Elvis photographed by Charles Nicholas at Graceland, 1957.

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Elvis to Humes: ‘Be My Guest’ - Elvis Presley became the host with the most as he bought 1,400 tickets to the E.H. Crump Memorial Game for the blind Friday night at Crump Stadium - one for each student at Humes High School, his alma mater, Carlos Wilson, chairman of the game for the 10 sponsoring Lions Clubs, made the sale with help from Miss Patsy Cothran of 96 N. Seventh, Humes cheerleader.

LOL Yes I did. I couldn’t bear to wear my clothes as I was a very young teenager. I begged my mother to allow me to wear her clothes so I could look older than my age of fourteen. The people who hung out at Elvis’ house in Germany were older… in their twenties.
—  Priscilla Presley via FB - (“Did you really wear your mom’s clothing when you were dating Elvis?”)

On this day in music history: July 22, 1977 - “My Aim Is True”, the debut album by Elvis Costello is released (US release is in November 1977). Produced by Nick Lowe, it is recorded at Pathway Studios in London circa Late 1976 - Early 1977. After six years of performing in pubs and clubs around his native Liverpool, Costello receives his big break in 1976 when he submits demo recordings of several songs to Stiff Records in the hopes of being signed to the new label. Initially, the label is only interested in him as a staff songwriter (for musician Dave Edmunds), but are persuaded to sign him as a recording artist. The album is recorded in twenty four hours of studio time (cut in six four hour sessions at a cost of £1,000) spread out over several weeks. Recording with members of the band Clover, Costello often takes time off (calling in sick) from his day job as a data entry clerk in order to rehearse and record the material. It spins off the classics “Alison” and “(The Angels Want To Wear My) Red Shoes”. Originally released as a stand alone single in the UK in October of 1977, the track “Watching The Detectives” is added to the US version of the album, when it is issued four months after its UK release. The original US LP cover art also differs from its UK counterpart, with the UK version featuring the front cover photo in black & white, with the background on the back airbrushed pink, beige, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange or crimson red. The US version features the front cover photo airbrushed yellow, with the back cover photo, using either a yellow or white background.  A mid 80’s reissue of the album reverts to the original UK cover with the black & white front photo, and yellow background back cover. The album is remastered and reissued numerous times over the years since its first CD release in 1986, with expanded reissues on Rykodisc and Rhino Records. “My Aim” is also reissued as a hybrid SACD in Japan by Hip-O Records in 2011, with 180 gram vinyl LP pressings released by Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab in 2009, and UMe in 2015. “My Aim Is True” peaks at number thirty two on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.


My Aim is True was released in the UK 22 July 1977 (it would not be released in the US until December).

Produced by Nick Lowe, the album was recorded for less than $4000. Johnny Ciambotti, Sean Hooper, John McFee, and Mickey Shine from the San Francisco-based band Clover were the uncredited backing musicians.

The jacket was designed by Barney Bubbles.

The first 1000 UK copies also came with a form asking the buyer to send in the address of a friend, who would then receive a free copy.