elvis and cilla


Elvis and Priscilla at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas 1 of may 1968.

3rd row left Elvis says : “What a moment this is.”

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I love elvis too and am looking for more blogs to follow. Could you recommend some please :)

Hey! Anything to help the Presley fandom, I’ll do. 😁 I follow a range of Elvis blogs but also Presley related ones but here is a list of those I follow, there’s too many to list but these blogs are great! @presley-s-blog @presleyprincess @presley-elvis @cillas-world @simplyelvis @theking1977 @zoomyouchasedthedayaway @if-i-can-dream-of-elvis @ladypresley @presley-pride @presleyworld @aint-nothin-but-an-elvis-fan @allaboutcilla @bayleepresley @clintreno @takingcare-of-business @chloebeaulieu @elvislittleone @elvislasviva @elvisanddenise @elvisgirl71 @vinceveretts @elvis-and-gingerr @elvis-pink-cadillac There are loads of other great blogs but I’d be here all day listing them. Hopefully you enjoy their content as much as I do! Thanks for the ask btw 😊😁

I remember [Elvis] bringing a picture of Priscilla and the baby, and she was on the floor with the baby–she was kind of on her side, and the baby was laying right in front of her. And, I remember Lisa didn’t have any clothes on, it was just like a beautiful mother-and-daughter picture. And, I couldn’t get over how beautiful Priscilla was, because I’d always seen her with the big hairdos, and her hair was just straight and loose, and she was absolutely stunning.  She was as beautiful as he was handsome. And, I thought, ‘What a couple they make!
—  Marlyn Mason, Elvis’ co-star in “The Trouble With Girls”