in succession in your ign.

21. There is no “day” or “night” in MS. And consequently, nobody ever needs to sleep (even though there are beds?) or use the bathroom.

22. VIP equips are the only 120+s that you can trade without a PSoK, regardless whether you equipped it or not.

23. When Chaos update was released in KMS, people thought the profession people would become a new class branch.

24. Right now, we have 7 class branches (8 after Red): Explorers, Cygnus, Heroes, Resistance, Chief Knights, Nova, Sengoku. Only 3 of them have all 5 classes: Explorers, Heroes, Resistance.

25. Warriors (especially Arans) were buffed or nerfed in every class revamp.

26. People thinks Aliens is a bad training spot after Unleashed, but it still gives 1495 exp (Jesters used to give 1325).

27. When you kill a major boss, it “records” something in the chat bar. That “record” is for the GMs to see who’s hacking, although all you have is a name and time.

28. Mihile, the chief knight of the Dawn Warriors, is much weaker than DWs themselves.

29. Zakum’s name came from an Arabic word meaning “hell”.

30. Level 200-250 takes 536 times the exp from 0-200.

31. The reason Nineheart is locked up in future ereve is because he was a total asshole to the knights.

32. Root Abyss bosses were taken straight from Alice in Wonderland.

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Random MS trivia, part 2

Bored, so I’m going to write a sequel to my first post.

1. On the Maple World map, El Nath and Orbis is clearly east of Aqua Road. However, when you drop down the Orbis Tower, you have to go east, instead of west, to get to Aquarium. Same situation with Leafre and ToT.

2. The time it takes from Victoria to Ereve, from Ereve to Orbis, and from Victoria to Orbis is the same: 2 minutes, although Ereve is exactly halfway between Victoria and Orbis.

3. In Door of the Future, it said that Ereve crashed straight into Henesys and into the heart of Victoria Island. The map shows that Ereve should’ve came down into Aqua Road.

4. If you get temp. banned for one thing 3 times, it will result in an automatic permanent ban. (*cough* ign)

5. The “Giant Centipede”, area boss of the Herb Town, was originally added in the last stage before the first rest point in the original Mu Lung Dojo. Why it’s put into Herb Town or its relations with the surrounding monsters are unknown.

6. A hidden item and NPC, respectively the Dark Tachion, dropped from Pap Clock, and Suspicious Lava, in the map “Cave Within the Cave” of El Nath, are involved in a quest pre-bb that would give you 300,800 exp. The quest is activated once you pick up a Dark Tachion from Pap.

7. The Nautilius on Victoria Island and the Pirate Ship around Herb Town, although both movable objects, has stayed in the same place since the beginning of the game.

8. On another note, getting to the Pirate Ship requires you to go through a cage in “Old Swamp”, and you suddenly end up on a pirate boat in the middle of the ocean.

9. Theoretically, if you keep going north from the Cave of Life, you would end up in the ocean close to Florina Beach. However, the two places, although very close on maps, has a very different background.

10. The major terrestrial parts of the Ossyria continent are only accessible via plane, which is kind of weird, seeing how El Nath, Mu Lung, and Nihal deserts are all connected on land. Nihal Desert is also connected to Leafre.

11. The “Balrog” has many forms, including: Baby Balrog, Jr. Balrog, Crimson Balrog, Geist Balrog. Out of these, the real Balrog is level 84, and does the second-to-least damage.

12. Zakum and HT (and its Chaos variations) are the only major bosses in MS that have more than 30 minutes of time limit. Ironically, they have the least HP. The Chaos RA bosses have the most, while only getting 15 minutes.

13. There has not been a “Bug Extermination Report” since July 2012, although Nexon promised to release them every week.

14. Almost every one of the early Heroes and Cygnus questline are the same: do the 4 missions on Victoria Island (Henesys, Ellinia, Kerning, Perion), kill the puppeteer once at level 25-ish, and you’re done.

15. When the Mushroom Kingdom has won the battle against King Pepe, his troops never moved out and still appears to be taking control of the castle.

16. If you look at the Dark Lord in his up-side-down form, he looks like a monster with a huge mouth.

17. From the levels of the monsters in Knight’s Stronghold, one can conclude that the order from weakest to strongest of the CKs are: NW, BW, TB, WA, DW. Also, the two weakest CKs have been disabled from creation.

