elvish and fae

What is Faery?

Faeries can be found in all cultures, such as Persian, Chinese, Greek, but mostly Irish and Celtic. 

Basically Faeries are spirits of nature, they might have some aspects similar to humans.

These beings can be linked to the four elements, trees, flowers, darks aspects, seasons among other things.

Some legends behold them as being mischievous or even evil. But faeries have their own views on good and bad which might go against with what humans consider of that.  “ I believe no faery is completely good or bad but fluidly embodies both extremes.” Brian Froud

Some of these spirits can be more friendly towards humans while others might not be so open to connect to humans. It also depend on the type of human, if it’s a person who respects nature or not. 

Some terms related to Faery are:

  • Alfar- edda- scandinavian
  • Faery- latin “fata”- destine
  • Fairy- French
  • Faerie/fey- English
  • Sidhe-shee- gaelic- people from the hills/ mountain
  • Sith (gaelic variation of sidhe) 
  • Good people 
  • Little people 
  • Farisees
  • Fary 
  • Fees
  • Fay 
  • Fae
  • Elf 
  • Elvish 
  • Elven
  • Feriers/ferishers
  • Changelings
  • Ellyllon

“Faeries show us the flow and the possibilities of change.  They show us clarity and insight and the fact that everything is connected and that we are all part of one another.”  Brian Froud

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subsections  asked:

Can you tell me more about modern mythology? I'm really really interested. I researched it a bit but not a lot came up. Are there any other modern myths along the same lines as the ones you posted about? (I only saw one post I'm not sure if you post about modern mythology a lot) Thanks in advance if you do xo

okay well so for taking ages! that textpost was me making stuff up about supernatural/mythology creatures in a modern context but i’ll definitely come up with more

  • teenage witches starting covens with their friends, disguising ceremonial rituals as sleepovers and talking about incantations late into the night and they can barely keep their eyes open (although that might be someone practicing a new spell)
  • the elves have to hide from the humans bc god knows what they would do if they found out, so they grow their hair out, wear beanies, bandanas and hats to hid their ears. coloured contacts are especially needed for the elves with golden eyes, the colour of the sun.
  • there’s cafes and shops designs especially for magical kind, hidden amongst the urban decay. there’s plaster falling off the side of the building and the wooden door is chipped but when magical folk see the glamor sigil panted on the doorknob they know
  • werewolves only truly feel free when they are running with a wolf pack at night, away from the noise pollution of the city. some werewolves choose to never revert to human form, forever sprinting through the forest, waiting for their next kill
  • the dryads are becoming less and less common every year, the witches miss their tree friends. humans are cutting down more trees then they need, ovbilous that they are cutting off the dryads lifeline. the witches fling hexes around like they’re swearing at the loss of the nature spirits
  • there are those who have dirty blood, born with a mix of fae, elvish, dryad or wiccan running through their veins. they call these creatures half bloods, some with skin the colour of river water, others with purple eyes and hair like literal fire. they have sigils disguised as tattoos on their bodies to hide their real nature away from the human (and magical) world