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Top 20 Personajes famosos como adolescentes! Puedes reconocerlos?

Top 20 Celebrities like teenagers! You can recognize them?

Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt


George Clooney

Johnny Depp

Robert Downey Jr

Goldie Hawn

Christian Bale

Brooke Shields

Helena Bonham Carter

Elvis Presley

Steve Buscemi

Kate Moss

John Lennon and Paul McCartney

Daniel Craig

Jane Fonda

Lena Dunham

Michelle Williams

Sofia Coppola

Gwyneth Paltrow


M A L E C ;

“Magnus raised his head and looked up and over at Alec; it was a look that made Clary flush and glance away. There was so much love in it, mixed with exasperation and pride and despair. It was an unguarded look, and it felt wrong to see it.”

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Was elvis kind to his coloured help? or was he racist towards them

Oh, my gosh…. Elvis was absolutely and 1000% kind and loving to everyone who worked for him, white and black.  I know there’s stories that try to prove he was racist–but they are all untrue.  Elvis loved people of every color, and many of the black entertainers of his time who were friends or knew him personally have had very kind things to say.


“He was a mild tempered, quiet, nice guy. He treated everyone the same. There have been rumors about him, saying that he said ‘The only thing blacks can do for me is shine my shoes’. Now, I don’t believe that. I never saw him act in anyway like that. I overheard one of Elvis’ friends at the time ask Elvis ‘Why do you call him ‘mister'—he’s just a barbecue guy?’ Elvis looked at him and said ‘He’s a man.’ That was the humility in his temperament. Elvis was a great man and did more for civil rights than people know. To call him a racist is an insult to us all.” –Ernest Withers

“I wasn’t just a fan, I was his brother. He said I was good and I said he was good; we never argued about that. Elvis was a hard worker, dedicated, and God loved him. Elvis and I are the only true American originals. I love him and hope to see him in heaven. There’ll never be another like that soul brother.” –James Brown

“A lot of people have accused Elvis of stealing the black man’s music, when in fact, almost every black solo entertainer copied his stage mannerisms from Elvis.” –Jackie Wilson

“Elvis was my close personal friend. He came to my Deer Lake training camp about two years before he died. He told us he didn’t want nobody to bother us.”

“He wanted peace and quiet and I gave him a cabin in my camp and nobody even knew it. When the cameras started watching me train, he was up on the hill sleeping in the cabin. Elvis had a robe made for me. I don’t admire nobody, but Elvis Presley was the sweetest, most humble and nicest man you’d want to know’.” –Muhammad Ali

“I have a respect for Elvis and my friendship. It ain’t my business what he did in private. The only thing I want to know is, ‘Was he my friend?’, ‘Did I enjoy him as a performer?’, ‘Did he give the world of entertainment something?’–and the answer is YES on all accounts. The other jazz just don’t matter. Early on somebody told me that Elvis was black. And I said ‘No, he’s white but he’s down-home’. And that is what it’s all about. Not being black or white it’s being ‘down-home’ and which part of down-home you come from.”

“On a scale of one to ten, I would rate Elvis eleven.” –Sammy Davis Jr.

“That’s my idol, Elvis Presley. If you went to my house, you’d see pictures all over of Elvis. He’s just the greatest entertainer that ever lived. And I think it’s because he had such presence. When Elvis walked into a room, Elvis Presley was in the fucking room. I don’t give a fuck who was in the room with him.”

“The big myth in the African-American community was that he said that the only thing black folks could do for him was shine his shoes and buy his records. People liked him when they were young, then said, ‘I don’t like him because he said that’, and I said, 'He never even said that’.” –Eddie Murphy

“Elvis had an influence on everybody with his musical approach. He broke the ice for all of us.” –Al Green

“I remember Elvis as a young man hanging around the Sun studios. Even then, I knew this kid had a tremendous talent.”

“He was a dynamic young boy. His phraseology, his way of looking at a song, was as unique as Sinatra’s. I was a tremendous fan, and had Elvis lived, there would have been no end to his inventiveness.” –BB King

“He faces everybody as a man. I never heard of the remark, but even so I can’t imagine Presley saying that, not knowing him the way I do.” –Duddly Brooks

“I was punching a heavy bag in a gym in L.A., and I hear a voice sing out, 'Hey, Lionel! What’s doin’?’ And it was Elvis himself. I was in awe of him, but he said he was in awe of me.” –Lionel Rose

“Describe Elvis Presley? He was the greatest who ever was, is, or will ever be.” –Chuck Berry


Peggy Lipton [Margaret Ann Lipton; 30.08.46]

Actress Peggy Lipton came to fame in the 1960s. During the sixties and seventies, she dated many celebrities, including musicians Paul McCartney, Keith Moon, Sammy Davis Jr., and Elvis Presley. She went on to marry record producer Quincy Jones, and they had two daughters, Kidada Jones (born 1974) and Rashida Jones (born 1976), before divorcing in 1990.

The Fab Four under a tree. They looked cute. Just like the photos I had strewn across the walls of my bedroom. But I knew they weren’t the cuddly mop tops they were pretending to be. You knew that when you got up close. John’s twisted smile, for one thing, suggested a lot of strange thoughts could be going on in his head. Ringo, sporting a huge grin, seemed utterly bemused and nonchalant about it all. George was wiry and agile, adjusting his body to shake as many of the little hands as he could. I watched Paul. It felt like he was doing a sort of music-hall soft shoe routine for the crowd.” -about meeting The Beatles in 1964

I wanted Paul at that moment as much as I had ever wanted anything in my life. I came face to face with him. "Hello” I said, and he shook my hand and looked at me. “My god, you’re beautiful,” he said. “You’re not so bad yourself,” I replied, like an idiot. A year in the planning and that was all I could come up with? My knees under the pink silk skirt buckled. I was madly in love with Paul McCartney, or should I say even more madly in love - knowing full well that disaster lay ahead. How could it be otherwise? Every woman wanted Paul.

”[…] It was daylight when Paul emerged from the bungalow. He was strumming a guitar and singing to me. At least I thought he was singing to me. But as I lept up to join him, I spotted a woman coming out of the bedroom. Paul and this girl made a dash for the limousine, hiding their heads. I stormed into the bedroom and wrote, “You made your choice,” across the mirror in the girl’s lipstick. Then I just cried. That year, Paul married the girl from the bungalow. Her name was Linda Eastman…“ -about her reunion with Paul in 1969