18. Luminous has the highest % monster ignore from its skills.

19. In Ravaged Henesys, “Six Path Crossway Ruins” does have a portal leading into future Sleepywood, but it’s closed. For now.

20. Bigger Ben is only accessible from the World Map (via Hyper Teleport Rock). The disabled portal prevents people from doing the GFA quest (used to be level 36) easily.

21. In Monster Park Extreme, you get 3 free tickets a day. You can save up tickets for one giant run one day. Also, the exp you get at level 70: 1315. Exp you get at 140: 29000.

22. It is unknown what the strip of land south of Nihal and Leafre would be for.

23. The Hekaton battle map would become the largest map on MS.

24. We see many rivers upon a closer look at the Ossyria continent. However none of them are found in game.

25. The Dolphin that carries you between Herb Town and Aquarium requires you to go completely around the eastern rim of the Ossyria continent, but the dolphin completes the trip instantly.

26. The origin of alchemy (theme of Magatia) is from the Black Mage’s power when he studied there.

27. The Black Mage, the Transcendence of Light of the Maple World, founded Aurora, which researches and protects the “light”. But, then the Black Mage left to begin his conquest for power. In the KMS theme dungeon “Dimensional Library” (level 100-115), released in the last patch of Red, describes the White Mage, which was the founder of the light mentioned above (picture). Because of this, it is extremely plausible that Luminous skills is a preview of the final fight against the Black Mage.

28. 7 of 9 Black Mage’s commanders have been released into the game as bosses, except Guwaru and Lotus.

29. Zakum was the longest end-game monster. Horntail was second place and Pink Bean was third.

30. Phantom was the only one of the 5 heroes that chickened out before the fight (look at Luminous tutorial).

31. Shinsoo’s story of Future Henesys being the Black Mage’s dream was confirmed after the release of RA.

32. In many coin shops that sells equipment, every weapon after the Dual Bowgun has no potential, while the older weapons do.

33. The Black Mage has an evil Onyx Dragon in his possession.

34. Lania, the girl that lived with Luminous, is not killed in the explosion (regardless if you choose Light or Dark) and survives and is part of the Lumi’s storyline. At level 130, you have to defeat an evil version of her, created by the Black Mage.

35. Checky, the Mechanic instructor, has never shown his face, except a little bit in the Secret Plaza.

36. The three people you help in the Resistance tutorial are the 3 original instructors.

37. 3 of 4 transcendent of the Maple World (Alicia, Black Mage, Cygnus, Rhinne), has some sort of descendent that is a playable class, besides Alicia (the world tree). They are Luminous, CKs, and Zero, respectively.

38. The classes that don’t use MP are Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger, Angelic Burster (forgot about this one), and Zero.

39. To get exp from Maple World, Zero has to be level 180 and complete all of his storyline quests up to that point.

40. A continuity error shows a knuckle-wielding hero in Aran’s tutorial, which never existed.

41. In the very first edition of Silent Crusade, the end is with Starling/Crow leaving the organization after seemingly being mad with the player. JMS made an extension of that in which Starling/Crow returns and helps in finding a traitor within the Crusade. In KMS, it was revealed that Cygnus was the one that founded the Crusade.

42. Many people think Leviathan has been removed as a boss. However, it’s still there next to the hidden street by Raul the Knight.

43. The Black Wings (under Orchid’s command) thought they are reviving the Black Mage, but it was all a ploy to get energy from Verne Mine to revive Lotus, Orchid’s twin.

44. Von Leon was the only commander that joined Black Mage unwillingly.

45. If you think about it, Balrog is the mini version of the Black Mage, having its story based on the relatively small Victoria Island.

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Random MS trivia, part 3

Parts 1, 2 here.

1. If pdr wasn’t taken into account, Cygnus has the most HP in the game with 378b. Magnus is at second place with 252b, while Chaos Pink Bean holds 3rd place with 168b.

2. Every theme dungeon above level 100 has something to do with the Black Mage, while those below 100 have nothing relevant with it.

