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Barbie loves Elvis at the Bay by Annette29aag
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A lovely blond Barbie (The Bay)with a model muse body wears the gold lame suit . I intended to put the outfit on a brunette, but then a photo shoot happened.

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Why do you hate harry all of the suden

I don’t hate him but I gave him the benefit of the doubt despite all the signs out there. I still have a soft spot for Larry && the canons. I’m not saying they’re not together or anything of that sort. But, here’s my experience with Harry && 1D. I honestly grew intrigued when I heard how much of a feminist H was. That’s what grabbed my attention because it’s not something you find in mainstream music. My background is far from mainstream music. I don’t listen to anything that’s playing on your local radio. I listen to oldies in all genres. I think they were the only relevant music I bothered with. 

Many of these singers (white privileged kids tbh) are out there claiming to be feminists (taylor) but it wasn’t the case with H. Or at least that’s how I felt. He showed support to the gay community. He was always gender-neutral. He spoke about empowerment. Mind you, this is what I heard from his mouth not from articles or hearsay. I started watching the freddieismyqueen videos && I fell in love with the person I watched.

I understood that he was closeted along with others in the band && my heart broke for them. So, I supported them as a bisexual supporting my fellow rainbow comrades. Yet, his solo campaign came out && that turned me off && I did a complete 180. Also, it didn’t go unnoticed how his image was manipulated to monosyllabic responses && the image of hipster Harry. I figured that was what his team was pushing. The whole “Basquiat is king,” posts too (mind you, I don’t like his work but I see the appeal). Nevertheless, after the tour sold out, the preordering && the milkshake Larry tweet, choosing #2 && #8 track for SNL etc…. then, Carolina happened && I thought, wait, Johnny Cash? The Elvis suit && I was like “oh no, another Bruno Mars” (bc Bruno tries to be a cheap copy of James Brown aesthetic), but then I read the lyrics to “Kiwi” && then I heard the song && the obnoxious coke snorting sound…. I cringed.

 I was so disappointed because I defended him. I was rooting for him. I was hoping he would just let his music speak && it did. He went that route, the cheap, lazy rock n’roll sex sells route && I’m not here for that. Then I tried reading the lyrics as I would do when doing a scansion of any poetry work && the metaphors or references again were not good. I know that he loves the attention, loves the rockstar lifestyle. I get it. But don’t bait me && then turn into a sleazy sex-monger. The jailbait reference reminded me of Aerosmith music videos w/ a young Liv Tyler && Alicia Silverstone, that rock n’ roll dirty Lolita shit.

This is a long response but I feel like I need to give my reasons. Sadly, I’m kind of like Mr. Darcy: my good opinion once lost, is lost forever. He played with both sides of the fence && that was what grossed me out. If he has to be in the closet, so be it. If that’s his choice, ok. If it’s not, that’s ok too. He doesn’t owe me anything but because he vocally made it his business to speak on my behalf && ran around with our beautiful lgbtq+ flag on his back, I have the right to feel isolated by his campaign. He doesn’t get to profit off an integral part of his fandom to turn around && shove the hetero “drugs sex && rock n’roll” image down my throat && expect me to take it.

 I understand that for the mainstream music genre market that he’s a part of, he’s a multi-million brand && he needs to do some Faustus Goethe shit to survive, && he can but I don’t need to agree with it. As a consumer && a music lover, I respect artists who don’t feel the need to sell their soul for millions. There are a lot of artists out there who truly stick to the work && don’t manipulate && I’ll go with them. 

So I’m like trying to clean up my act: cut out my resurgent smoking, no booze for a month, eat better and run again. The last one is orettt easy, it was only a few months ago I was running ten mile runs.

Anyway, yeah drinking less. So I was out last night dancing at the weekly goth night. Had three vodka grapefruits. Went for a fourth but it was immediately toooo strooong and tasted like “a real good way to ruin a fun night.”

(Quick aside we saw the most ridiculous boy out dancing. He was like, Elvis, goth Elvis Presley. Like Elvis dancing to Sin by Nine Inch Nails.. A suit and everything. Kinda looked like a suave-r Elvis Costello. A suit and a tie: Maybe the best dancing man I’ve seen in a while and should be the father of my babies. Anyway, I had just enough Dutch courage so I actually sought him out and complimented his dancing, like a teenage fan girl. I’ve never wanted to dance with w stranger before, by which I mean a guy. ugh why Katherine why? Than we he left he put on a leather jacket and GOT ON A MOTORCYCLE. Like I said, father of my children. Find me in 2023.).

Anyway, I had those three drinks and have such a headache today. I’ve been hydrating and everything. And it’s just like: my body cannot take this shit. Cuz now I feel like doing nothing on this day off. Here’s to teetotaling.