elvis drawing

ur girl is back by (un)popular demand! honestly, priscilla presley is Goals and it’s a shame modern day brides are always going for the natural look. 😤💅🏻✨ (rly sorry i’m rusty i haven’t drawn a lot for the last two years!!!)








and I think that’s iT-

In December of 2014 I had an epiphany to write a retelling of the Portal games in the context of a medieval/fantasy story. With the help of the indispensable @starry-nightengale, we released the first of what would be a trilogy. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the posting of “The Trial of the Bow” on fanfiction.net. Since then it has reached over 800 readers from over 35 different countries across the globe. Thank you all so much everyone! This project couldn’t have been possible with out your support :D

The Trial of the Bow: A Portal Retelling

The Heart of the Exile: A Retelling of the Portal2 Fanfiction Blue Sky

The Tale of Melanie: A Poetic Retelling of the Portal 2 mod “Portal Stories: Mel”

(Also, character designs for the three cores, Mel, and Virgil are all based on character designs by @starry-nightengale)