HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GAWD! This is my favorite video right now!

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my vinyl collection. 

the alice cooper show 
all time low - put up or shut up [white/gold /500]
all time low - so wrong, it’s right [blue in red /1000]
andrew jackson jihad - knife man [gray marble /?]
at the drive-in - relationship of command
best coast - crazy for you
brand new - daisy
citizen - youth [red /500]
deftones - saturday night wrist
the dresden dolls - the virginia monologues [RSD15 exclusive 3LP]
elvira - movie macabre 
fall out boy - infinity on high [white/blue splatter /2,500]
fall out boy - folie a deux [2LP red & orange]
frank iero - for jamia [17/100 SIGNED /400]
frnkiero andthe cellabration - stomachaches [bright pink /1000 (want the pale pink instead tbh)]
mgmt - congratulations [RSD14 exclusive /1000]
modern baseball - you’re gonna miss it all [navy /1,500]
my chemical romance - i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love [red /900]
my chemical romance - three cheers for sweet revenge
my chemical romance - danger days
my chemical romance - conventional weapons #3
my chemical romance - conventional weapons #4
paramore - paramore
paramore - ain’t it fun [RSD14 exclusive /2,700]
pierce the veil - a flair for the dramatic [red splatter on white /1000]
pierce the veil - selfish machines [blue/green /1000]
reggie and the full effect - no country for old musicians [blood red /700]
taking back sunday - happiness is
taking back sunday/the used split
tigers jaw - self titled [orange starburst /2000]
tigers jaw - charmer [pink starburst /1,500]
twenty one pilots - vessel [clear red /300]
twenty one pilots - the LC LP [RSD15 exclusive /4,000]
the used - shallow believer [blue RSD15 exclusive /3,000]
the used - artwork