3. Pets can expire many hours after their expiration date/time in game.

4. Back then, PB prequests require you to kill 11988 monsters. That number has since been reduced to 1/3, to 3996.

5. Speaking of PB, it was the longest undefeated boss in MS. All other bosses released in their unglitched form (*ahem* Cygnus) were defeated within 1-2 days.

6. Every year, GMS is down for a total time of 33 days.

7. When people try to sell the book "Final Blow", blow is censored. If you forget to type Biow instead, there goes your $1 wasted.

8. Melody Cross (AB 1st) is the only buff that only increases Accuracy, ironic because the class was released years after Accuracy and Avoidability was revamped.

9. Explorer Warriors is the only class that don’t have the version of FJ where you jump by tapping “alt” twice. Instead, you have the traditional DW’s “Soul Rush”, which has a 3 second delay.

10. Every anniversary event released equipments that have a higher level than the year before, while 2012 was the first year with set effects.

11. Way back then, a quest from The Rememberer requires you to kill Bob The Snail (lv. 2 monster deep in the ant tunnel with Wild Cargos). The reward from the quest is -5 fame.

12. Despite Jr. Balrog’s popularity with old players, not a single quest nor NPC mentioned it. (sorry, I meant Victoria Island quests, where it centers around an area boss)

13. The richest NPCs (by amount of mesos players give to them) would be the mount collectors (Kenta, etc.), and namely, Chief Tatamo, for dragon wings and magic seeds.

14. From 2008 to 2011, a dialogue with Nineheart says something along the lines of “Cygnus Knights are the most powerful classes”. With the CK revamp this September that actually made them one of the top classes, the line was removed.

15. There still has been no news on Maplestory 2, although it’s been rumored to come for 5 (?) years now?

16. After Unleased patch this summer, there has not been a single ks war (at least no one complains anymore about ksing).

17. Shinsoo no longer gives players a buff when they click on him.

18. For the longest time, Cygnus and her instructors in Evo Lab drop absolutely nothing.

19. Hurricane and other “keydown” skills are the only skills in the game that keep on attacking forever, unlike others that stop attacking after 100~ shots. Examples: Siege Mode, Ishtar’s Ring, Pressure Void, Spectral Light, Mille Aiguilles.

20. “Crack of Dimension” (Ludi PQ) used to have a set pattern in the stage where you have the 3 boxes. Now, it changes every time. That old pattern is: 133 221 333 123 111. It’s also used as a symbol of old ms and widely memorized by players.

21. In Zakum JQ, if you can press UP and RIGHT and JUMP at the same time, you can go through all the ropes without getting knocked off.

22. Sleepywood has shrinked to 40% of its original size with the following changes after BB: removed Forest of Golem, removed Dungeon Entrances, shortened Ant Tunnel.

23. Ghost Ship Party Quest, a very popular PQ in 2010, gave 300,000 exp to levels 60-80s. Because BB made exp to level easier, Nexon reduced its exp to 60000. However, for a few days after BB they forgot to change, so people leveled like crazy with this PQ.

24. Although all 3rd and 4th job is at level 60 and 100, Advanced Knight and Captain Knight is still given at 70 and 120.

25. When fighting Empress Cygnus, she would always repeat “you look much better like this”.

26. Aqua Road is much smaller than it looks.

27. Many censored words in MS appears in the game. (blow, party, event, assassin, etc)

28. When Big Bang was just out, MS had “hot time” once in a while, where at 2:30 PM Pacific exactly, an item was handed out. However, due to people complaining about lag, it’s now changed to “hot day” and is a lot more common compared to before.

29. During the peak periods of Unleashed we had less players online than the period between Big Bang and Chaos. (spring=usually least players)

30. Out of the Black Mage’s commanders, Magnus is the strongest (252b HP), and Von Leon is the weakest (550m HP).

31. The only BGM in the game not made by Nexon is “Release your spirit high”, played in the last part of the Phantom tutorial. Tbh, it sounds amazing. Link

Top 10 useless NPCs in Victoria Island

I don’t remember much from Ossyria, but here’s my personal list of useless NPCs in Victoria. Note: “The 7-11 guy”, “Mom and Dad”, and “Mia/Pia/Tia/Xia” are no longer in MS and taken off the list.

For suggestions, please leave a comment.

