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Can’t Help Falling In Love - Elvis/Ingrid
I covered this on my insta a while back (or somewhere lol I can’t remember) and I did it in the higher octave. I can’t decide which I line better because they feel different.. that’s more “11pm shout to the heavens I love you” whereas this is more “6am you just made me coffee on a rainy Sunday and I love you”
Lemme know your thoughts! Comments/messages/requests are always really appreciated

Darling, So It Goes

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imagine from imaginexhobbit || Words: 571 || Characters: Fili, Fem!Reader || Genre: angst || Setting: Battle of Five Armies, Ravenhill ||  Note: although Thorin is my favorite, it’s been a while since I’ve written Fili || Song: “Can’t Help Falling in Love”- (Ingrid Michaelson) (Elvis) (Twenty One Pilots) (UB40) || Note 2: I do not own this song

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saccharine sweet: sweet, cheesy, happy songs with a vaguely retro vibe for falling head over heels in love, even when all odds are stacked against you. (pushing daisies: ned/chuck) [8tracks]

for emily and naomi (cover by the lovely gerri cherhorowiz)

crimson and clover (tommy james and the shondelles) - joan jett and the blackhearts // can’t help falling in love (elvis presley) - ingrid michaelson // rebel girl - bikini kill // i believe in you - kylie minogue //  heart shaped box (nirvana) - lana del rey // somebody sweet to talk to - she & him // sea of love (phil phillips) - cat power // shelter - the xx // take me to church (hozier) - neon jungle // wonderwall (oasis) - the pretty reckless // 


Can't Help Falling In Love (Rough Cover)
Jess Coppens

For some reason I woke up really wanting to record this, so here’s a very rough, straight forward, right out of bed, iPhone recorded cover of Can’t Help Falling In Love

This is also the song I’ll be using when I audition for The Voice next month. I’ve got a much fancier a cappella version planned for that, though. (;

Sketch To Music Meme

From yummykyman​ !! I very liked hers!! so I want to try it too!! (she’s my lord in kyman srsly)

Rules :

  1. Put your music playlist on shuffle.
  2. Draw whatever comes to your mind for each song.
  3. Draw as much as you can until the song stops. When the next song comes on you must move on to the next picture.
  4. (opt) Lyrics defining what you portrayed in your picture.

Immortal - Fallout Boys

This one is hardddddddd—– but kinda remind me in the imaginationland where cartman is just sooo needy for kyle sucking his balls xD

Can’t Help Falling in Love - Ingrid Michaelson Cover [Elvis Presley]

psssssss wedding days of Kyman—- uvu I forgot that Cartman should be taller to pffffff sorry

Angel with a Shotgun - The Cab

This always remind me on how Kenny when he just protect his loves one hnggh Like this song fits Mysterion perfectlyyy

Alone Together - Fallout Boys

This always makes me imagine that Cartman (which I think officially) is a psycho and he can’t keep on thinking that they (he n kyle) will grow up more and apart from each other more and more— thus the lyrics fits I guess— So we can play pretend~

Tears of an Angel - RyanDan

Kyle dies, Cartman desperate, but angel Kyle becomes Cartman’s guardian angel uvu yess

My Angel - Prince Royce

A song from Furious 7!!! I just think this implies on Kenny consider how I loveeeeeeee his blond hair and bright blue eyes uvu my angel luls

hope you like my crappy sketch lol I sketch veryy messy uvu