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My Experience at ELVIS: Live in Concert

Because Elvis Week 2017 starts today, I have decided to share my experience in seeing Elvis: Live in Concert with my family.  I am not even sure how to begin. It has been weeks since seeing the show and I am still picking up pieces of my brain off the floor– because it freaking BLEW MY MIND!

Anyway, when we arrived at the theatre, the line to get in was out the door.  The vast majority of people there, including me, were decked out in Elvis garb.  While the average age of the audience was probably about 70, I was pleasantly surprised to see people my age (and younger) there as well!

After waiting for a while in line, we took our seats.  I began chatting with the people around me, and met an older couple who traveled almost 300 miles (!!) to see this show.  They told me about how they saw Elvis LIVE in 1956, and then again in the ‘70s. I was both amazed, and, admittedly jealous, as this is the closest I would ever get to really seeing him in concert 😂.

Before I knew it, the lights went down, and the conductor, Robin A. Smith came out on stage.  My stomach was in knots.  I remember thinking, “if this is how I feel right now, I can’t even imagine what the anticipation was like seeing Elvis in person.”

The violins started, and on the screen, a montage of the TCB gang is shown.  It slowly goes black…and then…ELVIS.  


The audience went wild.

And with that, I promptly started crying.  TEARS, running down my face.  No joke. It. felt. so. real.

For the remainder of the show, I somehow managed to pull myself together 😅 They played quite a range of songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and there was a part where they showed Elvis’s home videos, which Priscilla Presley herself thoughtfully narrated.  

In all honesty, I have been putting this post off for a while now.  It is so difficult to describe/encapsulate the grandeur and unbelievable power of Elvis’s voice accompanied by a live orchestra. If Graceland does this again in the future and it comes to your area, please, please, PLEASE try and go.  You will NOT be disappointed.

Thanks for reading!!

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20 Questions

I was tagged by @gastt . Thank you so much I don’t think i’ve ever been tagged in something like this 😂

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~Name: Hayley 

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~Height: 5′3-5′4

~Ethnicity: New Zealand Pakeha/ kiwi/Caucasian

~Favourite fruits: Raspberries, Mangoes, apples, (I have a lot but i’ll only name those three for now 

~Favourite Season: Autumn/Winter

~Favourite book(s): Oh man, I have way too many to name just one 😂

~Favourite Flower(s):  Roses (Hahah ironic) and Wisteria

~Favourite animal(s): big cats (tigers, lions, panthers), house cats, dogs, horses. (to name a few)

~Favourite Beverage: All Berry Smoothie from tank

~Favourite fictional character(s): Everyone from BATB 2017, Archie Jughead Betty and Veronica, Castle and Beckett from Castle, Rose, Dimitri Lissa and Chrsitian from vampire academy, just to name a few. 

~Number of blankets you sleep with: Is that like sheets duvet and blankets, or just like blankets? 😂

~Dream Trip: Italy, Greece, France, Spain, Tokyo, America (I’m going next year YAY!) 

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