1. Not just in Victoria, but this is just a sad memory and unusable version of Cody that we had before Big Bang.

2. Like, I don’t even remember talking to him at all. And when I do click on him, nothing comes up. Maybe I used him pre-bb as a beginner? Not sure.

3. Nobody pays NX anymore so there’s a chance that one other person can see you on the TV.

4. Donation medal sucks now, and pointless as fuck.

5. Besides Fangblade, these NPCs are nice, but there’s nothing to do. Funny though, when you click on them, it says “I’m LEVEL 200.” Yes, with capital “level 200”.

6. No response when I click on this guy. Maybe I used him once for a Dyle quest.

7. Probably something to do with wedding. Or the retarded “memo” system that doesn’t even exist.

8. Only quest from this guy no longer exists.

9. Evan questline, maybe? Other than that I’ve never talked to him.

10. Only thing I had to do for this cat is to find a red ball of yarn for him to play. Love to have him as a pet, would you agree?

Top 20 used phrases in MS

1. Range?

2. When is [insert update name] coming out? (and its response: “let me get into my time machine”)

3. What time is 2x in [insert country]?

4. JPQ/J>guild/J>[boss]

5. cc plz

6. wb/hi/grats/ty/np/brb/bye/gtg

7. “No hablo ingles”

8. Offer please


10. B/S/T>[item]

11. HS/AB/Rage/SE plz

12. “WWW.G@MECOO.C[O]M FAST MESO/NX $9.99 500M FAST DELIVERY @@@@@@@@”

13. I’m quitting ms/got banned.

14. Nexon sucks

15. f3 (and all other faces)

16. noob

17. “your mom”

18. “hax0r!”

19. “get a life”

20. “Just came back to ms, what did I miss?”

A person in Bera, obviously a scammer, tries to “buy accounts” from other semi-funded players by showing them that he’s godly (with the e-staff) and exerting to them that they have no control over their account and he’ll “ban them” if they run away after the money is handed to them. His deal was: player provides him user/pass, and he goes on the account to “check" if the characters are there. In reality, he’s changing emails (given the fact that the retards were retarded enough not to set security questions). Then after he "verifies” the players are there, he asks for the PIC. And if the person being scammed gets cold feet, he’ll just reset the account info completely. Either way, they lose everything. A couple people believed him and they lost their accounts. The image you see on the left is a Basilmarket user (that originally posted the screenshot) confronting the scammer, which was the last time he was seen. Something in the picture tells me that English isn’t his first language. Ign: XxAdirProxX and XenoNxUaEx9


Population comparison between Scania at the time of the World Merge (summer 2012), Scania current, and GAZED current. Added: Population pie chart at the time of the world merge. And remember how everybody said the world merge would bring tons of ksers? Well, I’ve literally never seen another person train outside of Evo Lab, Dimensional Invasion, PQs, or Stronghold ever since NLC and LHC was removed.

Did something happen today on MS? Why’s everyone banned?

A basiler’s explanation:

Early morning, around 3-4-5 am, if some of you noticed, a hacker (IGN: Rheidmor) using an exploit was opening numerous bags of those chaos pouches you get from battle square. In Windia, the chat was spammed with the blue notifiers. I tracked him to see what was going on, and indeed I saw he was hacking and exploiting these pouches. He actually stated that he was doing this in multiple servers, Bera being another one of them. He was also npcing all of the items he would get from the exploit, hence, resulting in a large sum of money, enough to keep buying out the shops. From here, I guess Nexon banned people who the hacker bought the items from due to illegally obtained mesos.

It’s unusual though how everyone who got the 30-day ban, such as myself, all were banned exactly at 11:08 am.

I am sure Nexon will do something about this because this is an abnormally high amount of people getting banned, with many tickets going in. Surely, they cannot let something like this pass. Keep sending your tickets people, even keep the discussion going on Basil. The more people know and the more people banned, the sooner they will take action.

In a nutshell:

Guy exploited battle pouch items, people took advantage of the exploit. BOOM 30 day (a few people got perma) bans to everyone. Well, good thing none of my accounts were banned (I wouldn’t be on at 3-5am anyways unless I suddenly got infected with the Chris disease :P)


No description available.

That’s all I gotta say.